Genius said it used morse code to catch Google stealing lyrics

Genius is, well, genius. The company recently accused Google of lifting song lyrics from its site, reports the Wall Street Journal. How did Genius know Google was stealing? In 2016, Genius made a few changes to the punctuation in its song lyrics. Sometimes, it used a straight apostrophe.

'Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order' is a terrific and welcome surprise

I'm just going to say this once, and only because it actually applies: Fallen Order is the Dark Souls of Star Wars games.I know. I KNOW. I wouldn't say it if it weren't true. Knowledgeable players who have a broad range of tastes will no doubt spot other sources of inspiration.

Everything you need to know about Motorola's new foldable Razr

Flip phones are back, baby.Motorola is reviving its most famous phone, the Razr, as a foldable smartphone with a flexible display. Not only is it surprisingly similar to the original, it might be the first foldable phone that's more than just a gimmick. You taking notes, Samsung?

Get 4 months of Amazon Music Unlimited for less than $1

TL;DR: Get your favorite songs on-demand and ad-free with 4 months of Amazon Music Unlimited for only $.99 — normally $9.99 per month, that's a ridiculous savings.The holidays are upon us, and that means you will be cooking, cleaning, decorating, entertaining, and wrapping gifts until you drop.

Secret Amazon promotion gets you a Kindle Paperwhite discount, plus $20 in e-book credits

TL;DR: You'll save 15% on Amazon's tenth-generation Kindle Paperwhite and receive $20 in e-book credits when you apply the code READKINDLE00 during checkout.Have you got your calendar marked for Nov. 22? Good — that's when Amazon's Black Friday deals officially begin.BestBlackFriday.

Wait until Black Friday and you might miss these Dell monitor deals

TL;DR: Buy a cutting-edge Dell or Alienware monitor for up to 57% off during Dell's Black Friday Sneak Peek sale. That includes plenty of better options than what's available at Walmart or Amazon. The clock continues to tick down to Black Friday,

Kamala Harris makes powerful plea for stronger gun control laws after California school shooting

Following a shooting at California's Saugus High School, presidential candidate Kamala Harris went on MSNBC to poignantly lament the ways in which the government has failed to act on gun control. "It is pathetic that people yield to a gun lobby on an issue that affects all our children,

Meet Zach King, the digital magician – Mashable Originals

We met up with the award-winning digital media star at his studio, and got a behind-the-scenes look at his latest trick. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Magic, Zach King, Illusionist, and Mashable Originals

People are sharing their "best" dad jokes on Twitter for Father's Day

The NPR Twitter account decided to pay a Father's Day homage to all the dads around the world by inviting people to share their "best" and "funniest" dad jokes in a thread. Some of them are real groaners, but in true dad joke fashion, it's hard not to laugh at some of them. 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just released the first picture of baby Archie for Father's Day

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have only been parents for a little over a month, but ever since their son Archie was born on May 6, there haven't been any pictures of the little fella available to the public. Until now! For Father's Day,

Tyler Oakley on the 'game-changing' rise of queer YouTubers and the importance of being yourself

Every day of Pride Month, Mashable will be sharing illuminating conversations with members of the LGBTQ community who are making history right now.Tyler Oakley isn't tired of the internet yet.It's been more than a decade since the 30-year-old created his YouTube channel — which now has nearly 7.

如何将递归转换为非递归 - coderkian


沃尔玛18周年庆推更多省心价商品 降幅高达38%

深圳2014年7月31日电 /美通社/ -- 沃尔玛中国即将在8月12日迎来18周年庆,为感谢广大新老顾客一直以来的大力支持,沃尔玛联合各大知名品牌进行降价促销,并推出更多省心价商品,降价幅度高达38%,且低价有效期长达半年。

SQL Server调优系列进阶篇(如何索引调优) - 指尖流淌




OneDrive for Windows Phone receives update, bringing bug fixes and transparent tile

While Microsoft has drawn some criticism for its strong support of rival operating systems, it hasn't forgotten about its own OS, Windows Phone.  Today, OneDrive was bumped up to version 4.11, bringing with it a few small changes.  There are, of course,

貴第一代 $400!紅米 Note 2 實機圖及包裝盒流出

8 月 13 日除了是 Samsung 發表 Galaxy 系列新手機的大日子外,其實當日小米也 會舉行一場發表會,暫時除確認他們將會發表全新的 MIUI 7 系統外,傳聞已久的紅米 Note 2 亦可能會同步登場。


上海2015年9月17日电 /美通社/ -- 第二届“最佳品牌”奖项再次莅临中国。超过100名来自中国市场的领先品牌及媒体代表受邀出席了本届颁奖典礼,在上海共同见证了2015年度中国最佳品牌奖项的揭晓。



[图]华强北"iPhone SE"火速出炉:其实改自iPhone 5S

世界闻名的中国深圳华强北是智能硬件之都,也是著名的山寨之都。各种你想到的手机配件、零件,华强北会有;你想不到的手机配件、零件,华强北也会有;就连苹果没想到的零件、配件,华强北一样会有。只有你想不到,没有做不到。于是各种爆改、翻新iPhone的报道数不胜数。事实上,早在iPhone SE发布之前,就有国外媒体在华强北提前见到了它,很显然,当时是根据网上曝光的渲染图制作而来的,对于商家来说,只是换个壳而已,丝毫没有难度。

收购又花了苹果不少钱 你能看出苹果目的?

苹果公司每年都会收购一些他们感兴趣的公司,至于何时收购、以多少钱收购,为何收购这些问题,苹果公司发言人的回答一律是:苹果公司时常都会收购小型技术公司,一般来说我们都不会讨论收购意图或计划。  今年苹果同样收购了很多公司,有些收购已经被曝光,有些则没有被曝光。而通过苹果的这些收购我们可以了解他们未来的技术开发方向。以下就是今年被曝光的苹果收购项目:  Flyby Media:计算机视觉增强现实初创公司  开发方向:开发增强现实技术,通过“空间识别”将现实世界和移动设备连接起来,让移动设备能够“看到”它周围的世界。  

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