Online bank Simple makes things harder by removing bill pay

With a growing number of challenger banks taking on the U.S. market, one of the original startup banks, Simple — now owned by BBVA — has taken the unusual step of removing a core banking feature: bill pay. The company claimed the feature was under-utilized and usage was trending downwards,

TransferWise’s new debit card for the US fires the starting gun on a new war for travelers

International money transfer service TransferWise, has made a significant incursion into the US market today, launching a MasterCard debit card alongside a multicurrency account. Mirroring the card it has already launched in the UK and Europe last year,

Shopify Ping adds support for Apple Business Chat and Apple Pay

Last year Shopify announced Shopify Ping, a free unified messaging platform for merchants to communicate directly with customers in a chat context. Today, it announced it’s adding support for Apple Business Chat to Shopify Ping.

Tesla reportedly working on its own battery cell manufacturing capability

Automaker Tesla is looking into how it might own another key part of its supply chain, through research being done at a secret lab near its Fremont, CA HQ, CNBC reports. The company currently relies on Panasonic to build the battery pack and cells it uses for its vehicles, which is one of,

Why Carbon just raised another $260 million

Two months ago, we reported that Carbon was set to raise up to $300 million, bringing the 3D printing company’s valuation up to a lofty $2.5 billion. The real numbers released this week by the company aren’t quite so lofty, but are impressive nonetheless. The Series E fetched $260 million,

D-Wave launches its quantum hybrid platform

D-Wave, one of the earliest quantum computing startups, today announced the general availability of D-Wave Hybrid, it’s open-source hybrid workflow platform that makes it easier for developers to build — you guessed it — hybrid quantum applications that combine classical and quantum computing.

Low-cost TV streaming service Philo comes to Android

Despite a slight price increase in April, Philo’s live TV streaming service is still one of the more affordable options on the market because of its strategic decision to not stream sports.

Bright Machines wants to put AI-driven automation in every factory

There’s a mythology around today’s factories that says everything is automated by robotics, and while there is some truth to that, it’s hard to bring that level of sophistication to every facility, especially those producing relatively small runs. Today, Bright Machines,

The U.S. Senate is coming after ‘loot boxes’

Gamers feel passionately about loot boxes, turns out some elected officials do too. A new Senate bill was formally introduced today with bipartisan support and it could categorically shift how today’s top platforms and distribution platforms monetize the titles they sell.

Lime’s founding CEO steps down as his co-founder takes control

Brad Bao, a Lime co-founder and long-time Tencent executive, will assume chief responsibilities.

Canopy’s upscale co-working business adds a new location in SF on the heels of strategic funding

Canopy, an upscale, profitable developer of co-working spaces, has expanded its footprint in San Francisco to a third location on the heels of a strategic financing round.

Finland's biggest city is replacing cars with apps

Finnish smart route-planner app to provide personalised information in ambitious attempt to eradicate privately owned cars by 2025.Read more:

Hyper v 单网卡 外部网络 - xling

先说一下环境: WIN 8.1 单网卡(有 无线 和 有线网卡, 但是没有多余的网络接口可插,还是等于单网卡)Hyper V 有3种虚拟交换机类型:专用 / 内部 / 外部各有各的用处, 我理解也不多,不多嘴误导大家.今天说这个,

Framebench’s New “Mail Markup” Tool Lets You Annotate Files Right In Gmail

Framebench, a Google Docs-like platform for creative collaboration, is out today with a new tool for those who regularly need to annotate and markup attachments shared via email. With “Mail Markup,


暴雪 CEO Morhaime 认为:我们不想把自己定位在一个特定的游戏风格种类当中,我们的目标应该是打造伟大的游戏。这样看来,很显然 Titan 并不是一款伟大的 MMORPG 游戏,或许连「一款伟大的游戏」都不算。

iPhone 6 Plus拍照对比单反:差距悬殊


Silk Road 2.0 Shut Down By the FBI, Operator Charged In Federal Court

Silk Road 2.o, the illegal drug marketplace that cropped up to replace the original has been shutdown by the FBI and its alleged operator has been charged in Manhattan Federal Court.Read more...

A new mid-range Surface 3 variant expected to hit German retail stores

Microsoft Surface 3 is available for sale in several markets, but it seems a new mid-range offering is expected to hit retail shelves in Germany. The new model, as spotted by the folks at (via Windows Central),

微软手环将支持Web Tiles

自去年10月底微软发布它的首个手环以来,微软一直在改进这款产品。此前微软宣布将会与高尔夫球装备供应商Taylo […]

2015 年版“独角兽俱乐部”评估报告:从十亿美元级别公司中学习

作者简介:Aileen Lee 是 Cowboy Ventures 的创始人,该投资是一个种子轮基金,支持创业者通过软件重新发明其工作和个人生活。


据《2014年中国心血管病报告》显示,目前我国有心血管病患者2.9亿,其中高血压患者2.7亿,卒中患者至少700万,心肌梗死患者250万,心力衰竭患者450万,肺心病患者500万,风湿性心脏病患者250万,先天性心脏病患者200万。每5个成人中就有1人患心血管病。在所有疾病中,心血管病死亡率仍居首位。在心血管疾病的防控上,似乎人们更注重于心电监护,而忽视了心音。就连市面上的听诊器也是如此。据北京奥图无线技术有限公司(简称“奥图无线”)创始人牟景辉介绍,目前市面能看到的绝大部分数字听诊器都有针对心电的辅助功能。比如已经上市3年的3M、2015年9月通过FDA批准的Eko Core等。

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