Apple Secretly Acquired “Pandora For Books” Startup BookLamp To Battle Amazon

E-book data analysis company BookLamp may have been acquired by Apple, according to a source and several bits of corroborating evidence that point to the startup shutting down and its team’s presence in the Cupertino area.

相关内容: BookLamp Apple that from Amazon could book with bo

Blameless emerges from stealth with $20M investment to help companies transition to SRE

Sight Reliable Engineering (SRE) is an extension of DevOps designed for more complex environments. The problem is that this type of approach is difficult to implement and has usually only been in reach of large companies, requiring custom software. Blameless, a Bay Area startup,

Google fined $1.49BN in Europe for antitrust violations in search ad brokering

The European Commission has just announced another antitrust fine for Google . The latest fine — $1.49BN — relates to its search ad brokering business which competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager noted today is “by far” the company’s main source of revenue.

Markforged raises $82 million for its industrial 3D printers

3D printer manufacturer Markforged has raised another round of funding. Summit Partners is leading the $82 million Series D round with Matrix Partners, Microsoft’s Venture Arm, Next47 and Porsche SE also participating. When you think about 3D printers,

Tandem Bank launches ‘Autosavings’ account

Tandem Bank, the U.K. challenger bank, is launching a new savings account powered by its “Autosavings” feature designed to make it easier to save. Paying 0.5 percent interest,

Ahead of third antitrust ruling, Google announces fresh tweaks to Android in Europe

Google is widely expected to be handed a third antitrust fine in Europe this week, with reports suggesting the European Commission’s decision in its long-running investigation of AdSense could land later today.

Opera’s VPN returns to its Android browser

Opera had a couple of tumultuous years behind it, but it looks like the Norwegian browser maker (now in the hands of a Chinese consortium) is finding its stride again and refocusing its efforts on its flagship mobile and desktop browsers. Before the sale,

Welcome Pickups lands €3.3M funding to offer ‘in-destination’ travel services

Welcome Pickups, an Athens-based startup offering a range of “in-destination” travel services from the point of pickup onwards, has raised €3.3 million in Series A funding. The backing comes from VentureFriends, MarketOne, Howzat, Jabbar, and Openfund. Also participating is Alejandro Artacho,

Automattic Experiments With Selfies App For Android

A couple of days ago, an acquaintance on Twitter pointed out the website for Selfies, a new social app from Automattic, best known as the company behind WordPress. I found it odd that the app was out in the wild and hadn’t received any press coverage, but according to the site’s FAQ,

This Site Lets You Check If A Hotel’s WiFi Sucks Before It’s Too Late

There are lots of things that review sites should rank hotels on, but don’t. Is it known for bed bugs? Is the “heated pool” only heated during summer when the sun is out? How many ghosts live there? How fast is the WiFi?This site won’t help you with all of those,

Amazon’s Bet On Exclusive Games To Make Its Fire Gadgets More Enticing

Amazon’s Fire Phone is out today, and while it’s got some interesting features that set it apart from your run-of-the-mill Android phone, it doesn’t seem like it will appeal to those who aren’t voracious online shoppers.

Here's NYC's Awesome 2014 Bike Map

New York City is getting more and more bike-friendly each day. And today is no exception: The city just released its official bike map for 2014. Read more...

Harvard Study Links Neonicotinoid Pesticide To Colony Collapse Disorder

walterbyrd (182728) writes in with news about a new study from Harvard School of Public Health that links two widely used neonicotinoids to Colony Collapse Disorder. "Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), or the widespread population loss of honeybees, may have been caused by the use of neonicotinoids,



​Sharpening Blowgun Darts On Piranha Teeth

In part one of this series, Laurel C. Allen heads into the Peruvian Amazon in search of science. What she finds are big bugs, dragon's blood and pisco sours.Read more...

Amazon CFO Tom Szkutak Retiring In Summer 2015

Amazon’s long-time CFO Thomas J. Szkutak will retire next summer, the company announced this morning. Szkutak, who previously served as the CFO at GE Lighting before joining Amazon in October 2002, will be working with successor Brian T. Olsavsky,

Excellent one-minute short film is the grim version of Groundhog Day

Created by Spanish director Aritz Moreno and producer Leire Apellaniz, this 60-second short is the story a man who gets up and prepares some coffee. Or maybe he never gets up. It's like a dark, condensed version of Groundhog Day without the possibility of ever having a happy ending.Read more...


美国洛斯阿拉莫斯国家实验室(Los Alamos National Laboratory)的物理学家用该实验室最大磁体装置产生了高于100特斯拉的强磁场,并进行了六项不同的物理实验。100特斯拉大约相当于地球磁场强度的200万倍。

World War II Tech eLoran Deployed As GPS Backup In the UK

hypnosec (2231454) writes General Lighthouse Authorities (GLA) has announced that they have deployed a World War II technology called Long Range Navigation system, which they have named eLoran, in seven ports across Britain to serve as a backup for the existing Global Positioning System (GPS).

【WP开发】读写剪贴板 - 东邪独孤

在WP 8.1中只有Silverlight App支持操作剪贴板的API,Runtime App并不支持。不过,在WP 10中也引入了可以操作剪贴板的API。顺便说点题外话,有人会说,我8.1的开发还没学了,Win10又来了,那我怎么学得过来?

科普知识小能手 双4G/全网通/盲插全解答

在上一周努比亚发布了旗下最新一代的机型——nubia Z9 mini以及nubia Z9 Max,这两款机型在网络方面依旧延续了“全网通”的特点,可以说这样坚持确实显得良心满满。

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