Another day, another U.S. company forced to divest of Chinese investors

Jeff Farrah Contributor Share on Twitter Jeff Farrah is the general counsel of the National Venture Capital Association.

Smartcar accuses $50M-funded rival Otonomo of API plagiarism

Ruthless copying is common in tech. Just ask Snapchat. However, it’s typically more conceptual than literal. But car API startup Smartcar claims that its competitor Otonomo copy-and-pasted Smartcar’s API documentation,

India’s ZestMoney raises $20M to grow its digital lending service

Fintech is very much still hot in Asia. ZestMoney, a startup that helps consumers with no credit history get loans to buy online, announced today it has raised a $20 million Series B. The round is led by Quona Capital,

Vine reboot Byte begins beta testing

Twitter shut down Dom Hoffman’s app Vine, giving away the short-form video goldmine to China’s TikTok. Now a year and half since Hoffman announced he’d reimagine the app as V2 then scrapped that name, his follow-up to Vine called Byte has finally sent out the first 100 invites to its closed beta.

Tesla plans to launch a robotaxi network in 2020

Tesla expects to launch the first robotaxis as part of broader vision for an autonomous ride-sharing network in 2020, CEO Elon Musk said during the company’s Autonomy Day.

Tesla vaunts creation of ‘the best chip in the world’ for self-driving

At its "Autonomy Day" today, Tesla detailed the new custom chip that will be running the self-driving software in its vehicles. Elon Musk rather peremptorily called it "the best chip in the world...objectively." That might be a stretch, but it certainly should get the job done.

China’s fast-growing Starbucks competitor Luckin Coffee just filed to go public on the Nasdaq

China’s Luckin Coffee has registered plans with the SEC to go public on the Nasdaq, setting a placeholder amount of $100 million, shows its filing.

Tesla’s full self-driving computer is now in all new cars and a next-gen chip is already ‘halfway do

The Tesla computer, a new custom chip designed to enable full self-driving capabilities, is now in all new Model 3, X and S vehicles, CEO Elon Musk said during the company’s Autonomy Day.

Medbelle raises $7M to build out its ‘digital hospital’

Medbelle, the London and Berlin-based startup offering what it calls an “end-to-end platform” for medical procedures, has raised $7 million in Series A funding.

Mutiny at HQ Trivia fails to oust CEO

This week’s banishment of host Scott Rogowsky was merely a symptom of the ongoing struggle to decide who will lead HQ Trivia. According to multiple sources, over half of the startup’s staff signed an internal petition to depose CEO Rus Yusupov who they saw as mismanaging the company.

Ten steps to prepare for an exponential future

Jamie Metzl Contributor Share on Twitter Jamie Metzl is a futurist and the author of Hacking Darwin: Genetic Enhancement and the Future of Humanity. More posts by this contributor Is America’s national security Facebook and Google’s problem? Homo Sapiens 2.0?


马伯庸 新浪公司的基因是新闻,所以微博也带有深刻的新闻烙印。对互联网来说,微博的传播方式其实是一种反动。


负责雅虎日本业务的副总裁奥本直子(Naoko Okumoto)将离开公司,雅虎亚太地区业务当前正处于低迷。

Axure RP组件库大全 rplib组件 rplib下载

Axure RP是美国Axure Software Solution公司旗舰产品,是一个专业的快速原型设计工具,让负责定义需求和规格、设计功能和界面的专家能够快速创建应用软件或Web网站的线框图、流程图、原型和规格说明文档。作为专门的 ... ...


_本文编译自,原作者为Eric Markowitz。_从芬兰到硅谷,有一支小规模的漏洞猎手团队发现了互联网历史上最为严重的网络安全漏洞,并为之积极准备着。

MIT周末举办主题黑客松 旨在解决抽乳器使用不适

9月20日至21日,美国麻省理工学院MIT将举办第二届以改善抽乳器为主题的黑客松。 这是困扰很多母亲的实际问题,关于抽乳器目前仍有很多问题有待解决。

[图]续航表现并不出彩 iPhone 6/6 Plus续航测试出炉

作为日常测试之一近日外媒对刚刚发售的iPhone 6和iPhone 6 Plus两款新机的电池续航进行了测试,不可否认的是相比较众多Android旗舰机型还是显得有所薄弱。






威智网2月6日消息,根据外媒 WMP 报道称,去年年底有消息传出韩国手机厂商 LG 正在开发一款全新的 Windows Phone 8.1 手机,这款设备当时被广告网络服务公司 AdDuplex 最先发现,型号为 LGVW820,配备一块 4.

微软预计 Windows 10 三年覆盖十亿设备 | 极客早知道 2015 年 4 月 30 日

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