Replex gets $2.45M seed round to help track cloud native spend

Replex wants to help track cloud spending, but with a cloud native twist, and today it announced a $2.45 million seed round. The company previous raised $1.68 million in 2017 for a total of $4.15 million so far. As companies shift to a cloud native environment, and move ever more quickly,

These free tools blur protesters’ faces and remove photo metadata

Millions have taken to the streets across the world to protest the murder of George Floyd, an unarmed black man killed by a white police officer in Minneapolis last month. Protesters have faced both unprecedented police violence and surveillance. Just this week,

Startups Weekly: The George Floyd protests come home to the tech industry

The tech industry has generally wished that structural discrimination would go away, while pretending that it already has. But technology can be used by anyone for anything. And so,

Indian online travel booking firm Yatra terminates merger deal with Ebix

Indian online travel booking company Yatra has terminated a pending merger agreement with Atlanta-based software firm Ebix and filed a litigation seeking “substantial damages” over alleged breach of deal terms. In July last year, Ebix announced its plan to acquire Yatra,

This Week in Apps: Protests impact app stores, FTC fines app developer, kids’ app trends

This week we're taking a look at how the civil unrest and George Floyd protests played out across the app stores. The events led some apps to surge, and even break records.

Fast-growing Madison Reed is eyeing men’s hair next; “We’re going to blow the doors off that market”

Amy Errett’s company, Madison Reed, sells in-home care color. It may not sound like a glamorous business but, as it turns out, it’s a very durable one, done the right way.

Lidar helps uncover an ancient, kilometer-long Mayan structure

Lidar is fast becoming one of the most influential tools in archaeology, revealing things in a few hours what might have taken months of machete wielding and manual measurements otherwise. The latest such discovery is an enormous Mayan structure, more than a kilometer long, 3,000 years old,

Aukey introduces an extremely compact 100w charger

Let’s talk about chargers. They are, quite possibly, the least exciting thing about a computer. Don’t get me wrong. They’re necessary, obviously. But when was the last time you got really psyched about one? And yet, here I am,

Facebook changes algorithm to promote worthwhile & close friend content

Facebook is updating the News Feed ranking algorithm to incorporate data from surveys about who you say are your closest friends and which links you find most worthwhile.

Walmart beats on earnings in Q1, with U.S. e-commerce up by 37 percent

Walmart’s investments in e-commerce are paying off. The retailer today announced its U.S. e-commerce sales grew by 37 percent in the first quarter, largely thanks to its booming online grocery business and growth in both the home and fashion categories on

How to see our world in a new light

Startups are ultimately vessels of speculation, of new products, new markets, and innovations the world has never seen. While data and information are important components for exploring the frontiers of the possible, perhaps the best way is through stories and fiction,

蓝天白云绿草地壁纸:Windows XP退役带不走的经典

微软4月8日就要停止对Windows XP提供支持了,不过这款系统的某些部分应该是永远不灭的,比如说作为桌面存在的Bliss蓝天白云绿草地壁纸。

Cloud sprawl: Do you have it, and how can you beat it?

Today's hybrid environments often result in incongruent information sourcing and storage, typically known as cloud sprawl. So how do you know if you've got it, and how can you beat it?Read more:


洛杉矶2014年8月5日电 /美通社/ -- Great American Group, Inc. (OTCBB: GAMR) 旗下拍卖公司 GA Global Partners 将于2014年8月18日起为 PT Asmin Koalindo Tuhup 和 PT Borneo Mining Services 多余的采矿与施工设备举行网上限时拍卖。

基于HTML5 Canvas的网页画板实现教程 - html5tricks




Rickie的软件测试学习笔记-第四周 - 二班&饶文通

本周预期是分析字符串转换数值类型时候发生的异常。在C#中:int.Parse(String str):这种方法是将数字内容的字符串转换为int类型。

下載速度更快!中國移動間接證實 iPhone 6s 將支援 LTE Cat 6

上星期網上曾流出過一塊疑似 iPhone 6s 的底板,除顯示該手機或有更多空間配置 一枚更大的電池外,據稱更改用了下載速度更快的 LTE 晶片。

Microsoft explains the ‘secret sauce’ behind Bing’s NFL predictions

Placing bets tends to be risky, but only if you can’t see the future. With the 2015 NFL season underway, Fantasy football and all matter of betting and predictions are in full-steam. For the betting type, Bing may...



学习使用C语言实现线性表 - lance--blog

线性表是最常用且最简单的一种数据结构。一个线性表是n个数据元素的有限序列,序列中的每个数据元素,可以是一个数字,可以是一个字符,也可以是复杂的结 构体或对象。例如:1,2,3,4,5是一个线性表,A,B,C,D...

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