How to set up and use Microsoft Authenticator

Microsoft Authenticator allows you to sign into your Microsoft account from any device without using your password. At times, It’s frustrating to have to remember multiple passwords for all your accounts online,

A guide for two-factor authentication: Which websites offer it, and how to set it up

Heartbleed has made everyone think twice about online security – and one way you can stay safer is by using two-factor authentication.Read more:

14 top tips that every Evernote user should know about

Want to get the best out of Evernote? We’ve got a large library of tips here pointing out all the neat features and add-ons you can get for this top notch piece of software.Read more:

10 Tricks to Make Yourself an Evernote Master

Evernote is well established as the go-to app for organizing just about everything in your life. Whether it's notes for a novel or bookmarks from the Web, Evernote can take pretty much anything you want to throw at it. But are you using the platform to its full potential?

Windows 10 news recap: Windows 10 May 2020 Update rolls out, Cortana axes Alexa integration, and mor

Welcome back to our Windows 10 news recap, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s flagship operating system. Microsoft starts rolling out the Windows 10 May 2020 Update today,

Microsoft news recap: Surface Earbuds owners report hissing issue, Outlook Spaces goes live, and mor

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read! Multi-Window chat support is now generally available in Microsoft Teams,

Microsoft’s Skype for iPhone app FINALLY gets support for system dark theme setting in latest update

The iOS Skype app updated to Version 8.60 today with some significant improvements that should please iPhone owners. In addition to a new option for deleting a contact from the contact list,

Microsoft Teams app updates on Android and iOS with new features and menu changes

The Microsoft Teams app updated for both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets this past week. Each updated made quite a few significant changes that add extra functionality and options for users. As is typical for Microsoft Teams app update, the changes are fairly different for each version.

Microsoft OneDrive app updates on iOS with loads of fixes and changes

The official OneDrive app for Apple’s iOS devices, such as iPhone and iPad, updated today to Version 11.35. This latest update adds the ability to add shapes to PDF files and fixes bugs relating to file size and file upload displays. Here’s the full release notes: Circles, squares, and lines,

What is Project Reunion?

Is Project Reunion the right evolution of the Windows developer platform or is it a case of too little too late?

New Xbox One Update introduces simpler Guide with customizable tabs

Today's Xbox One update finally brings the revamped Xbox Guide that Microsoft started testing with Xbox Insiders back in March.

Here are the 11 games leaving Xbox Game Pass at the end of the month

Nothing lasts forever, and in this case, certain titles on Xbox Game Pass. Next month, we can expect as many as 11 titles removed from the shelves (metaphorically) from the subscription service.

Azure AD accounts now support passwords with up to 256 characters

Microsoft has removed the 16-character limit for passwords used for cloud user accounts in Azure Active Directory.

UNESCO project is helping students rebuild historical structures damaged in conflict using Minecraft

In the same vein as Ubisoft offering up Assassin’s Creed Unity to help rebuild the Notre Dame Cathedral, Minecraft is being used in a special project by UNESCO. The United Nations Educational, Scientific,

Aleksandra Marchocka插画作品

Aleksandra Marchocka,波兰女插画师,作品风格诡异又可爱,官方网站:


Peterhead CCS项目中签订的首个英国商用协议 伦敦--(美国商业资讯)--总部位于伦敦的先进过程建模公司Process Systems Enterprise (PSE),今天正式推出了其用于全链碳捕捉与封存(CCS)应用的gCCS系统建模环境。  

PHP5.6.x的新鲜事 - joyceX

期中考回来,刷刷,发现——又更新了。。现在马上来看一下What's New in PHP 5.6.x 内部操作符重载(internal-operator-overloading) 内部操作符重载首当其冲,因为它是最好玩也是最奇怪的一个。



04月03日 Cydia插件iOS8兼容性更新汇总

QR Mode 当前版本 1.4-1 兼容 iOS 8.0 收费 1.99美元  《QR Mode》可以为用户的自带相机App添加一个“扫描器”功能,使用该功能用户可扫描并识别任何QR码。



苍井空为牛投站台 五项目现场众筹1118万

北京2015年12月11日电 /美通社/ -- 2015年是中国互联网股权众筹平台高速发展的关键一年,随着各项监管政策逐步推出,众筹行业已经进入相对平稳的发展态势。发展规模、市场份额数据均显示出,整个行业继续占领风口。

This is the Most Beat Up Dinosaur Ever Discovered

Injuries are common in the fossilized remains of dinosaurs, but the recent discovery of a severely roughed-up skeleton in Arizona establishes a new record for the most bone injuries sustained by a single theropod. This guy got wrecked.Read more...


据外媒报道,近些年来,黑胶唱片又在唱片业重焕光彩,特别是歌手的专辑珍藏版或新原声大碟。现在,《星球大战7:原力觉醒》就推出了一款黑胶唱片,并且与影片科幻主题极为贴切的是,它还加入了3D全息图。在唱片上可以看到两组全息投影图案,分别是千隼号和TIE战斗机。据悉,迪士尼为此还特地请来了全息艺术家Tristan Duke来帮他们打造这款黑胶唱片。

比尔·盖茨说:10 年内机器将比人类更聪明 | 爱范早读

比尔·盖茨说:10 年内机器将比人类更聪明 在南加州举行的编码大会(Code Conference)上,微软公司联合创始人比尔·盖茨(Bill Gates)警告称,在某些知识领域,机器将在10年内变得比人类更聪明。盖茨预测说:“人工智能了解你的兴趣,以及你认为最有价值的东西。”现今,微软、Google、Facebook 以及苹果等公司都将研发人工智能作为工作的重点之一。 盖茨曾在 Reddit 上表示:数十年后,人工智能变得足够聪明,这值得我们去担忧。调查显示,女性比男性更加担忧人工智能机器的发展,只有 17% 的女性称对人工智能技术感到乐观,而男性比例为 28%。

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