The Anova Culinary Sous Vide Bluetooth Cooker is $20 off

Sous vide has been used in upscale steakhouses for a while, but if you're even somewhat into cooking, you've probably seen those recipe videos on social media about doing sous vide at home.If you're not confident in your abilities,

'Game of Thrones' meets 'Full House' in the most cringeworthy crossover ever

Uncle Joey can't get a pickle jar open. Danny Tanner throws down some life advice. Uncle Jaime won't stop bangin' his sister. All the Full House elements are here!In the crossover special you never saw coming, Game of Thrones meets Full House — thanks to Jimmy Kimmel.

Your heart will go on for Céline Dion in 'Carpool Karaoke'

Céline Dion has a song for every moment, as you'll see in her appearance on another episode of Carpool Karaoke.The Canadian singer joined James Corden for a cruise through Las Vegas, where they sang her biggest hits including "It's All Coming Back to Me Now," "Because You Loved Me,

Huawei gets temporary relief from its U.S. ban

The Trump administration is temporarily easing its ban on Huawei.In an announcement on Monday, the U.S. Department of Commerce said it would be giving the Chinese tech giant a 90-day exemption from trade restrictions, thanks to a Temporary General License (TGL).Last week,

Facebook data reportedly helps companies guess your credit score

Facebook may know even more about your personal life than you think.Some advertisers are able to use Facebook-provided data to target ads based on a user's credit score. This is all according to a new report in The Intercept, which raises fresh questions about the company's data sharing deals.

Gmail freaks out users by saying a 'new device signed in to' their account

Don't freak out. On Monday afternoon, Gmail mistakenly sent multiple users a security alert, notifying them that an unknown device had signed into their account. The number of affected users is currently unknown. However, according to a G Suite admin who chose to remain anonymous,

Best graduation gifts for her: 50 gift ideas for college grads

Springtime means bright blooms, longer days, and a new class that's getting ready to graduate. For you that means watching a woman you're proud of accept her diploma, which also means you need to find the perfect gift for her.Depending on her interests,

Jake Paul's attempt at calling out 'cyberbully' Cody Ko backfired beautifully

Jake Paul, a 22-year-old millionaire who built a career out of peddling merch to children and being loud on the internet, took a brave stance against cyberbullying by calling out a reaction vlogger who made fun of him a few times.

Match review UK: A user-friendly dating site for people who actually want something serious

Let's just state the obvious real quick: Dating can be an absolute nightmare.Blind dates are awkward, people become disinterested and ghost, and dating a close friend can end awkwardly. This is probably a pessimistic outlook, but sometimes,

2018’s car-inspired baby names include Elon Musk's Tesla

In 2018, 109 babies born in the United States were named Tesla, as per a newly-released report from the Social Security Administration. Read more...More about Parenting, Mashable Video, Tesla, Elon Musk, and Baby

Samsung has reportedly fixed the Galaxy Fold's two biggest flaws

Samsung's Galaxy Fold might be ready to rise again.According to Yonhap News (via CNET), the Korean electronics giant has reportedly solved the problems that led to review units breaking ahead of the $2,000 foldable phone's launch in April.SEE ALSO:

Watch One of History's Greatest Photographers at Work on the Streets

Garry Winogrand is known for being one of the 20th century's greatest photographers. This video clip from a 1982 documentary is a wonderful peek at Winogrand roaming the streets with his camera and ruminating on photography. Read more...    


PagerDuty是一款IT警报系统工具,作者Doug Barth分享了PagerDuty是如何成功地把现有系统MySQL迁移至XtraDB Cluster,以及在这一过程中遇到的利与弊。

Korean E-Book Platform Ridibooks Raises $8M Series B

Ridibooks, which claims to be South Korea’s largest e-book vendor, announced that it has raised a $8 million Series B to improve its user experience and reach new customers. Investors include NeoPlux, which led the round, Company K, Mirae Asset Venture Investment, and Atinum Investment.



俄罗斯航空公司荣获任仕达奖 获得运输物流业最佳雇主殊荣

莫斯科2015年4月15日电 /美通社/ -- 俄罗斯航空公司 (Aeroflot) 宣布,该公司在俄罗斯荣获著名的任仕达奖“运输物流业最佳雇主”殊荣。 (图标:http://photos.prnewswire.

Windows Logo的30年进化史

注:本文转自WPDang(微信公众号ID:WPDang001),如需转载请联系版权方。  大家可能对上面的Logo不是那么熟悉,因为这是Windows 1.0的Logo。

钛媒体Smart Run舟山群岛国际马拉松开赛

北京2015年11月6日电 /美通社/ -- 11月15日,舟山,这座空气纯净、海水湛蓝的海岛迎来一场由钛媒体领军人物领跑的科技酷跑。

Apple Pencil发货迟遭抨击:不如三星和微软

iPad Pro 的下单、开箱、评测,是这两天苹果新闻的主题。为了增强 iPad Pro 的表现力,苹果专门定制了两款官方配件:Apple Pencil 和 Smart Keyboard。

融资租赁企业为何会单独设立 SPV 公司开展业务?

1. SPV主要核心功能是风险隔离。SPV是有限责任公司,一旦项目出现风险,可以有效的防范风险蔓延影响到整个公司。项目风险是多方面的:信用违约、权属纠纷、债务纠纷、事故、法务等。

Overloaded tricycle zipping through Shanghai will have you biting your nails

If you have ever felt like a pack mule, you've got nothing on this Chinese tricyclist.The tricyclist was spotted with a heavy load of boxes on the streets of Shanghai, China, looking more like a circus act than a typical delivery driver.Heavy tricycle loads are nothing new in Asia. Over the summer,

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