Xbox Game Pass Ultimate reaches Preview Delta ring

It appears to be a rolling enrollment that will credit participants for any current expenses invested in either of the individually supported subscription services

Xbox Alpha Insiders get the first Xbox One 1906 preview build today

The first Xbox One 1906 Preview build will be available to download for Xbox Alpha Insiders today, bringing a single new feature for the Mixer tab on the Xbox One dashboard.

Google introduces Glass Enterprise Edition, a cheaper, but still business focused HoloLens competito

For $999, Google is offering businesses a discount to the alternative in the same market such as HoloLens 2 which could run developers as much as $3,500.

Xbox’s Phil Spencer calls for safer gaming, promises to “promote and protect the safety of all”

Xbox head Phil Spencer himself penned a long post on the official Microsoft blog to explain why gaming is for everyone, and why the video games industry should do more to protect the safety of all 2.6 billion gamers worldwide.

Microsoft Edge Insider Canary channel is now officially available on macOS

Microsoft is making the Canary channel, which gets daily updates, available on Macs today, with the Dev channel to follow soon.

New cloud partnership between Microsoft and Sony was negotiated behind PlayStation’s back

Negotiations for this particular agreement began over a year ago and were handled mainly by Sony's senior management in Tokyo and, "largely without the involvement of the PlayStation unit."

Microsoft releases new firmware updates for many of its Surface devices

Microsoft has quietly released new firmware updates for many of its Surface devices, from the 2014 Surface Pro 3 to the 2018 Surface Pro 6.

Windows 10 Your Phone app no longer requires Wi-Fi to sync with Android phones

The Windows 10 Your Phone companion app no longer requires a Wi-Fi connection to sync your messages and photos. As noted by Windows Central, the Your Phone app can sync to Android phones using your mobile data connection. Great news for Android users at least, but not so great for iOS.

May Patch Tuesday Update for Windows 10 version 1809 may install itself twice, Microsoft is working

Microsoft released new Patch Tuesday updates for all supported versions of Windows 10 two days ago, but the company has since acknowledged a new known issue affecting users running Windows 10 version 1809.

Here’s what’s new in the Azure Portal this month

As you may know, runs on Azure, and while we’re not in the portal every day, it’s one of the many good reasons for our move to Microsoft’s cloud. Even though we’re running on an Ubuntu Linux box for our WordPress installation, we use the portal for access to backups,

Microsoft still working to ‘understand the problem better’ for the $500 million affordable housing i

Many residents in Seattle are already well aware of the expense of living in the city, which is home to the shopping giant Amazon and is the next door neighbor to Microsoft’s hometown Redmond.

[视频]Optrix手机保护壳助iPhone 4在海中“存活”82天

Dave McGregor是一位皮划艇爱好者。在一次划艇之前,他把自己的iPhone 4固定在皮划艇上,借此记录下自己的划艇过程。然而不幸的是,由于那天的风浪有点高,导致McGregor的手机落入海中。

Google承认Nexus 5存在耗电BUG 承诺推出补丁修复

Nexus 5用户可能已经注意到一个的恼人的摄像头BUG,通常能够在软件进程中看到“mm-qcamera-daemon”的身影,该进程会不断占用CPU资源并不断榨干电池。

7 Charts That Show How Climate Change Is Already Altering Life in the U.S.

The White House released the most comprehensive U.S.-focused climate science assessment ever conducted on Tuesday. It makes clear that global warming is no longer a phenomenon that will rear its ugly head in a far-off time and place. Instead, it is affecting everyone in the U.S. already,



MPAA借Google力量打压盗版Subreddit 但却适得其反

虽然MPAA要求Google在其搜索结果中移除掉subreddit"Full Length Films",但事实证明,这种打击盗版的方式似乎无法取得预想中的效果,甚至还可能带来负面效应。



Octopus-Inspired Robot Matches Real Octopus For Speed

KentuckyFC writes: Underwater vehicles have never matched the extraordinary agility of marine creatures. While many types of fish can travel at speeds of up to 10 body lengths per second, a nuclear sub can manage a less than half a body length per second.

Mark Zuckerberg 在清华大学的访谈上讲中文!

虽然中国「长城」内的用户并不能通过正常的途径使用 Facebook,但该公司的老板 Mark Zuckerberg 还是可以走进北京清华大学,跟那里的学生交流。不过最惊喜之处,就是 Zuckerberg...

采用整体滑动手势的鼠标:Swiftpoint GT

The First 3D Printer in Space 3D-Printed Its First Object

While you were probably wishing Thanksgiving break would start already, the astronauts on the International Space Station made history. They 3D-printed a spare part for the 3D printer. In space.Read more...

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