Go exploring with the new update to Google Maps

Summer is the holiday season for many people, and that means maps and travel apps become a priority. When you're in an unfamiliar location, they can be very useful.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/07/25/go-exploring-with-the-new-update-to-google-maps/

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China cloud market growing, but still smaller than Microsft Azure

Despite the surge, the Chinese market is still a long way to go from being a global player.

Sophos warns customers it was hit by data breach

A tool collecting data from customers asking for support was misconfigured, Sophos claims.

Lack of IT expertise is significantly undermining the cyber resilience of SMBs

SMBs are struggling to stay protected during lockdown, citing lack of skilled workforce and remote working challenges.

SMBs that disclose breaches face less financial damage

Companies that try to hide a data breach can expect 40 percent higher costs of mitigation.

One in 10 Black Friday emails may be malicious

Scammers know that shoppers are out looking for deals.

What the arrival of iOS 14 means for marketers

The latest update to iOS gives users great control of their personal data and privacy.

Top tips for remaining secure and compliant as you work from home

Working from home can pose a number of challenges. Here are my top tips to make sure data protection isn't one of them.

Mobile app of the day: Adobe Photoshop Express

Photoshop is the self-styled world leader in digital imaging, and its editing capabilities extend into apps for Windows Phone, Android and iPhone.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/07/25/mobile-app-of-the-day-adobe-photoshop-express/

Samsung reveals new slender USB DVD drives

Let me tell you a secret - I am gaga for optical drives and discs. I know, it's a weird thing to be enamored with. If you listen to pundits and "experts", the world is transitioning to the cloud.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/07/25/samsung-reveals-new-slender-usb-dvd-drives/

US Federal Trade Commissioner voices fears about data collection by consumer apps

With Apple, Google and just about everyone else jumping on the health and fitness bandwagon, US Federal Trade Commissioner Julie Brill isn’t so sure it’s a good idea.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/07/25/federal-trade-commissioner-voices-fears-about-data-collection-by-consumer-apps/



研究显示女性受教育水平越高 选择离婚的概率越低

报道称,研究组对1950年至2009年的美国家庭离婚率进行了分析,结果显示,至少从2000 年开始,学历越高的女性选择离婚的比率越少。


路透社消息,《人民日报》官方推特昨日发布消息称,我国政府采购部门已将全球领先的防病毒软件供应商——美国公司赛门 […]

Rescuers Spend Hours Saving a Dog Caked in Tar

Determined rescuers in India gave new life to a dog in a painful situation.A passerby noticed a dog covered in tar and frozen in place after he fell into a hot tar pit in Rajasthan, India. A call was placed to Animal Aid Unlimited,

华为推出旗下首款 Android Wear 手表

华为这次在可穿戴设备上可谓是全面出击,除了 TalkBand B2 和 N1 以外,他们还带来了旗下首款 Android Wear 手表「华为 Watch」。这款产品看上去并没有很重的科技味,圆型表面给人以更多传统手表的感觉。


Shawn the R0ck 写道 "PoC||GTFO是最近几年深受0ld sch00l黑客喜爱的电子杂志,最近的一期(第8期)里有一篇名为Deniable Backdoors Using Compiler Bugs(利用编译器Bug的可抵赖后门)的文章,作者向我们展示了一种可能的威胁,这个威胁模型是需要两个条件:1)一个可利用的编译器miscompilation bug; 2) 向目标的开源社区提交看起来不怎么像后门的patch。

Apple 直營店新標準: 打開的 MacBook 一定要是這個精確的角度!


摄影师手中iPhone 6s所拍的纽约:叹为观止

威锋网 9 月 24 日消息 在 iPhone 6s 和 iPhone 6s Plus 正式上市前,一些媒体已经提前收到了苹果提供的新设备,比如此前 iPhone 6s Plus 就曾现身纽约时装周和美职棒旧金山巨人队主场 AT&T Park,现在轮到 iPhone 6s 了,让我们再次领略了一番“单反级”的特效。  


中文学名青蒿的,拉丁名为Artemisia caruifolia,不含青蒿素。中文学名黄花蒿的,拉丁名为Artemisia annua,含青蒿素。

UFO 造型的月光宝盒,会成为虚拟现实的未来吗?

Lytor Immerge,这也是世界上首款能够在六个坐标上对现实世界进行记录的光场解决方案,而且能够直接用于电影级 VR 制作。

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