People are shook by a very blue Will Smith as Genie in the upcoming 'Aladdin' film

Another teaser for the live-action version of Aladdin dropped during the Grammys on Sunday, giving us more of a look at the much-anticipated film.Fans saw more of Mena Massoud as Aladdin, but we also got to see Will Smith take on the important role of Genie. A very blue Genie.SEE ALSO:

How 'The Lion King' cast members describe meeting Beyoncé, ranked by pure joy

Love it or hate it, the "live-action" remake of Disney's The Lion King has been an event.With a record-breaking projected $531 million opening weekend and a cast so star-studded even the royal family stopped by to shake hands,

That 'Picard' trailer has lots of people fixated on another returning star

Star Trek fandom got its first look at the CBS All Access series Picard on Saturday thanks to a trailer that debuted at San Diego Comic-Con.The two-minute look at Patrick Stewart's next adventure as the former Enterprise captain is filled with reasons to get excited.

David Habour's character in 'Black Widow' sends 'Stranger Things' fans into emotional tailspin

Warning: Major spoilers from Stranger Things 3 lie ahead.C'mon, Marvel. Let the people of Hawkins mourn in peace. At San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday,

Android will soon make it easier to manage battery life on Bluetooth headsets

It's a huge pain when you don't know whether your Bluetooth earbuds are going to die or not. Google is going to fix that.Android users with Fast Pair Bluetooth devices will be getting some new features before the end of 2019,

San Diego Comic-Con 2019 cosplay that'll make you do a double-take

It's the fourth and final day of San Diego Comic-Con 2019. We've seen highly-anticipated teasers, reacted to major news drops, and yearned for far-away release dates. But above all else, we've marveled at the talent, dedication,

All the actors joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Phase Four

Marvel unleashed a torrent of news at Comic-Con Saturday including the reveal of a whole bunch of new movies and series for its post-Infinity Saga Phase Four along with new characters joining the fray.New characters means new actors, and because there's so many big additions,

Enjoy the majestic derpiness of a baby sea turtle horde shimmying into the ocean

Sea turtles aren't hatched underwater. Instead, what happens is a mama turtle makes her way to a sandy beach, digs a hole, and deposits a bunch of eggs — as many as 350! — then covers them with sand and heads back to her ocean home.The eggs hatch about two months later,

Google's augmented reality Maps are live for some users

In May 2018, during its annual I/O developer conference, Google announced a new feature for its Maps mobile app, called the AR Visual Positioning System. It provides navigation via a layer of augmented reality, plastered over actual reality as seen through your phone's camera. To use it,

Ariana Grande casually lounges at home in the dress she would have worn to the Grammys

As you may have heard, Ariana Grande did not attend the 2019 Grammy Awards. Grande had a very public row with Grammys producer Ken Erhlich, whom she accused on Twitter of lying about her reasons for not performing at the ceremony. SEE ALSO:

Michelle Obama gave a speech at the Grammys and everyone went absolutely wild

When you've got an event that's already jam-packed with celebrities, it's no easy feat to find a surprise guest who's famous enough to get the crowd truly excited.Enter Michelle Obama.SEE ALSO:

Xbox One 上的 Twitch 就是这样操作(视频)

分类: 互联网络目前我们已知 3 月 11 号就是 Xbox One 版 Twitch 推出之日,虽然早前 Microsoft 已经在早前的三月更新介绍影片中简述了 Xbox One 版 Twitch 是如何,但他们还是决定要重点介绍一下,上载了一段超过三分半钟的示范影片。

Linux下超级命令htop的学习使用 - lizhenghn


HTC will sell unlocked One M9 in the U.S. early on March 27

Diehard HTC fans based in the U.S.:Here's your chance to snag a One M9 early ahead of the official April 10 release.Starting on March 27 at 12:01 a.m. ET, customers will be able to buy HTC's new flagship One M9 directly from the company's website for $649.See also:

In A Snake Orgy, Ejaculate Can Get Expensive

Every spring, male red-sided garter snakes enter the mother of all meat-markets. While mature males can breed every year, females are only fertile once every three years, which puts them in very short supply. The result? Snake orgy, obviously. But for male snakes,



Palantir Raises $450 Million, Now Valued At $20 Billion

Palantir, the makers of a data analytics platform used by government agencies, law enforcement, as well as financial, insurance, retail and healthcare industries, has confirmed by way of an SEC filing that it has raised an additional $450 million in a new round of funding.

发布会未提 4K屏新 iMac?传已经开始量产

威锋网 9 月 10 日消息 苹果秋季发布会已经落幕,传闻中我们所期待的那些新品都一一亮相了,包括新手机、新平板、新机顶盒和新款式的手表,但唯独少了 Mac 系列,按照这两年的传统,苹果 10 月份还有一场发布会,即便此次不再举行,该来的总是会来。  

10 Frank Underwood quotes that will make your enemies cower in fear

Frank Underwood does not play nice.Kevin Spacey's House of Cards maestro is always ready to destroy his opponents with a well-worded quip or insult. So naturally, the latest season of the Netflix series delivered no shortage of great,

Face to face with Boban Marjanovic, the NBA's most intimidating giant

San Antonio Spurs center Boban Marjanovic stands 7-foot-3 with hands that could palm a small planet. He's the NBA's newest cult hero, as we detailed in December, and one of its most intimidating players to boot. Matt Barnes is all of us. Barnes came face-to-face (well,

Tesla 发生首桩自动驾驶车祸,正接受官方调查中

这桩事件发生在今年 5 月 7 号,地点是美国的佛罗里达州。据 Tesla 的描述,当时 Model S 正以自动驾驶模式行驶在高速公路上,并在完全没有减速的情况下,插入了横在前方的拖车下方的空隙,导致车顶被削掉,驾驶当场死亡。在美国郊区的高速公路上这种与高速公路平面相交的马路不算罕见,想要左转出去的车辆一般是在高速公路中央待转,等到对向来车间有空隙时穿过,所以拖车横在路中间看似很奇怪,但在美国这是会发生的事(但拖车驾驶也在接受调查中)。另一边,Model S 完全没有减速就比较奇怪了,Tesl...

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