Funderbeam, the funding and trading platform for private companies, scores $4.5M Series A

Funderbeam, the funding and trading platform for private companies founded by Kaidi Ruusalepp, who was previously CEO of the Nasdaq Tallinn stock exchange, has raised $4.5 million in Series A funding. The round is led by U.K.-based Accelerated Digital Ventures (ADV),

TransferWise’s new debit card for the US fires the starting gun on a new war for travelers

International money transfer service TransferWise, has made a significant incursion into the US market today, launching a MasterCard debit card alongside a multicurrency account. Mirroring the card it has already launched in the UK and Europe last year,

Shopify Ping adds support for Apple Business Chat and Apple Pay

Last year Shopify announced Shopify Ping, a free unified messaging platform for merchants to communicate directly with customers in a chat context. Today, it announced it’s adding support for Apple Business Chat to Shopify Ping.

Tesla reportedly working on its own battery cell manufacturing capability

Automaker Tesla is looking into how it might own another key part of its supply chain, through research being done at a secret lab near its Fremont, CA HQ, CNBC reports. The company currently relies on Panasonic to build the battery pack and cells it uses for its vehicles, which is one of,

Why Carbon just raised another $260 million

Two months ago, we reported that Carbon was set to raise up to $300 million, bringing the 3D printing company’s valuation up to a lofty $2.5 billion. The real numbers released this week by the company aren’t quite so lofty, but are impressive nonetheless. The Series E fetched $260 million,

D-Wave launches its quantum hybrid platform

D-Wave, one of the earliest quantum computing startups, today announced the general availability of D-Wave Hybrid, it’s open-source hybrid workflow platform that makes it easier for developers to build — you guessed it — hybrid quantum applications that combine classical and quantum computing.

Low-cost TV streaming service Philo comes to Android

Despite a slight price increase in April, Philo’s live TV streaming service is still one of the more affordable options on the market because of its strategic decision to not stream sports.

Bright Machines wants to put AI-driven automation in every factory

There’s a mythology around today’s factories that says everything is automated by robotics, and while there is some truth to that, it’s hard to bring that level of sophistication to every facility, especially those producing relatively small runs. Today, Bright Machines,

“Russian Doll” will return to Netflix for a second season

Harry Nilsson’s “Gotta Get Up” might be ringing through your ears once again. “Russian Doll,” co-created by and starring Natasha Lyonne, has been picked up for a second season by Netflix. A release date hasn’t been confirmed yet, but the new season will have eight episodes.

Adjust raises $227M to measure mobile ads and prevent fraud

Adjust is announcing that it has raised $227 million in new funding. The company, founded in Berlin back in 2012, has created a variety of ad measurement and anti-fraud tools — CEO Christian Henschel said the goal is to “make marketing simpler, smarter and safer.

Norrsken opens East Africa startup fund and hub in Kigali

Startups in East Africa have a new source for investment and mentorship. Sweden’s Norrsken Foundation—a coworking space and investment fund based in Stockholm—opened its tech fund and entrepreneurship hub in Rwanda today to support ventures across the region.

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[terry笔记]11gR2_DataGuard搭建_primary零停机 - kkterry


DDD 领域驱动设计-在动手之前,先把你的脑袋清理干净 - 田园里的蟋蟀

惨不忍睹的翻译 英文原文: 作者:Mahmud Hasan(我认识他,他不认识我) 翻译这篇老外文章的两个原...

数据: Android用户活跃度仅为iOS用户1/7

美国市场研究公司Net Applications的最新报告显示,尽管Android的智能手机市场出货量份额高达85%,iOS仅为11.9%,但这两大平台在使用量方面的份额却基本相当,表明Android用户的平均手机使用量仅为iOS的七分之一。

20万人报名登火星 6%来自中国


With $1 Million In New Funding, Dattch Lesbian Dating App Rebrands To Her

Dattch, the Pinterest-inspired dating app for queer women, has today re-launched with a new name (Her) as well as $1 million in new funding from investors such as Reddit’s Alexis Ohanian, YC’s Garry Tan and Michael Birch.

《Rare Replay》的10000点成就将取决于你在Xbox 360版本的进度

由游戏开发商Rare工作室过去推出的作品汇集而成的Xbox One独占作品《Rare Replay》,将提供玩 […]

iRobot just received FCC approval to build a robotic lawn mower

A lawn-mowing version of the Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner might be coming to your backyard soon.iRobot, makers of the Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner, just received approval from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to make an automated, robotic lawn mower, according to Reuters.




11 月 18 日,国外媒体报道,根据之前达成的谅解备忘录,诺基亚今日正式发起收购要约,以换股方式收购阿尔卡特-朗讯(以下简称阿朗)。  诺基亚今年 4 月宣布,将以 156 亿欧元(约合 166 亿美元)的价格收购阿朗 ... ...

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