Microsoft releases another Windows 10 19H1 build (18351.26) for Slow Ring Insiders

The Windows 10 19H1 build 18351.26 is now available in the Slow Ring, and this is one includes “only a small change to how we package these Cumulative Updates for Windows 10 customers,” the team explained today.

You can now be notified about Planner tasks assignments right within Microsoft Teams

Microsoft’s Planner and Teams services gained some added functionality today with the launch of Planner notifications within Teams. Now, whenever a user is assigned a task in Microsoft Planner,

Xbox One’s Star Wars Battlefront II update increases Trooper levels from 70 to… 1,000!

The Star Wars Battlefront II video game is receiving a rather significant update on Xbox One consoles right now that has the potential to both please players and cause some controversy. The biggest change with this update is the increase of level caps.

Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition finally gets its Xbox One X 4K resolution update

Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition received an update today that fixed a few bugs and finally added support for 4K resolution when played on an Xbox One X console. The game launched way back in 2015 and a 4K update had been promised since last year but it was seemingly delayed for unknown reasons.

Microsoft introduces new OneDrive features at SharePoint Conference, including differential sync for

Most of today's announcements come with the caveat that they are either in development or are a roadmap to delivery in the near future.

Windows 10 versions 1809 and 1803 both get new patches today, here’s what’s new

If Microsoft announced earlier today that the Windows 10 May 2019 Update had now started rolling out to all users, the company also released two new patches for Windows 10 versions 1809 and 1803 today.

How to get started with Microsoft Search and why it’s something different than Bing or Google

Microsoft Search is a business-oriented intelligent search solution from the Redmond giant, which allows companies and organizations to search for business documents, people, conversations, tasks, and files from a single search box.

Microsoft still has no comment on Huawei, but pulled the Matebook X Pro from its Store

If Google recently announced that they would continue to work with Huawei while the temporary reprieve is in place, Microsoft has yet to comment on the matter and the company has quietly removed the Huawei Matebook Pro X from its online store.

Xbox One 1904 system update will be available today for Xbox Insiders on the Delta Ring

The upcoming Xbox One 1904 system update will be available to test for Preview Delta Xbox Insiders later today.

Microsoft open sources Project Zipline, its data compression technology for the cloud

Access to a successful in-house compression algorithm is typically something that is kept close to the vest by cloud service providers, though Microsoft voluntarily made its compression algorithm, hardware specification and Verilog source code available to the Open Compute Project (OCP).

Skype will soon double the maximum number of people in group calls to 50

Skype is catching up with Facebook Messenger by doubling the maximum number of people in group calls from 25 to 50.

Paleofuture This Woman Secretly Dubbed American Movies During the Cold War | Defamer Watch Jimmy Fal

Paleofuture This Woman Secretly Dubbed American Movies During the Cold War | Defamer Watch Jimmy Fallon's Ragtime Cover of R.

1978 年短短三字 苹果初登 《华尔街日报》

《华尔街日报》是一家以财经报道为特色的综合性报纸,侧重金融、商业领域的报导,在国际上具有广泛影响力,日发行量达 200 万份。

Let Spouses of H-1B Visa Holders Work In US Says White House

Hugh Pickens DOT Com (2995471) writes "Carolyn Lochhead reports in the SF Chronicle that the White House has announced a plan allowing spouses of H-1B visa holders to work in the United States,

NASA Names Building For Neil Armstrong

An anonymous reader writes A building at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, where Apollo astronauts once trained, was named in honor of astronaut Neil Armstrong. Armstrong, who died in 2012, was remembered at a ceremony as not only an astronaut, but also as an aerospace engineer, test pilot,





程序员职业发展趋势(印度和美国) - 横刀立马者




Fred Wilson:移动工程师应该招聘还是培养?

我们已经从web时代进入移动时代。许多web优先的公司都面临着这种转型。那么在建设自己的移动团队时,是应该从外 […]



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