Twitch Testing Live Concert Broadcasts With Steve Aoki Performance

Gaming livestream platform Twitch is branching out from its roots by testing the waters on live concert broadcasts, with the inaugural performance by EDM superstar Steve Aoki.This experiment, according to Twitch,

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Twitch Testing Live Concert Broadcasts With Steve Aoki Performance

Gaming livestream platform Twitch is branching out from its roots by testing the waters on live concert broadcasts, with the inaugural performance by EDM superstar Steve Aoki.This experiment, according to Twitch,

Twitch Will Start Automatically Muting Copyrighted Music in Videos

Careful what you listen to while streaming on Twitch — because Twitch is listening, too.The live streaming site announced Wednesday that it will start muting unauthorized audio.

Twitch Launches Music Library, Curated Tunes Broadcasters Can Use For Free

Today Twitch is launching Music Library, a curated collection of music that broadcasters can use in their streams for free. Read More

‘Watching People Do Stuff’ Is A Business Model And Sywork Is The Twitch For Illustrators

Watching people play video games. Check. Watching people play with apps. Check. Watching people do earnings. Check. Watching people draw things? Check. Now, anyways. Today,

How Google Can Avoid Ruining Twitch For Its Most Dedicated Users

With Google’s courtship of Twitch and Facebook’s purchase of Oculus back in March, it seems that tech giants are getting serious about being part of the next big trends in gaming. That has gamers both excited and worried. It’s easy to see how either company can help its new acquiree grow:

Legal Streaming: Build Your Audience Without Getting GG’ed

Tens of thousands of broadcasters, game developers, and fans converged on San Francisco’s Moscone Center during TwitchCon 2015 — Twitch’s inaugural celebration for the videogame streaming community. Since its launch in 2007,

Taiwanese Live Streaming Video Site Raises $350,000 Seed Round, Eyes Asian Expansion, a real-time video platform based in Taipei, Taiwan, has raised $350,000 in seed funding from Cherubic Ventures. The company will use the capital to expand its team. Read More

The Future For Artists And Celebrities (And YouTubers) Is Direct Intimacy

The most-watched Game of Thrones episode ever, this past season’s finale, had 8.11 million viewers. Meanwhile, Pentatonix, a musical a capella group on YouTube since 2012, gets 10 million views each week. My point isn’t that these personalities will eventually replace premium content,

13 TechCrunch Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week

This week’s headlines saw the stock market plunge, Facebook’s new digital personal assistant, the launch of YouTube Gaming, and more. These are the stories to catch you up on tech news. Read More

Nvidia Shield Review: Do You Want an Android TV Game Console?

I want you to buy the Nvidia Shield, because I’m a selfish prick. If you buy the Nvidia Shield, perhaps developers will make actually games for it—and then I could buy one too. Read more...

Did you lose a pigeon dressed in a tiny bedazzled vest? He's been found.

Hey, if you lost your bedazzled pigeon, he's safe and sound at a bird sanctuary in Arizona. A young male pigeon, inexplicably dressed in a rhinestone-studded vest, was found in Glendale, Arizona on Nov. 10. He's been under the care of Fallen Feathers ever since. SEE ALSO:

Gritty was the face of Philadelphia's protest against the alt-right

Gritty continues to be the chaotic voice of resistance. The colorful Philadelphia Flyers mascot, also our collective son whom we love and cherish, was the face of an anti-Proud Boy protest on Saturday. SEE ALSO:

Apple's new iPad Pro 'folds like a piece of paper' during a stress test

Apple would probably rather skip the references to Bendgate. It's not like anyone's walking around with an iPad Pro in their pocket, right?That may be true, but it's still alarming to see just how fragile the newly released iPad Pro actually is.

Texas schools make slavery a 'central' fact of the Civil War and no one can believe it

Kids in Texas will finally learn that slavery was the primary reason for all the fighting during the Civil War, and people can't believe it took the state this long to decide that. The state Board of Education confirmed that starting in 2019,

Bill Maher incurs the internet's wrath after belittling Stan Lee and comic books

Commentator Bill Maher disparaged Stan Lee, the seminal creator of iconic comic book superheroes like Spider-Man, The Hulk, and The Fantastic Four, in an unsolicited 293-word Saturday morning blog titled "Adulting.

'The Crimes of Grindelwald' makes a major Harry Potter canon blunder

Critics everywhere have slammed the latest Harry Potter spin-off, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, as there's an absurd amount of confounding plot crammed into the 134-minute film. Yet, the film carries a problematic canonical oversight, too:

Netflex tweeted an answer to the question on every 'Dogs' fan's mind

Dogs is the smartest six-hour Netflix binge anyone can commit to. It's also, notably, a safe watch for all dog-lovers.If you, like anyone who has ever owned and/or loved a dog, saw the Dogs announcement and immediately wondered if any of the documentary's sweet good boys and girls die,

Strange Crop Circles in Germany Draw Thousands

Thousands of people are journeying to a wheat field in Germany to see a giant set of mysterious crop circlesLocated on a Bavarian farmer's field, a balloonist first discovered the intricate design last week. It didn't take long for word to spread onlineSee also:

FCC Challenges Verizon Wireless on Data Throttling

The Federal Communications Commission has sent a strongly worded letter to Verizon Wireless asking why the company has made it a policy to throttle customers with unlimited data plans.The note, addressed to Verizon Wireless CEO Daniel Mead and authored by FCC chairman Tom Wheeler,

The NSA Is Looking for a Public Relations Expert

Are you a U.S. citizen living in the greater Washington, D.C. area looking for a new gig? Do you have impeccable oral and written communication skills? Or strong analytical and critical thinking skills?Sure you do; you have all those things in spades.

Claire Hummel 迪斯尼公主

这是来自插画家Claire Hummel 笔下的经典迪士尼公主,那些关于善良与爱,幸福与信任,迪士尼总是诠释得很好。


在 MWC 2014 的诺基亚发布会上,介绍完 Nokia X 系列机型后,埃洛普点明了 Nokia X 存在的意义: 给人们一扇通往微软的大门。 现在看来,有人关掉了这扇门,转身去拥抱那只可爱的绿色机器人。


央广网财经北京4月11日消息 据经济之声《天下公司》报道,民营银行是这两天的热门话题之一。据深圳金融办消息,腾 […]

Twitter Shares Test New All-Time Lows After Its Q1 Earnings Fail To Excite Investors

Twitter’s stock is plumbing the depths today, hitting a new low of $38.27, below its previously recorded lowest-point of $38.80. Twitter went public for $26 per share and shot to more than $74 per share at its peak. It opened around $45 on its first day public.

Chrome OS即将支持Android应用

Google在今天宣布Android应用即将可以在Chrome OS上运行。不过其实这项功能也没有为我们带来太多的惊喜,因为我们在之前已经听到过很多关于这方面的传言。



Blizzard Has Canceled Titan, Its Next-gen MMO

Ptolemarch writes: Blizzard never officially announced it, but now it's gone: Titan, the next-generation MMO that had been in development for seven years, has been canceled. Mike Morhaime said, "[W]e set out to make the most ambitious thing that you could possibly imagine.

Conglomerate Rock From Mars: (Much) More Precious Than Gold

An anonymous reader writes It's the oldest rock on Earth--and it's from Mars. A 4.4-billion-year-old martian meteorite, found in a dozen pieces in the western Sahara, has ignited a frenzy among collectors and scientists; prices have reached $10,000 a gram,

HTC America Just Did This… Take A Bow Peter Chou

Being the plucky mobile underdog in the fiery caldera of the smartphone market means HTC absolutely has to do things differently to grab some attention. So that means bringing “the ruckus” to its marketing messages, as it puts it. Read More

[图]MyFC JAQ燃料电池“充电宝”:1节电芯可提供2400mAh能量


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