Facebook changes algorithm to promote worthwhile & close friend content

Facebook is updating the News Feed ranking algorithm to incorporate data from surveys about who you say are your closest friends and which links you find most worthwhile.

‘Game of Thrones’ season finale sets record as HBO’s most-viewed episode ever

Despite disappointing many longtime fans of the show, the “Game of Thrones” series finale set a new record for HBO as the most viewed episode in the network’s history. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the episode reached 13.6 million viewers during its initial airing on Sunday night,

Blockchain blockchain Malkovich blockchain

I spent much of last week at blockchain conferences, and I’m about ready to never hear the word again. This despite the fact I’ve been supporting decentralized software, as a counterweight or at least alternative to the growing power of governments and megacorps, for years now.

Postmates workers want minimum delivery guarantees and at least $15 per hour

IPO-bound Postmates is under fire right now after making some changes to its payments structure for its delivery workers. Organizers at Working Washington say these changes can reduce pay for typical jobs by up to 30 percent. Up until this past weekend,

GM’s car-sharing service Maven to exit eight cities

GM is scaling back its Maven car-sharing company and will stop service in nearly half of the 17 North American cities it operates in. A spokesperson who confirmed Maven was shutting down in some cities, without identifying the location or number that will remain,

Snap appoints new execs as it aims to keep 2019 momentum

Snap has another appointment in the apt saga of the its ephemeral CFOs. Four months after losing its CFO Tim Stone following a reported “personality clash” between Stone and CEO Evan Spiegel, Snap has promoted its VP of Finance Derek Andersen to the role, the company said Monday.

Stanford’s Doggo is a petite robotic quadruped you can (maybe) build yourself

Got a few thousand bucks and a good deal of engineering expertise? You're in luck: Stanford students have created a quadrupedal robot platform called Doggo that you can build with off-the-shelf parts and a considerable amount of elbow grease. That's better than the alternatives,

U.S. mitigates Huawei ban by offering temporary reprieve

Two steps forward, one step back. The Trump administration has seemingly been trying to calibrate its strategy around its intensifying trade dispute with China. Last week, it effectively banned Huawei from importing U.S. technology,

Walmart beats on earnings in Q1, with U.S. e-commerce up by 37 percent

Walmart’s investments in e-commerce are paying off. The retailer today announced its U.S. e-commerce sales grew by 37 percent in the first quarter, largely thanks to its booming online grocery business and growth in both the home and fashion categories on Walmart.com.

How to see our world in a new light

Startups are ultimately vessels of speculation, of new products, new markets, and innovations the world has never seen. While data and information are important components for exploring the frontiers of the possible, perhaps the best way is through stories and fiction,

SugarCRM moves into marketing automation with Salesfusion acquisition

SugarCRM announced today that it has acquired Atlanta-based Salesfusion to help build out the the marketing automation side of its business. The deal closed last Friday. The companies did not share the purchase price. CEO Craig Charlton, who joined the company in February,

Snowden: The NSA Is Setting Fire To The Future Of The Internet

Today at the SXSW conference, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden joined the event digitally to speak about mass surveillance. Since his revelations began to spill last summer, Snowden has been a lightning rod for discussion regarding the proper role of government, and how we handle privacy as a kind.

Soldiers Describe How DARPA Smartphones Save Lives in Battle

The average pedestrian walks around with more sophisticated navigation and communication technology in his pocket than our soldiers have on the battlefield. That's why the military is working hard on developing a battle-ready smartphone that would bring our troops up to speed.

CSS高效开发实战:CSS 3、LESS、SASS、Bootstrap、Foundation --读书笔记(1)设定背景图 - 小李子2926

这本书包括CSS基础中的盒子模型、浮动、定位等难点,包括CSS 3中的圆角、动画、个性边框、媒介查询等特色,包括CSS的固定布局、流式布局和响应式布局等设计模型,包括最流行的CSS框架Bootstrap、Foundation的实战和DIV+CSS、HTML 5+CSS 3的实战,学习宗旨就是好学、好.

宏碁称旗下所有WP手机都能升Windows 10

虽然才刚刚发布了旗下首款Windows Phone手机Liquid M220,但是宏碁却已表示旗下所有Windows Phone手机都可升级最新的Windows 10,而Liquid M220也将在今年晚些时候升级Windows 10。  



少個藉口去茶水間? 無線加熱保溫杯

好多人返工到會沖咖啡或茶慢慢嘆,但無論你用邊款保溫杯,飲品總是轉個頭就凍晒,唔想再因此沖過杯、微波爐加熱?最近 Kickstarter 裡正在集資一款 Wireless Heated Mug,透過內置電池飲品就可維持 70 度長達 45 分鐘。

Co-pilot lands plane safely after American Airlines pilot dies on flight

An American Airlines pilot died on Monday on a red-eye flight from Phoenix to Boston. The flight was diverted to Syracuse, New York, where the co-pilot landed the plane safely."Syracuse, American 550, medical emergency, captain is incapacitated, request handling for runway,

What do devs need to know about the Apple TV?

In this Ask A Dev, iOS Engineer Sean McMains tells eager developers what they'll need to master in order to make the most out of the new Apple TV and tvOS software development kitSean kicks things off by telling us about the two methods of developing an Apple TV app: TVML and UIKit.


昨天一整日筆者都幾乎處於雲遊的狀態,晚上睇波,深宵一邊在梳化瞌眼瞓,一邊留意立法會補選結果。最後小睡幾小時再起身睇奧斯卡頒獎禮直播,幸好筆者毋須朝九晚五返 Office 工,返工時間地點亦有彈性,所以飲杯 Double Espresso 醒醒神清醒一點才開工。以下有更多內容The post 唐言無忌:理所當然 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

Movie Theater Resistance to Streaming Completely Misses the Point

Theater owners are letting loose about Screening Room, the director-backed venture that will allow people to spend way too much money to watch a movie in their home the day it’s released in theaters—but they’re missing the point.Read more...

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