Crypto exchange Binance prepares to add margin trading ‘soon’

Binance, the world’s most prominent crypto exchange, says it is close to adding a much-anticipated margin trading feature to its service following weeks of speculation.

TransferWise’s new debit card for the US fires the starting gun on a new war for travelers

International money transfer service TransferWise, has made a significant incursion into the US market today, launching a MasterCard debit card alongside a multicurrency account. Mirroring the card it has already launched in the UK and Europe last year,

Shopify Ping adds support for Apple Business Chat and Apple Pay

Last year Shopify announced Shopify Ping, a free unified messaging platform for merchants to communicate directly with customers in a chat context. Today, it announced it’s adding support for Apple Business Chat to Shopify Ping.

Tesla reportedly working on its own battery cell manufacturing capability

Automaker Tesla is looking into how it might own another key part of its supply chain, through research being done at a secret lab near its Fremont, CA HQ, CNBC reports. The company currently relies on Panasonic to build the battery pack and cells it uses for its vehicles, which is one of,

Why Carbon just raised another $260 million

Two months ago, we reported that Carbon was set to raise up to $300 million, bringing the 3D printing company’s valuation up to a lofty $2.5 billion. The real numbers released this week by the company aren’t quite so lofty, but are impressive nonetheless. The Series E fetched $260 million,

D-Wave launches its quantum hybrid platform

D-Wave, one of the earliest quantum computing startups, today announced the general availability of D-Wave Hybrid, it’s open-source hybrid workflow platform that makes it easier for developers to build — you guessed it — hybrid quantum applications that combine classical and quantum computing.

Low-cost TV streaming service Philo comes to Android

Despite a slight price increase in April, Philo’s live TV streaming service is still one of the more affordable options on the market because of its strategic decision to not stream sports.

Bright Machines wants to put AI-driven automation in every factory

There’s a mythology around today’s factories that says everything is automated by robotics, and while there is some truth to that, it’s hard to bring that level of sophistication to every facility, especially those producing relatively small runs. Today, Bright Machines,

Nigeria’s Gokada raises $5.3M round for its motorcycle ride-hail biz

In many large cities across Africa, motorcycle taxies are as common as yellow-cabs in New York. That includes Lagos, Nigeria, where ride-hail startup Gokada has raised a $5.3 million Series A round to grow its two-wheel transit business.

Online bank Simple makes things harder by removing bill pay

With a growing number of challenger banks taking on the U.S. market, one of the original startup banks, Simple — now owned by BBVA — has taken the unusual step of removing a core banking feature: bill pay. The company claimed the feature was under-utilized and usage was trending downwards,

The U.S. Senate is coming after ‘loot boxes’

Gamers feel passionately about loot boxes, turns out some elected officials do too. A new Senate bill was formally introduced today with bipartisan support and it could categorically shift how today’s top platforms and distribution platforms monetize the titles they sell.

NASA Money Crunch Means Trouble For Spitzer Space Telescope

Scientific American reports that an ongoing budget crunch at NASA may spell doom for the Spitzer Space Telescope, the agency having "taken stock of its fleet of orbiting astrophysics telescopes and decided which to save and which to shutter. Among the winners were the Hubble Space Telescope,

TUV 南德举办个人护理电器专题研讨会

上海2014年5月26日电 /美通社/ -- 近日,TUV 南德意志集团(以下简称“TUV SUD”)携手温州市个人护理电器行业协会在浙江省温州喜来登大酒店举办了家电类产品个人护理电器专题研讨会。


越来越多的证据表明,全球移动电信市场的重心正在继续从西方市场向亚洲市场偏移。据波士顿市场研究机构Strategy Analytics周三发布的研究报告称,今年中国将首次超越美国成为全球营收最高的手机市场。


在大数据概念引爆流行产业界之前,沃尔玛已经开始了网站数据库整合迁移和Hadoop集群扩展工作,收购Kosmix,在此基础上建立Walmart Labs,并在近年着手收购专注于数据挖掘或移动社交的初创公司如OneOps、Inkiru,Tasty Labs,OneRiot,进军互联网。

数据显示日本智能手机用户更期待 5.5寸 iPhone 6

日本市场研究公司 MMD 今年8月底调查了3000位手机用户,其中1000人是主要电信运营商 Docomo、au 和软银的用户。结果显示,35.7%的用户表示计划购买苹果下一代智能手机。33.





BBM升至2.6版本:更好支持大屏iPhone和Android 5.0系统


城巿人必備! 充氣背心讓你自調保暖效能

最近日夜溫差很大,晏晝明明有 18,19度,但夜晚只剩下 10度左右。外出的時候要著多一兩件外套,熱的時候脫一件,冷的時候加一件,十分麻煩。走到商場的時候,脫下來的外套又找不到地方放置,影響購物的心情。

马云:IT out 未来是DT的


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