MultiVu raises $7M seed round for its next-gen 3D sensor

MultiVu, a Tel Aviv-based startup that is developing a new 3D imaging solution that only relies on a single sensor and some deep learning smarts, today announced that it has raised a $7 million seed round. The round was led by crowdfunding platform OurCrowd,

‘Game of Thrones’ season finale sets record as HBO’s most-viewed episode ever

Despite disappointing many longtime fans of the show, the “Game of Thrones” series finale set a new record for HBO as the most viewed episode in the network’s history. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the episode reached 13.6 million viewers during its initial airing on Sunday night,

Blockchain blockchain Malkovich blockchain

I spent much of last week at blockchain conferences, and I’m about ready to never hear the word again. This despite the fact I’ve been supporting decentralized software, as a counterweight or at least alternative to the growing power of governments and megacorps, for years now.

Postmates workers want minimum delivery guarantees and at least $15 per hour

IPO-bound Postmates is under fire right now after making some changes to its payments structure for its delivery workers. Organizers at Working Washington say these changes can reduce pay for typical jobs by up to 30 percent. Up until this past weekend,

GM’s car-sharing service Maven to exit eight cities

GM is scaling back its Maven car-sharing company and will stop service in nearly half of the 17 North American cities it operates in. A spokesperson who confirmed Maven was shutting down in some cities, without identifying the location or number that will remain,

Snap appoints new execs as it aims to keep 2019 momentum

Snap has another appointment in the apt saga of the its ephemeral CFOs. Four months after losing its CFO Tim Stone following a reported “personality clash” between Stone and CEO Evan Spiegel, Snap has promoted its VP of Finance Derek Andersen to the role, the company said Monday.

Stanford’s Doggo is a petite robotic quadruped you can (maybe) build yourself

Got a few thousand bucks and a good deal of engineering expertise? You're in luck: Stanford students have created a quadrupedal robot platform called Doggo that you can build with off-the-shelf parts and a considerable amount of elbow grease. That's better than the alternatives,

U.S. mitigates Huawei ban by offering temporary reprieve

Two steps forward, one step back. The Trump administration has seemingly been trying to calibrate its strategy around its intensifying trade dispute with China. Last week, it effectively banned Huawei from importing U.S. technology,

Vertex Ventures hits $230M first close on new fund for Southeast Asia and India

Tis the season to be raising in India and Southeast Asia. Hot on the heels of new funds from Strive and Jungle Ventures, so Singapore’s Vertex Ventures, a VC backed by sovereign wealth fund Temasek, today announced a first close of $230 million for its newest fund, the firm’s fourth to date.

Unveiling its latest cohort, Alchemist announces $4 million in funding for its enterprise accelerato

The enterprise software and services focused accelerator, Alchemist has raised $4 million in fresh financing from investors BASF and the Qatar Development Bank, just in time for its latest demo day unveiling 20 new companies.

Replex gets $2.45M seed round to help track cloud native spend

Replex wants to help track cloud spending, but with a cloud native twist, and today it announced a $2.45 million seed round. The company previous raised $1.68 million in 2017 for a total of $4.15 million so far. As companies shift to a cloud native environment, and move ever more quickly,



Snapchat Rolls Out Group-Sharing Feature for Concerts, Live Events

Snapchat has proved that ephemeral private messages are a hit; now it's hoping that sharing those messages publicly will catch on, tooSnapchat is testing a new group-sharing feature that pulls posts from many users into one large Snapchat Story.

iOS键盘遮挡输入框,输入区域自动上移 - blacksonny

在iOS开发过程当中,遇到关于键盘遮挡输入框的问题,经过网络参考与实践,总结如下:登录窗口,上下放置两个UITextField,一个用户名,一个密码,放置的在屏幕下方1/3处,当点击用户名时,自动弹出键盘,正好挡住了输入框解决思路:1、BLoginViewController 实现UITextVie.

炫酷霸气的HTML5/jQuery应用及源码 - html5tricks


It's official: you get a 2-hour refund window to return paid apps and games from the Google Play Sto

It's official: you get a 2-hour refund window to return paid apps and games from the Google Play Store. To be clear, you've been able to do this for some time. It's just that Google has now updated the refund policy on the Google Play support site to reflect the change. Good for us.


据外媒报道,Google试图收购Cyanogen,但是遭到了这家第三方ROM制造商的拒绝,理由是为了保持Android平台的开放性。Cyanogen Inc旗下的CyanogenMod在第三方ROM市场有着相当高的人气和知名度,并且一直在寻找合适的风险投资方。


威锋网讯 11 月 8 日消息,苹果和(原)蓝宝石供应商 GT Advanced Technologies 之间的纠纷似乎越来越精彩。


美国调查机构Pew研究中心的一项研究表明83%的美国人能认出图片上的比尔盖茨。然而,参与调查的人中知道因特网(Internet)和万维网(World Wide Web)区别的人才不到1/4。

[设计模式] javascript 之 抽象工厂模式 - Weiseditor

抽象工厂模式说明1. 工厂方法模式的问题: 在工厂方法模式里,创建类都需要通过 工厂类,如果要扩展程序,就必须修改工厂类,这违背了闭包原则,对扩展开放,对修改关闭;对于设计有一定的问题。2.

苹果值得信任: 你只需要无脑买入不需质疑


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