Ariana Grande casually lounges at home in the dress she would have worn to the Grammys

As you may have heard, Ariana Grande did not attend the 2019 Grammy Awards. Grande had a very public row with Grammys producer Ken Erhlich, whom she accused on Twitter of lying about her reasons for not performing at the ceremony. SEE ALSO:

Teen YouTubers fake a pregnancy and then offer a very lame apology — and bad sex ed advice

Two teenage YouTubers were the subject of concern this week after they announced they were expecting a baby and had gotten "married" in Las Vegas. After dragging their followers through a four-part, monetized series,

Elon Musk has some advice about charging your Tesla battery

Elon Musk has explained to Tesla owners why they shouldn't charge their Tesla batteries to 100% even if they are concerned about range. Read more...More about Tech, Technology, Cars, Transportation, and Mashable Video

The Game of Thrones queens’ advisors argue it out in the first morning show in Westeros —

Bob and Proma discuss who is "rightful heir" to the throne with Grey Worm, Lord Qyburn and Lady Mormont. Read more...More about Funny, Game Of Thrones, Mashable Video, Comedy, and Arts Culture And Entertainment

Why the hell is The Daily Caller 'fact-checking' for Facebook?

Nothing goes together like "fact checking" and "Tucker Carlson," right?Facebook has a new fact-checking partner, Axios first reported Thursday:, the fact-checking arm of The Daily Caller, a right-wing website founded by conspiracy theorist peddler Tucker Carlson.SEE ALSO:

Instagram could start hiding like counts

Instagram might be changing up one of the most fundamental parts of its service: likes.New screenshots suggest the company is testing a way to hide like counts in Instagram posts. Images uncovered by researcher Jane Manchun Wong reveal Instagram feed posts that no longer show exact like counts.

Artists on Twitter are drawing their favorite shipping dynamics for this new meme

Once you've binge-watched enough Netflix shows, you start to see a pattern in the characters you get invested in. You might even notice that certain types of romances have you hitting the "Next Episode" button faster than you can say "I ship it.

JUUL Under Pressure

Read more...More about Juul, Mashable Reel, Tech, and Health

Michelle Obama gave a speech at the Grammys and everyone went absolutely wild

When you've got an event that's already jam-packed with celebrities, it's no easy feat to find a surprise guest who's famous enough to get the crowd truly excited.Enter Michelle Obama.SEE ALSO:

Lady Gaga brought a rock 'n' roll vibe to 'Shallow' at the Grammys

It's "Shallow" but not as you've seen it before.Clad in a silver, glittering bodysuit, Lady Gaga performed her Grammy-winner "Shallow" from the Oscar-nominated movie A Star Is Born at the 2019 Grammy Awards ceremony. SEE ALSO:

Paris is suing Airbnb for illegal listings

Paris is one of the most popular destinations for Airbnb, but the city's authorities are at odds with the company.The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, announced on Sunday the city would be suing Airbnb to the tune of $14 million, due to the alleged listing of 1,000 illegal rentals.SEE ALSO: No,

Windows XP users can save $100 upgrading hardware through

Adorable Justice League Watches Grant You the Power of Punctuality

Unless being late to a dinner date is a felony, Nooka's new line of DC Comics-themed watches won't give you any crime-fighting powers. What they will give you is the ability to show off your allegiance to one of five different DC universe characters including Superman, The Flash, Batman,



余额宝1周年:推出时正值钱荒 用户量超1亿




亚洲最大的邮轮音乐节 IT'S THE SHIP 公布完善的国际表演阵容

Dash Berlin、Basement Jaxx、Aly & Fila、Chvrches 和 Lil Jon 等将在亚洲最大的海上音乐节上尽情摇滚 新加坡2014年10月13日电 /美通社/ -- The Livescape Group 已经正式公布亚洲最大音乐节 IT'S THE SHIP 首次之旅的全部表演阵容。

[Erlang 0127] Term sharing in Erlang/OTP 上篇 - 坚强2002

之前,在 [Erlang 0126] 我们读过的Erlang论文提到过下面这篇论文:On Preserving Term Sharing in the Erlang Virtual Machine地址:

【硬件巡礼】360 智能摄像机:几经推迟,终成利器

用一波三折来形容奇虎 360 的家庭卫士产品一点不为过,这款定位家庭安防监控的摄像头装置,几度因为技术原因延迟,发布会一拖再拖,最终产品低调上线,并且开启了全国内测招募的活动。





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