Airbnb adds former Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts to board

Ahrendts, the former senior vice president fo retail at Apple, joins as Airbnb's third independent non-affiliated board member.

Team TUM wins SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition with record 288 mph top speed

SpaceX hosted its fourth annual SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition finals on Sunday at the test tube it built outside its Hawthorne HQ. We were on site for the competition, and watched as Team TUM, from the Technical University of Munich,

Cities must plan ahead for innovation without leaving people behind

Yung Wu Contributor Yung Wu is the CEO of MaRS Discovery District, a Toronto-based innovation hub. More posts by this contributor In big tech’s future expansion plans, public good should be the corporate incentive To actually change the world, Big Tech needs to grow up From Toronto to Tokyo,

Lyft’s dockless e-bikes have made their way to SF, but it wasn’t easy

When tech companies sue cities, it’s rare to see a resolution — albeit a temporary one — in favor of the tech company happen so quickly, if at all. Lyft sued San Francisco in early June,

In healthcare these days, ‘There’s an app for that’… unless you really need it

Sarah Lisker Contributor Share on Twitter Sarah Lisker is a Program Manager at the UCSF Center for Vulnerable Populations and a collaborator in The OpEd Project. She manages SOLVE Health Tech, which bridges private sector innovation with public health expertise to make digital health accessible.

Don’t hold your breath for the moon

In the house in which I grew up, a single framed newspaper front page loomed over us. “MAN ON MOON“, it declared jubilantly, in an enormous, suitably momentous typeface. Subheadings included “‘It’s very pretty up here … a fine, soft surface’” and, of course, “A giant leap for mankind.

Week in Review: The one-way web and Elon Musk’s Neuralink

Hello, weekenders. This is Week-in-Review, where I give a heavy amount of analysis and/or rambling thoughts on one story while scouring the rest of the hundreds of stories that emerged on TechCrunch this week to surface my favorites for your reading pleasure. Last week,

Watch Patrick Stewart grow bored of his winery in first ‘Star Trek: Picard’ trailer

Yes, Captain Jean-Luc Picard is indeed coming back. We knew this from previous announcements, but CBS All Access turned heads at this year’s San Diego Comic Con with an actual trailer of Sir Patrick Stewart Picarding his heart out. He says “engage!” for god’s sake.

Global Learning Xprize splits $10M purse for best teaching app for disadvantaged kids

Kids need a good education to have the best chance of succeeding in the world, but in distant parts of developing countries that may be neither schools nor teachers.

TikTok tops the iOS App Store in Q1 for the fifth quarter in a row

Despite a $5.7 million FTC fine and changes to restrict its use by under 13-year-olds, TikTok retained its No. 1 position as the most downloaded app on the Apple App Store for the fifth consecutive quarter, according to a new report from Sensor Tower.

Daily Crunch: Trump targets Huawei with emergency declaration

The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here. 1. Trump declares national emergency to protect US networks from foreign espionage While the U.S.

Popcorn Time Is Coming To Android As Soon As Tomorrow

Popcorn Time's evolution continues. A popular fork of the original software is launching on Android as soon as tomorrow, one of the developers tells TechCrunch. The software also recently gained TV shows from HBO and others, making it a one-stop-shop for all your pirating needs. Read More

Google Android“L”有可能会增加多用户支持



电子科技大学的一位研究人员在博客上抱怨工信部关闭没有备案的科学数据库网站,影响了他们的论文审稿,最终导致论文被拒。他们在五年多前建立了一个在线数据资源,叫做模拟肽数据库(Mimotope Database, MimoDB),注册了.





LeetCodeOJ刷题之12【Integer to Roman】 - Lomper

Given an integer, convert it to a roman numeral.Input is guaranteed to be within the range from 1 to 3999.意思就是:给出一个整数 num( 0

[開箱] Adonit Jot Dash 極細速寫筆 如原子筆隨按即用手機平板觸控筆

Adonit 最新推出 Jot Dash 極細速寫筆讓觸控筆更接近一般原子筆的順滑寫感,隨按即用就像按出筆芯一樣的開啟方式,不管是在 iOS 或是 Android 手機平板上都能隨時書寫。閱讀全文

LOL棺材板是谁 LOL棺材板是哪一个英雄

LOL棺材板是谁 LOL棺材板是哪一个英雄,《英雄联盟》毕竟是一款欧美游戏,所以大部分英雄在名字上直译过来都会很长且比较拗口,很少人会在对局中打出英雄的本名,用起来既不方便也不显得亲切,所以玩家依据英雄风格 ... ...

8点1氪:Facebook挖谷歌高管成立新硬件实验室;超轻薄Kindle Oasis售价2399元;GoPro挖苹果高管负责产品设计

大公司《华盛顿邮报》称 FBI 依靠黑客破解 iPhone 手机关于 FBI 依靠外界帮助,成功破解了恐怖分子法鲁克的 iPhone 5C 一事,此前诸多媒体称美国警方是在以色列公司帮助下完成的。不过《华盛顿邮报》展开调查后称,FBI 获得了美国几位职业黑客(没有不良目的的也被称之为 “骇客”)的帮助,获得了苹果 iOS 操作系统中的至少一个安全漏洞,成功实施破解。FBI 向几位黑客支付了一笔一次性的费用,但是具体金额不详。


内容发布平台 Medium 今天宣布,公司刚完成一轮 5000 万美元的 C 轮融资。此轮融资由 Spark Capital 领投。据知情人士透露,Medium 在此轮融资中的估值为 6 亿美元。至此,公司的融资总额已超 1.3 亿美元。去年9月 份,Medium 就曾完成过一轮 5700 万美元的 B 轮融资,这轮融资由 Andreessen Horowitz 领投,Google Ventures、Greylock Partners 和 Obvious Ventures 跟投,据悉 Medium 在 B 轮融资中的估值为 4 亿美元。

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