Once deprecated MS Paint to receive new accessibility features in Windows 10 May 2019 Update

Following years of neglect, the classic Paint app is finally getting some love in the Windows 10 May 2019 Update with new Accessibility features.

Microsoft’s redesigned Xbox Store gets revealed in leaked screenshots

Pictures of a revamped Xbox Store have leaked today, showing a much better Fluent Design implementation and rounded corners that are consistent with the new Xbox app on Windows 10.

Microsoft Edge Canary gets new flag to run PWAs on startup

Microsoft is currently working on a new Microsoft Edge feature that will run Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) at startup on your PC.

Windows 10 Insider build 19640 is now available for Fast Ring Insiders with two minor changes

Microsoft has just announced the release of the Windows 10 Insider build 19640 for Windows Insiders in the Fast Ring, and this is another minor update with just two minor changes related to Storage Sense and the log in experience.

Japan will be a launch market for Xbox Series X this holiday season

I don’t know if we’re winning in Japan any time soon, but the position that we have in Japan today from a platform isn’t acceptable to me.

CES announces it will hold in person conference in Las Vegas next January

The Consumer Technology Association also announced its plans for CES 2021 today, with the trade show coming back to Las Vegas on January 6-9, 2021 with much-increased safety measures.

Xbox Console Companion UWP app to be replaced with the new Game Pass-focused Xbox app

Microsoft's Xbox Console Companion app on Windows 10 now displays a message saying that it will be soon be replaced with the new Game Pass-focused Xbox app.

Forget Animal Crossing, Minecraft Dungeons is the new gaming sensation for me

Minecraft Dungeons helped me put down Animal Crossing for a while and become my newest sensation.

Windows 10 Game Bar gets a name change to Xbox Game Bar with latest Insider update

Microsoft is renaming the Windows 10 Game Bar to Xbox Game Bar, as can be seen in the latest update of the beta app available for early adopters.

Microsoft announces first early release of Web Template Studio, a VS Code extension for making cloud

Microsoft continues to build on the success of Visual Studio Code, a free, cross platform code editor that’s rapidly becoming one of the most popular IDEs (integrated developer environment), and today has announced an early look at the Microsoft Web Template Studio.

How to set up and use Microsoft Authenticator

Microsoft Authenticator allows you to sign into your Microsoft account from any device without using your password. At times, It’s frustrating to have to remember multiple passwords for all your accounts online,

IBM大中华区云计算总经理陈国豪:拥抱云时代 ——云计算驱动业务前行



5月29日至6月8日,为期11天的车展将在釜山的BEXCO会展中心举办,规模创历届之最 韩国釜山--(美国商业资讯)--2014年釜山国际车展(BIMOS 2014)将于5月29日举办媒体开放日(Press Day)活动,继而于5月30日举行开幕式,这次为期11天(一直持续到6月8日)的车展将在釜山的BEXCO会展中心举办。

You Can Remotely Control A Robot To Roam Around The Tate Britain Tonight

Remember way back in February when we reported that this summer you'd be able to remotely control robots to explore the Tate Britain After Dark Well—it's (finally) this summer, and now's your chance! Starting this very minute,

还原度感人 荷兰老兄造等比例诺亚方舟

遥想 2012 当年,个个都在说“末日”、“方舟”。时间一过,这话题立马销声匿迹。不过在荷兰,一艘新的“诺亚方舟”悄然现身。  

Putin critic Alexei Navalny cuts off ankle bracelet, defies ‘illegal’ house arrest

Russian opposition leader, Kremlin critic and prominent political blogger Alexei Navalny said on Monday that he would no longer abide by the terms of his ‘illegal’ house arrest, defiantly cutting off his monitoring bracelet.See also:




前言 在我的上篇文章里,分析的是互联网界的以慢著称的大象——豆瓣,这次的App唯品会,我认为是以速度著称的猎食 ...


想象过吃饭这事儿还能让你遭罪吗?澳大利亚IT工作者Rhys Evans就在享受午餐的时候遇到了这样的事情。根据公司CCTV记录可以看到,Evans所使用的玻璃饭盒忽然爆裂,当时,坐在Evans前排的同事被吓了一跳。

iOS 9装机率超过50%,广告拦截器褒贬不一

英文原文:iOS 9 Adoption Reaches 25% As Content Blockers Split Views  苹果公司最近发布的 iOS 9 系统包含了一个有关 WebKit 的更新,使用最新 SFSafariViewController 组件的 Safari 浏览器以及其它应用 ... ...

六边形设计 Fitbit首款彩屏智能手表Blaze发布

目前全球排名第一的可穿戴设备厂商 Fitbit,在今年的 CES 2016 国际消费电子展会上依然大放光彩,正式发布了新 Blaze 系列智能手表。 Blaze 是 Fitbit旗下第一款配备有彩色触摸屏幕的智能手表(健身追踪器)产品,其推出的目的是为了保持与苹果、微软和谷歌等平台更近距离的竞争。  Fitbit Blaze 外形上不算得创新,但看惯了矩形或圆形智能手表的用户可能需要一定时间来习惯,因为它“六边形”的设计确实极不寻常。表壳采用不锈钢材质打造,不过 Fitbit 承诺将会为用户提供不同的表带或表壳的定制选项,但近期不太可能有太丰富的选项。

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