The Snapchat Baby filter on characters from TV and movies is absolutely hilarious

One of Snapchat's latest filters is the weirdest thing to be born on the platform since the company had us puking rainbows. The Baby filter, which makes anyone who uses it look like a 2-year-old, is wildly fun to play with. In addition to users posting pictures of themselves as babies,

'Game of Thrones' meets 'Full House' in the most cringeworthy crossover ever

Uncle Joey can't get a pickle jar open. Danny Tanner throws down some life advice. Uncle Jaime won't stop bangin' his sister. All the Full House elements are here!In the crossover special you never saw coming, Game of Thrones meets Full House — thanks to Jimmy Kimmel.

Your heart will go on for Céline Dion in 'Carpool Karaoke'

Céline Dion has a song for every moment, as you'll see in her appearance on another episode of Carpool Karaoke.The Canadian singer joined James Corden for a cruise through Las Vegas, where they sang her biggest hits including "It's All Coming Back to Me Now," "Because You Loved Me,

Huawei gets temporary relief from its U.S. ban

The Trump administration is temporarily easing its ban on Huawei.In an announcement on Monday, the U.S. Department of Commerce said it would be giving the Chinese tech giant a 90-day exemption from trade restrictions, thanks to a Temporary General License (TGL).Last week,

Facebook data reportedly helps companies guess your credit score

Facebook may know even more about your personal life than you think.Some advertisers are able to use Facebook-provided data to target ads based on a user's credit score. This is all according to a new report in The Intercept, which raises fresh questions about the company's data sharing deals.

Gmail freaks out users by saying a 'new device signed in to' their account

Don't freak out. On Monday afternoon, Gmail mistakenly sent multiple users a security alert, notifying them that an unknown device had signed into their account. The number of affected users is currently unknown. However, according to a G Suite admin who chose to remain anonymous,

Best graduation gifts for her: 50 gift ideas for college grads

Springtime means bright blooms, longer days, and a new class that's getting ready to graduate. For you that means watching a woman you're proud of accept her diploma, which also means you need to find the perfect gift for her.Depending on her interests,

Jake Paul's attempt at calling out 'cyberbully' Cody Ko backfired beautifully

Jake Paul, a 22-year-old millionaire who built a career out of peddling merch to children and being loud on the internet, took a brave stance against cyberbullying by calling out a reaction vlogger who made fun of him a few times.

The Arlo Chime is on sale for $40: Boost your home security

We help you find the coolest gadgets to buy with the best deals, but once you buy a lot of that stuff you need to protect it. You can't neglect to invest in home security systems and apps or you risk someone sauntering in to steal your prized replica Avengers Infinity Gauntlet.

13 household items you definitely shouldn't use to masturbate

May is National Masturbation Month, and we're celebrating with Feeling Yourself, a series exploring the finer points of self-pleasure.I don't know who needs to hear this, but toothpaste is not a substitute for lube. Sometimes, left to our own devices,

Tumi hardside luggage is on sale at Macy's: Save up to $206

We made it to vacation season, baby.But if you're bad at packing lightly or just don't have the appropriate luggage for the length of your trip, you may be more in panic mode than mimosa mode.SEE ALSO:

Ancient Desert Glyphs Pointed Way To Fairgrounds

sciencehabit (1205606) writes "Seen from above, the jagged rocks strewn about the Chincha Valley desert in Peru seem inconspicuous. But stand in the desert itself and these rocks form lines that stretch toward the horizon.

These dancers show off their freestyle moves in this music video recorded entirely by a Lumia 1020

Imagine walking down a busy sidewalk and the person next to you breaks into a dance. You can either step to the side and watch in amazement or be incredibly upset that this person is in your way. If you are the more tolerable type, then chances are you will be impressed.


早报导语 最近超级课程表创始人余佳文引起不小的争议,一方在知乎等社交媒体上把他“黑出翔”,另一方则维护他们认识 […]

服务员刷我的表! 以后付账比逼格更有逼格


How one teenage girl is using film to fight child sex trafficking

Rebecca Dharmapalan's parents always called her a rebel without a cause.Growing up in Oakland, California — the birthplace of the Black Panther Movement, parts of the Free Speech and Disability Rights Movements,



Firefox 推出更新:發現重大漏洞可竊取用户數據

一個名為 Mozilla Security Blog 既網誌發現 Firefox 系統重大漏洞,俄羅斯新聞網站可以輕輕鬆鬆係用户完全不知情情況下,竊取用户數據將佢上載至烏克蘭伺服器。

An Inside Look At Upthere, The Company Aiming To Be Your Personal Cloud

The year is 2015 and yet the promise of the “personal cloud” has failed me. There are tons of drag and drop and syncing “backup services” but nowhere that’s my slice of the puffy white stuff. Enter the 80 employees and impressive pedigree of Palo Alto based Upthere. Read More

氪空间报名倒计时 | 在BAT巨头整合趋势下,创业者的机会在哪?

BAT 投资企业频频出现行业巨头的整合现象,看到 BAT 目前的互联网版图,不少人发出“未来是创业者的天下,但最终还是 BAT 天下”的慨叹。

Android 5.x新特性之elevation(阴影),tinting(着色)以及clipping(剪裁) - 笨笨丫头~双

快过年了,公司也没事做了, 自己也闲了下来,一天天呆着真没意思,闲来没事自己研究研究了Google I/O 2014 发布Material Design设计,人性化的风格,丰富的色彩,使人机交互更完美。中文学习地址

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