Dua Lipa very subtly calls out Grammy President in her acceptance speech

Dua Lipa had a big night at the 2019 Grammy Awards, where she took home two awards, Best Dance Recording and Best New Name.When she accepted the latter, Dua Lipa used her acceptance speech to call out a remark made in 2018 by Recording Academy president Neil Portnow. 

Google will stop websites from blocking Incognito mode

Google is about to close a loophole that many companies used to track how people were browsing their website in Chrome.According to 9to5Google,

Hot mic picks up someone saying 'we're actually f**cked' during live BBC broadcast

The thought of getting caught on a hot mic and broadcast nationwide without your knowledge is a pretty terrifying one. Especially if what you get caught saying is a pretty blatant — and accurate — statement about national politics, and you also happen to drop the f-bomb. SEE ALSO:

UK cybersecurity center isn't too afraid of Huawei, report says

The UK's National Cyber Security Centre has assessed the dangers of using Huawei's 5G equipment, and it found that it's not such a big deal, Financial Times reported Sunday. The cybersecurity centre's findings have not yet been made public,

Learn modern web design for as little as £12.99 with this heavily discounted course

It's a dog-eat-dog professional world out there, and you should be doing everything you can to give yourself the edge. Whether that's pursuing extra-curricular activities or learning new skills, it's important to always be learning and growing.Fortunately, in this day and age,

Victoria Beckham had a Spice Girls drag performance at her London Fashion Week after party

Victoria Beckham has made it quite clear that she's not planning on reuniting with the four other Spice Girls, but that doesn't mean she's totally done with the catchy songs or girl power. After Beckham's London Fashion Week show,

Casper mattresses, Instant Pot, MacBook Air, Beats, Keurig, Fire Stick TV 4K, and more on sale for F

Did you know that we're all using our "second screens" wrong? It seems that most of us aren't using our tablets and smartphones in the best ways possible when watching TV or using a laptop. This is something to consider when shopping online for Presidents Day.

11 DIY videos that absolutely no one asked for

DIY videos have saved our lives on more than one occasion, and sure, some of the hacks that surface are really cool and useful. But, some content creators have taken the trend a little too far. 

People are shook by a very blue Will Smith as Genie in the upcoming 'Aladdin' film

Another teaser for the live-action version of Aladdin dropped during the Grammys on Sunday, giving us more of a look at the much-anticipated film.Fans saw more of Mena Massoud as Aladdin, but we also got to see Will Smith take on the important role of Genie. A very blue Genie.SEE ALSO:

Google's augmented reality Maps are live for some users

In May 2018, during its annual I/O developer conference, Google announced a new feature for its Maps mobile app, called the AR Visual Positioning System. It provides navigation via a layer of augmented reality, plastered over actual reality as seen through your phone's camera. To use it,

Ariana Grande casually lounges at home in the dress she would have worn to the Grammys

As you may have heard, Ariana Grande did not attend the 2019 Grammy Awards. Grande had a very public row with Grammys producer Ken Erhlich, whom she accused on Twitter of lying about her reasons for not performing at the ceremony. SEE ALSO:

Airbnb Lobbyist Is Charging $800 for Tickets to a "Sharing" Conference

It's time to draw a line in the (shared) sand. Technocrats can have "disrupt" and "pivot." Bury those words in a PowerPoint pitch deck; they are lost to us now. But startups must not be allowed to co-opt "share." Just look at the twisted things they want to do with it. Read more...

The Best Movie About a Racist's Head On a Black Man's Body Ever Made

You've probably never heard of The Thing With Two Heads—much less actually seen it. In which case, believe me, you have not lived. Read more...

Apple Watch 要赶在情人节前发售?

排队、上手、拆机、掰弯……这几周 iPhone 6 和 iPhone 6 Plus 都快被各路大神“玩坏了”。但是别忘了,本月初的发布会上,苹果还发布了另一个重磅产品,号称“纯 Cook 时代”的产物——Apple Watch。

CI框架源码阅读笔记2 一切的入口 index.php - ohmygirl

上一节(CI框架源码阅读笔记1 - 环境准备、基本术语和框架流程)中,我们提到了CI框架的基本流程,这里这次贴出流程图,以备参考: 作为CI框架的入口文件,源码阅读,自然由此开始。

小米推出空气净化器,售价 899 元

小米的智能硬件生态圈今天又迎来了一位新成员,上图中这台空气净化器,就是由其生态链合作伙伴智米公司所打造的全新产品。这款售价 899 元的设备全身仅有两个按键,据称「光模具投入就用了 1,000 万元」。

Newbies sweep TV categories Golden Globes

LOS ANGELES — TV's new kids on the block cleaned up at the Golden Globe Awards.The TV categories were ruled by first-time winners at Sunday's ceremony, which gave awards to the first seasons of Fargo, Jane the Virgin, Transparent, and The Affair,



Python数据结构(一) - Jeremy123

5. Data StructuresThis chapter describes some things you’ve learned about already in more detail, and adds some new things as well.这一章节将更详细的描述你已经学到的东西...




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