Tyler Oakley on the 'game-changing' rise of queer YouTubers and the importance of being yourself

Every day of Pride Month, Mashable will be sharing illuminating conversations with members of the LGBTQ community who are making history right now.Tyler Oakley isn't tired of the internet yet.It's been more than a decade since the 30-year-old created his YouTube channel — which now has nearly 7.

'Sonic The Hedgehog' opening weekend box office runs rings around every other video game movie

Sonic The Hedgehog may be an empty cash grab slightly sweetened by an unhinged, perfectly calibrated Peak Jim Carrey performance, but it's apparently what the people want.The long-delayed,

These custom masks may not beat Face ID, but they could do some good

It might have started as a novelty idea, but a Twitter pitch for "Face ID compatible respirator masks" went to some unexpectedly cool places.It started on Saturday when Danielle Baskin — "a product designer, situation designer, visual artist, and the CEO of Dialup.com,

Weed companies find hilarious ad regulations loophole in adopting highways

Colorado drivers are currently commuting down what must be some of the most lit and spotless highways in the country. And it's all thanks to some clever cannabis companies.

Tesla's leaked employee handbook is exactly as ridiculous as Elon Musk's Twitter

An alleged copy of Tesla's self-titled "Anti-Handbook Handbook" for new employees leaked and, like Elon Musk himself, it's absolutely desperate to sound cooler than it actually is.Reading like the worst – or best? – of Musk's Twitter feed,

This pigeon snuggling a chihuahua puppy is post-Valentine's friend goals

Herman the pigeon welcomed a canine newcomer at the animal sanctuary he calls home with more affection than many millennials get in a year, and the adorable pictures are proof that friendship has no species. Herman and his chihuahua friend Lundy live at The Mia Foundation,

Jake Paul wants to charge kids $20 a month to learn 'financial freedom'

YouTube megastar, Los Angeles neighborhood terrorizer, and definitely fake marriage haver Jake Paul has a new idea to better the lives of his Gen Z fans by teaching them how to be exactly like him.  Variety reports that Paul launched his new enterprise,

How millennials are saving the porn industry

This year Mashable is celebrating the season of love with Horny on Main, an exploration of the many ways that thirsting for sex affects our lives.Millennials have been blamed for killing porn, but will they actually be the ones to save the industry in the end?“A few years ago,

Alienware laptop, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, iPad Pro, and more for June 16

Does your laptop or desktop take ages to boot up or do anything in general? Lucky for you, Dell has some fantastic offers at the moment. If browsing the internet and writing up documents is what you're looking for, you can get the latest model of the Dell Inspiron i5 laptop for $552.

Learn how to turn boring data into cool infographics with this $10 course

TL;DR: This engaging online class on the popular data visualization software Tableau usually retails for $199.99, but you can enroll for only $9.99 during this sale.To a certain degree, we're all visual learners:

Want to learn how to travel on a budget? There's an online class for that.

TL;DR: Name your price for this comprehensive set of online courses about traveling on a budget.You don't have to wait until you win the lottery to travel anywhere you want in the world. Everyone knows it's all about finding hacked plane fares, using credit card rewards,

Watch The Myo Armband Make One 2048 Addict Feel Like He’s “A Part” Of The Game

In a new demo video of how Thalmic Labs’ Myo gesture control armband might be used to control devices in the future, we see a player of the addictive puzzler 2048 interacting with the game with hand and finger movements, as picked up by the interface accessory.

Putin Goes to Crimea After Victory Day Parade in Moscow

Russian President Vladimir Putin took a short trip to Crimea today, his first since Russia annexed the small peninsula to the south of Ukraine in March.His visit falls on the 69th anniversary of Victory Day, Russia's celebration of defeating Nazi Germany.

Java语法----Java中equals和==的区别 - 生命壹号

【声明】欢迎转载,但请保留文章原始出处→_→生命壹号:http://www.cnblogs.com/smyhvae/文章来源:http://www.cnblogs.com/smyhvae/p/3929585.html联系方式:[email protected]【正文】平时在学Android和Java语言...

未来 SUV 是怎样的?这是标致的想象

标致在概念车的设计上总是让人赏心悦目,该公司最新的插电式混合动力 SUV 概念车 Quartz 同样如此。 Quartz 的造型极具科幻色彩,你相信它来自未来,只是不确定标致会不会像宝马对待 i8 的态度一样将其量产。

Tesco pulls Isis TVs from online store as awareness of terrorist group grows

The retail giant has also slashed the prices of Isis television sets in-store, but has denied that the reductions are connected in any way to the emergence of the Islamic State extremists.Read more: http://www.itproportal.


谢 @袁霖 邀请说服别人所持观点是伪科学本身就很困难了,如果还要高情商地说服,那就更有难度了,个人经验是失败次数居多,偶尔几次很勉强的例子可以说一说。1、了解对方的知识背景。


编者按 : 菲茨·蒂珀(Fitz Tepper)是美国南加州大学马歇尔商学院一名大三学生。他是热情的“果粉”,拥有十多年的应用开发经验,喜欢报道与创业公司业务层面有关的事情。

NASA 在 2016 年發射的 InSight 火星探測器,將會有兩個小的 CubeSat 伙伴

NASA 将在明年发射的固定式火星探测器 InSight,将以探测火星浅层的内部结构为目标,但除了探测器本身之外,NASA 还想实验 CubeSat(立方卫星或微型卫星)做为便宜的讯号中继站的可能性。

英媒:新验血法评估衰老程度 或可预测老年痴呆



在中国,苹果产品曾一度是财富和时尚的象征,许多中国人每年都会购买最新型号的智能手机,于凯(音)就是他们中的一员。据美国《纽约时报》网站报道,从2010年开始,每当有新款苹果手机上市,于凯就会淘汰旧款,奔赴 ... ...

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