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Companies charging us 50% too much for wearable technology

First Insight this week released the findings of its research into the future of smart glasses, fitness bands and smartwatches, and the results are pretty damning. Read more: http://www.itproportal.

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Android phones will soon connect to your hearing aid

Google and Apple bring hearing aid support to smartphones.

Q&A: Craig Stewart, SnapLogic – Academia and AI innovation

When it comes to testing AI, academia is free from the many constraints that often hold back businesses.

Mozilla removes 23 Firefox add-ons in security clampdown

Firefox add-ons found to be tracking users web activity and sending data back to remote servers.

Disruption or evolution? Why blockchain is the future of global lending

Blockchain and its distributed ledger technology is poised to change the way banks lend to customers on a global scale.

Data collection: good for your health?

When it comes to healthcare, data collection is all about providing useful information on a patient's well being.

It’s electrifying… what does the future spell for the auto industry?

Car manufacturers must adapt their current technologies to ensure their brands survive.

Trump relaxes rules on US cyberattacks

Obama's 'Directive 20' is no more as current administration prepares for cyberwar.

US court orders Microsoft to surrender overseas data

A district judge has upheld the original ruling that forces companies to hand over information held on foreign soil if ordered to do so, prompting condemnation from the technology industry.Read more:

Hailo turns up the heat this summer, giving 20% off London cab rides

Hailo, the app that lets customers call a taxi to wherever they are using GPS to pinpoint their position, is offering Londoners 20 per cent off cab rides between the rush hours.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Kent Shared Services deploys virtual desktops to reduce costs

East Kent Shared Services has deployed a mobile workspace solution based on IT services provider Citrix’s XenApp and NetScaler.Read more:


谢邀 @崔凯枫 ^^==============变压器啸叫的原理======================变压器的啸叫声主要是由于变压器的激磁成分中含有低频振荡,使得磁芯的磁分子在这个低频磁场下运动,产生机械振动,从而引起周围空气的振动。

了解手中的设备 让科技服务生活之第110期

如果你喜欢用手势对屏幕进行操作,那么在 iOS 7 版本中存在于 Safari 页面上一个简单的滑动操作你不应该错过,我们可以通过简单地来回滑动就能够对当前网页的浏览历史进行查询。

Conversocial Adds $5 Million For Its Social Media Customer Service Toolkit

A large volume of customer service transactions is happening through social media these days, with roughly 10% of customer service requests coming through various platforms like Facebook or Twitter, according to the hosted customer service social media toolkit provider, ConverSocial. Indeed,


xibeigao 写道 "发现傲游浏览器在海外论坛测试一个新开发版,名称不是Maxthon而是MxNitro。版本号是MxNitro v1.0.0.300.7z (Alpha)。基本确定傲游要发布类似于360极速这样单内核的浏览器。

C实现通用数据结构--单链表 - codingwu


Hawkish Putin says West has tried to destabilize Russia for years

KIEV, Ukraine – A hawkish Vladimir Putin capped off a tumultuous year in Moscow on Thursday with his annual state of the nation address, during which he defended Russia’s annexation of Crimea and the country’s bullish foreign policy, saying it is needed to ensure its survival.


3月27日上映的《王牌特工》(Kingsman: The Secret Service)是我等了已经很久了的一部电影。英国1月24号就放映了,美国是2月13号,而香港还比美国早一天了,2月12号放映。


中国民生银行采用费埃哲审批决策系统自动处理350万信用卡在线申请 该项目开发银行多渠道业务处理能力,荣获行业大奖 北京2016年1月21日电 /美通社/ -- 要点: 中国民生银行打造了一套在线申请信用卡决策系统,可以让客户通过互联网或手机申请信用卡并及时收到审批结果。 民生银行实施费埃哲解决方案之后,已收到350多万份信用卡申请,激活率高达85%。 三分钟内发出信用卡审批结果,五天内将信用卡递送客户。而此前,线下流程至少需耗时一个月之久。

Gmail 活跃用户数突破 10 亿人!

感觉身边的朋友全都在使用谷歌的电邮服务?这并不稀奇啊,因为母公司 Alphabet 刚在最新的财报中确认了每月活跃用户超过 10 亿,比五月时多出 1 亿人,是 Gmail 的一个重要里程碑。但相比 Facebook 在上个夏季已经达到了 10 亿活跃用户数,Gmail 的成长速度看似较慢,这代表了现代人认为 Facebook 比电邮更重要吗?Alphabet 除了公布活跃用户数之外,还提到了有 10% 的用户在使用 Inbox 的自动回覆功能(小编也是其中之一),看来这具人极化的 Inbo...

This virtual reality bike lets you pedal your way through video games

In this week's Plugged In, Mashable Tech Correspondent Ray Wong takes the VirZOOM virtual reality bike for a spin. Read more...More about Bike, Technology, Virtual, Virtual Reality, and Gaming

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