Uber launches a Jump e-bike pilot in London, one year on from winning taxi license appeal

After admitting it had to modify some of its Jump electric bikes to fix braking issues — the same problem that had halted Lyft’s e-bike business — Uber is getting back on its bike, so to speak.

How to get people to open your emails

We’ve aggregated the world’s best growth marketers into one community. Twice a month, we ask them to share their most effective growth tactics, and we compile them into this Growth Report.

Get the word on product-market fit from leads at Instagram, Tinder, Uber, and Okta at Disrupt SF

Every founder knows you gotta find market fit.  Almost no one gets it right on the first try, which means iterating quickly and decisively is the difference between greatness and the void. On the Extra Crunch stage at TechCrunch Disrupt SF,

Please get your digital affairs in order

I really wish I hadn’t had cause to write this piece, but it recently came to my attention, in an especially unfortunate way, that death in the modern era can have a complex and difficult technical aftermath. You should make a will, of course. Of course you should make a will.

Original Content podcast: ‘The Family’ investigates a secretive evangelical group

“The Family” is a new documentary series on Netflix, based on the work of journalist Jeff Sharlet — whose books promise to expose “the secret fundamentalism at the heart of American power” and “the fundamentalist threat to American democracy.

Week in Review: Apple games the system

Hey all. This is Week-in-Review, where I give a heavy amount of analysis and/or rambling thoughts on one story while scouring the rest of the hundreds of stories that emerged on TechCrunch this week to surface my favorites for your reading pleasure. Last week,

After conquering smartphones, PopSocket sets its sights on beverages

In its first half-decade of existence, PopSocket has grown into one of the most popular — and imitated — smartphone accessories on the market. In 2018 alone, the company generated $90 million in profit. Not to bad for a little Colorado-based upstart. So,

How to get your ads working, and whether PR is worth it

Julian Shapiro Contributor Share on Twitter Julian Shapiro is the founder of BellCurve.com, a growth marketing agency that trains you to become a marketing professional. He also writes at Julian.com. More posts by this contributor How to get your ads working,

Crypto exchange Binance prepares to add margin trading ‘soon’

Binance, the world’s most prominent crypto exchange, says it is close to adding a much-anticipated margin trading feature to its service following weeks of speculation.

Nigeria’s Gokada raises $5.3M round for its motorcycle ride-hail biz

In many large cities across Africa, motorcycle taxies are as common as yellow-cabs in New York. That includes Lagos, Nigeria, where ride-hail startup Gokada has raised a $5.3 million Series A round to grow its two-wheel transit business.

Online bank Simple makes things harder by removing bill pay

With a growing number of challenger banks taking on the U.S. market, one of the original startup banks, Simple — now owned by BBVA — has taken the unusual step of removing a core banking feature: bill pay. The company claimed the feature was under-utilized and usage was trending downwards,



“应用试客”微信公众号至 in 新玩法

微信,这个拥有逾 6 亿庞大用户数量的移动应用现在已不仅仅是个“通讯工具”,它正在让我们的移动生活变得更加有趣,但完成这个使命的除了微信本身,还有那“千姿百态”的微信公众账号:高大上的时尚订阅号,接地气的生活服务号。

不是純粹發光那麼簡單:iPhone 6 底殼展示 Apple 標誌或真的會亮起來


16 Ways To Use FLIR's Incredibly Fun Predator-Vision iPhone Camera

There's no doubt about it, being able to see more than just the visible spectrum is the closest thing most of us will ever have to superpowers . Seeing the world through its heat signature is almost like having x-ray vision, and let's not forget,

为拉抬低迷销售 新iPad急需4大改进


Google Should Be Broken Up, Say European MPs

An anonymous reader is one of many to send word that the European Parliament has voted 384 to 174 in favor of unbundling search engines from other commercial services in order to ensure competition. "The European Parliament has voted in favor of breaking Google up,

Request 接收参数乱码原理解析三:实例分析 - 陈晨

通过前面两篇《Request 接收参数乱码原理解析一:服务器端解码原理》和《Request 接收参数乱码原理解析二:浏览器端编码原理》,了解了服务器和浏览器编码解码的原理,接下来结合项目中遇到的具体问题,分析乱码问题的解决方法。

百年日本傳統漆器藝術 iPhone 6 手機殼


科技名人 13 问:马特·罗杰斯

欢迎来到“ 科技名人 13 问 ”,这个栏目旨在展现创业公司、硬件和技术领域名人的真实一面。想知道你最喜欢的设计师是如何爱上技术的吗?对仰慕的风险投资人的遗愿清单感到好奇?想看到发起媒体炒作背后的人?

Sleepace 上线京东 开启「睡眠+」时代

3 月 21 日世界睡眠日刚刚过去,健康睡眠起到什么作用,如何发现睡眠问题,如何改善睡眠?监测睡眠数据在智能硬件的推动下,已然成为人们获得健康睡眠的一大出口。

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