Snapchat just grew for the first time in a year

Is it too soon to call this a turnaround? Snap just reported its results for the first quarter of 2019 and delivered investors some long overdue good news: Snapchat added new users for the first time in a year.The app now counts 190 million daily active users (DAUs),

Is Facebook Slingshot Third Time’s A Charm Or Strike Three?

Facebook has today launched strike three against Camp Snapchat with Slingshot. As with many of Facebook’s recent products (like Paper), Slingshot is an already-proven idea dressed up in an expensive UI with an established distribution network of billions.

The Billion-Dollar Battle for Snapchat

How long does a Snapchat photo last? Ten seconds. How long does the partnership behind the country's hottest app stay together? Not much longer.Read more...

A Year Later, $19 Billion For WhatsApp Doesn’t Sound So Crazy

Messaging is the center of mobile. Snapchat is raising at around a $20 billion valuation. And no one cares who owns apps. On February 19th, 2014, we didn’t know any of these things for sure.

Storytelling In The Digital Media Age

I often get asked why a Harvard neuropsychiatrist spends so much time talking about emotions and the brain in front of media and marketing research experts. The answer is that we live in an increasingly competitive world, and relying on what consumers tell us is incomplete,

After WhatsApp: An Insider’s View On What’s Next In Messaging

I was driving to a meeting in San Francisco when I got the message: “Facebook to buy WhatsApp for $19 billion.” I pulled over and watched as messages started to stream in. Everyone had the same question: Is Facebook crazy?

Yahoo Acquires Self-Destructing Messaging App Blink, Which Will Soon Disappear

Blink, a mobile messaging application that lets users share self-destructing messages, has been acquired by Yahoo, TechCrunch has confirmed. The app competed in an increasingly crowded space alongside Snapchat, of course, but also newer entrants like Frankly, Confide, Wickr, and others.

Chat App Tango Launches In-App Commerce Powered By Walmart And Alibaba

Mobile messaging app Tango is taking a leaf out of the Asian playbook with the launch of an in-app commerce service called Tango Shop. Read More

It's Time to Ditch Facebook and Start Over

Most of us have had Facebook accounts for the past few years, if not a decade. But time and bloat have turned once-beloved font of nostalgia into an onslaught of faux-sentimental sludge from strangers. So as Facebook stands poised to break itself into a bunch of different apps, we say to you:

Secret Is Working On New Apps, Won’t Shut Down Original Product

Secret Inc. — makers of the”anonymish” app Secret, which lets users post notes to friends, friends-of-friends, or those in their vicinity without revealing their identities — crashed through the highs and lows of startup life in the last year, 

Facebook Starts Opening Live Video Broadcasting To All, Launches Photo+Video Collages

After letting just celebrities and journalists on its Periscope competitor for a few months, Facebook today began testing its Live streaming video broadcasting feature with average users on iOS in the U.S.

How 'The Lion King' cast members describe meeting Beyoncé, ranked by pure joy

Love it or hate it, the "live-action" remake of Disney's The Lion King has been an event.With a record-breaking projected $531 million opening weekend and a cast so star-studded even the royal family stopped by to shake hands,

That 'Picard' trailer has lots of people fixated on another returning star

Star Trek fandom got its first look at the CBS All Access series Picard on Saturday thanks to a trailer that debuted at San Diego Comic-Con.The two-minute look at Patrick Stewart's next adventure as the former Enterprise captain is filled with reasons to get excited.

David Habour's character in 'Black Widow' sends 'Stranger Things' fans into emotional tailspin

Warning: Major spoilers from Stranger Things 3 lie ahead.C'mon, Marvel. Let the people of Hawkins mourn in peace. At San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday,

Android will soon make it easier to manage battery life on Bluetooth headsets

It's a huge pain when you don't know whether your Bluetooth earbuds are going to die or not. Google is going to fix that.Android users with Fast Pair Bluetooth devices will be getting some new features before the end of 2019,

San Diego Comic-Con 2019 cosplay that'll make you do a double-take

It's the fourth and final day of San Diego Comic-Con 2019. We've seen highly-anticipated teasers, reacted to major news drops, and yearned for far-away release dates. But above all else, we've marveled at the talent, dedication,

All the actors joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Phase Four

Marvel unleashed a torrent of news at Comic-Con Saturday including the reveal of a whole bunch of new movies and series for its post-Infinity Saga Phase Four along with new characters joining the fray.New characters means new actors, and because there's so many big additions,

Enjoy the majestic derpiness of a baby sea turtle horde shimmying into the ocean

Sea turtles aren't hatched underwater. Instead, what happens is a mama turtle makes her way to a sandy beach, digs a hole, and deposits a bunch of eggs — as many as 350! — then covers them with sand and heads back to her ocean home.The eggs hatch about two months later,

Kids hack dad's facial recognition lock in easiest way possible

Hacking facial-recognition systems is so easy a kid could do it. One Irish politician found this out the hard way when he discovered the reason he kept finding his laptop battery drained.

Mark Zuckerberg might not be untouchable after all

Mark Zuckerberg may soon find himself in an unfamiliar situation: facing actual, personal consequences for Facebook's missteps. As the FTC continues to investigate the social network's mishandling of user data,

Park ranger’s gorilla selfie goes viral

A park ranger in the Democratic Republic of Congo snapped a selfie with two gorillas that went viral. Virunga National Park shared the funny photo on their Instagram page. Read more...More about Instagram, Animals, Mashable Video, Virunga National Park, and Selfie

android即时通讯开发笔记(一)绪论~实现用户登录,自动登录,注销功能 - youngerheart


Massive Job Cuts Are Reportedly Coming For Microsoft Employees

mrspoonsi (2955715) writes with news that Microsoft is reportedly planning a major staff reduction that would top Steve Ballmer's record 5,800-head layoff in 2009. From the article:

Three more bodies pulled from AirAsia Flight 8501 crash site

Three more bodies were pulled from the Java Sea on Wednesday, including one wearing a flight attendant uniform. The discovery followed the retrieval Tuesday of three bodies from the debris site of AirAsia Flight 8501.After a three day search in the aqua waters off Indonesia for the 162 victims,




随着国行 PS4 发售,国服 PSN 的各项细节也是终于公布了。作为这部游戏主机的重要组成部分,我们当然得去了解一下。  国服 PSN 会员按照订阅时间分成三档,一个月为 29 元,三个月 69 元,十二个月则是 209 元。



Windows 10移动版的应用商店惊现Bug

在使用Windows Phone的时候,我们一般都习惯从Windows Phone应用商店里下载一系列我们所喜 […]



模块化手机评测 配置中等售价却超过3700元

Fairphone是一家来自荷兰的创业公司,同时也是首家成功推出真正模块化手机的公司。在下周,他们的第二代模块化手机Fairphone 2就将面向支持者发货了。作为市面上第一部真正的模块化手机,Fairphone 2甚至赶在谷歌Project Ara之前上市销售。不过它的模块化形式相比后者稍有不同:你可以自己动手维修设备,但它的部件并不像Ara那样支持热插拔。那么问题来了:Fairphone能够成为人人都想购买的智能手机么?

IBM 與北市合作,以 Bluemix 開發雲打造成市級物聯網

IBM 宣布響應台北市打造城市級物聯網資訊蒐集平台,提供 Bluemix 雲端開發套件供其作為務聯網創新基地,並針對開發者以及大專院校給予不同的免費方案,強調其架構具備靈活以集點選組件的方式,並針對物聯網提供專屬開發工具,希望能助台北市打造全亞洲第一個城市物聯網。閱讀全文

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