Latest Edge Insider Canary build now matches your OS theme on Windows 10

In the latest Canary build of Microsoft's Edge Insider browser, the app will now respect your default Windows 10 theme and automatically enable the dark theme if you did so in system settings.

Xbox Alpha Insiders get the first Xbox One 1906 preview build today

The first Xbox One 1906 Preview build will be available to download for Xbox Alpha Insiders today, bringing a single new feature for the Mixer tab on the Xbox One dashboard.

Google introduces Glass Enterprise Edition, a cheaper, but still business focused HoloLens competito

For $999, Google is offering businesses a discount to the alternative in the same market such as HoloLens 2 which could run developers as much as $3,500.

Xbox’s Phil Spencer calls for safer gaming, promises to “promote and protect the safety of all”

Xbox head Phil Spencer himself penned a long post on the official Microsoft blog to explain why gaming is for everyone, and why the video games industry should do more to protect the safety of all 2.6 billion gamers worldwide.

Microsoft Edge Insider Canary channel is now officially available on macOS

Microsoft is making the Canary channel, which gets daily updates, available on Macs today, with the Dev channel to follow soon.

New cloud partnership between Microsoft and Sony was negotiated behind PlayStation’s back

Negotiations for this particular agreement began over a year ago and were handled mainly by Sony's senior management in Tokyo and, "largely without the involvement of the PlayStation unit."

Microsoft releases new firmware updates for many of its Surface devices

Microsoft has quietly released new firmware updates for many of its Surface devices, from the 2014 Surface Pro 3 to the 2018 Surface Pro 6.

Windows 10 Your Phone app no longer requires Wi-Fi to sync with Android phones

The Windows 10 Your Phone companion app no longer requires a Wi-Fi connection to sync your messages and photos. As noted by Windows Central, the Your Phone app can sync to Android phones using your mobile data connection. Great news for Android users at least, but not so great for iOS.

Windows 10’s Telegram Desktop app updates with new chat options

The official Telegram app for Windows 10 devices, Telegram Desktop, updated this week to Version 1.7. This latest update adds some more functionality to the main chat feature by adding an easier way to archive messages and better options for messages that have already been placed in the archive.

Xbox One’s LEGO Batman 3 and The Surge video games come to Xbox Game Pass

The Surge and LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham are now both playable as part of the Xbox Game Pass subscription service. LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, as its title suggests,

Microsoft open sources one of Bing’s most advanced AI tools

Once again Microsoft has sought the counsel of the open source community


近日清华大学金融学院院长吴晓灵接受央视财经频道专访,谈了她对“互联网金融”的看法:(原文来自 腾讯科技,虎嗅摘编)不存在互联网金融从现代的信息技术在金融领域运用这个意义上来说,不存在着互联网金融。



Uncanny LeBron James Portrait Comes to Life in Artist's Time-Lapse

Call her the LeBron James of drawing, because we are all witnesses to the fact that Heather Rooney is an incredibly talented artistSee also: Why Does This NBA Player Have Emoji Tattoos?How talented?


天下大势,合久必分。Foursquare 的自我革命一款互联网产品的生存永远无法逃离用户需求不断变化带来的压迫感。Foursquare 在面对这种压迫感时,终于迫使自己做出了像样的回应。

Hands On With the Beautiful, Mysterious World of 'The Witness'

For most of my time at E3, I roamed the showroom floor. Sometimes, I ducked into a closed-door demo; other times, I tested out indie creations with developers explaining their concepts. The whole experience was loud. Overwhelming. Chaotic.



CSCDC大会在京举行 智能终端应用倍受瞩目

北京2014年11月19日电 /美通社/ -- 11月17日,中国智能内容及开发者大会(CSCDC)在北京国家会议中心揭幕,专业论坛与展览精彩纷呈。



过年回家 烦恼的中国“脱网族”


谷歌大开杀戒? 移除近200个Chrome恶意扩展


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