Get Powerbeats3 wireless headphones for $100 off

The brand-spanking-new Beats Powerhouse Pros hit Apple store shelves earlier this month, and according to Mashable's own Ray Wong, "they're the most well-rounded wireless earbuds you can buy." High praise, to be sure, but nevertheless we couldn't blame you for balking at their $249.95 price tag.

OnePlus under fire for pre-installing Facebook services that can't be removed

OnePlus is facing criticism for pre-installing Facebook apps on its newest smartphones—and apparently the bloatware can’t be fully removed. The apps can be found on the new OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, and Nord models; all three come with the Facebook App Installer, Facebook App Manager,

Shark Week starts this weekend — watch it in HDR

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Make your home smarter — lots of Amazon devices just went on sale

TL;DR: As of Aug. 7, select Amazon devices and Amazon device bundles are on sale across the site.Amazon's annual Prime Day savings event will be happening sometime in October, or so we've heard through the grapevine. (Things are still up the air at this point — the same goes for Black Friday.

Is your tech crapping out? Replace it for cheap with this big Sony sale.

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Love Guy Fieri? Follow his new 'Flavortown' meme accounts.

Guy Fieri is a man of many talents, and one of those talents is his ability to post some of the best memes online.For years, Fieri has been using his social media accounts to make fans of Flavortown and the Food Network laugh. With help from his team (known as Knuckle Sandwich) and his sons,

Uh, 'Death Stranding' is on sale for less than $20 for the first time ever

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Master basic photo editing with Adobe Photoshop Elements

TL;DR: As of Aug. 7, Photoshop Elements is 45% off, dropping the price to $54.99.With the way reopening the country has gone, we're likely in for a long winter spent social distancing.

Buy a Nintendo Switch and get 2 free bonus controllers

If you’re a habitual video game player and haven't yet picked up a Nintendo Switch, now is probably one of your best chances to get a good deal. Out of all the bundles currently available, this one most likely holds the most value. For $299 at Walmart,

This Dell 34-inch curved USB-C monitor is almost $400 off

Staring at a computer screen all day can seriously strain your eyes, but a curved monitor can ease that a bit by eliminating distortion. Curvature reduces your eye movement across the screen so that you can work more comfortably for longer.

Microsoft: Patch old Windows systems or risk computer worm

Microsoft is trying to prevent the outbreak of a computer worm by urging those running older Windows systems to patch their machines.Redmond has discovered a serious flaw in Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 and 2008 systems,

5寸方盒子:华硕ChromeBox已登录亚马逊 预订价179美元

尽管与Windows相比,Chrome OS的份额有些微不足道,但是Chromebooks的表现仍然可圈可点。当然,除了上网本,也有厂商推出了采用Chrome OS的“机顶盒”产品——比如来自华硕的Chromebox。


今天将有两家曹国伟主导的公司在美上市。 今天,4月17日,这对于新浪的CEO曹国伟而言,绝对是人生中牛逼闪闪的 […]

The US Vs. Europe: Freedom of Expression Vs. Privacy

First time accepted submitter GoddersUK (1262110) writes "Rory Cellan-Jones writes about the recent European Court judgement on the right to be forgotten in terms of US/EU cultural differences (and perhaps a bit of bitterness on the EU side at U.S. influence online): 'He tells me... ...



Before the Wall: The final chance to flee East to West Berlin was a wire fence

On Saturday Aug. 12, 1961, a record number of people (approximately 4,000) fled from East to West Berlin. The following day, the world awoke to find 30 miles of barbed wire running through the heart of the city. The barrier was laid by East German soldiersTwo days later, on Tuesday Aug. 15,

尋矽谷@HK:現實中的 Ironman

這周開始讀 Elon Musk 的傳記,他做的事非常超乎現實,很難與現有的 Startup 工作扯上關係,但他 …The post 尋矽谷@HK:現實中的 Ironman appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

美国商务部:2015年5月美国工厂订单环比下降1.0% 不及市场预期





这个问题其实只要查一下英文版维基百科(不用翻墙)就能得到很全面的答案:The Force (Star Wars)简而言之,“原力”就是乔治·卢卡斯本人发明的。他想在青少年观众中唤起某种精神性,暗示一种对神的信仰,但与任何特定的宗教都无关。他取所有宗教的精华,提出神的存在和善恶的区别。卢卡斯说:“如果你选择善的一面,那世界会变得更好。”“原力”这个名字来自加拿大先锋派导演阿瑟·利普塞特(Arthur Lipsett)于1963年拍摄的实验短片《21-87》。

Pokémon Go Just Made Augmented Reality Mainstream

Augmented reality—the ability to witness an altered version of our world via a smartphone display, goofy glasses , or through a camera—is not new. Thanks to Pokémon Go, though, people might actually start to care about it.Read more...

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