Microsoft opens Immersive Reader to 3rd parties, brings Office 365 to Google Education customers in

Microsoft annouced today that it's making its Immersive Reader tool is now available as an Azure Cognitive Service, and the company is also allow G Suite for Education users to sign in to Office 365 for free with their Google accounts.

Secretlab’s Cyberpunk 2077 Edition chair pre-orders are now back online while supplies last

The original wave of pre-orders for Secretlab’s Cyberpunk 2077 Edition gaming chairs sold out almost immediately but the second wave is now available to grab for those after a new chair, more Cyberpunk 2077 merchandise, or both.

iOS Microsoft Whiteboard app updates with improved login functionality and crash fixes

The Microsoft Whiteboard app updated to Version 20.10615.0.5289 this week on Apple’s iOS devices. This latest update doesn’t add any major features but it does refine several aspects of the login function by improving several aspects and reducing crashed.

Windows 10 build 20161 is out in the Dev channel with big changes for the Start Menu and Taskbar

It was quite a long wait, but Microsoft has finally released a new Windows 10 Insider build with some new features and noticeable changes today.

Microsoft announces Xbox Summer Game Fest with more than 60 demos of unreleased games

Xbox will participate to the Summer Game Fest later this month with a July 21-27 event featuring 60 brand-new game demos for upcoming Xbox games.

OneDrive is getting Family and group sharing, dark mode on the web, and more

Microsoft announced some important updates for its OneDrive cloud storage service today, including the ability to share files, photos, videos, and albums with a predefined group of people.

Xbox’s second Xbox Series X showcase could happen as soon as July 23rd

Fans are rightfully expecting a lot out of whatever happens later this month. 

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7 and Laptop 3 can now install the Windows 10 May 2020 Update

Microsoft has finally lifted the temporary compatibility block it had put on Surface Pro 7 and Surface Laptop 3, and these devices can finally install the May 2020 Update.

How to customise your new tab page in Microsoft Edge Insider

Microsoft Edge Insider gives you several options for customising your new tab page. By default, it showcases the Bing photo of the day and provides you with quick news headlines. If this is too much unnecessary information, you can finetune what’s displayed using Edge’s settings.

Windows 10 20H1 build 19822 hides a revamped Cortana app

Microsoft released a new Windows 20H1 preview build yesterday with minor updates for language settings and Feedback Hub, but it looks like a new Cortana beta app is one of the new features that the Windows Insider team has yet to talk about.

Digital pre-orders are now open for NHL 20 on Xbox One with a limited time bonus

The upcoming video game, NHL 20, can now be digitally pre-ordered on Microsoft’s family of Xbox One consoles ahead of its September 13th release date. The game is being released in three version; a Standard Edition, a Deluxe Edition, and an Ultimate Edition.


威锋网 3 月 4 日讯 美国专利商标局周二批准了苹果申请的一项专利,其描述的是一个音频呼叫筛选托管语音留言的服务,这一功能理论上应该是为iPhone 手机平台设计。  

软件开发基础 - grass of moon

软件开发基础软件开发基础Table of Contents1 引言2 软件开发的由来3 软件开发基本组成部份4 类推有助于理解软件开发4.1 软件开发中常用的类推5 软件开发流程图1 引言有多少新人在不同语言, 不同数据类型, 不同的选择, lays off full time staff, vows to carry on regardless

The ad-free alternative to Twitter didn’t have enough cash to pay salaried staff, including the two founders, and will no longer employ any full time staff as a result.Read more:

This beastly sword with an arc reactor would make Iron Man even cooler

Though I think Tony Stark would try to invent some sort of laser if he made his own saber and that Iron Man doesn't quite need a sword with all his weaponry, this beast of a sword made by Man At Arms: Reforged would still look pretty badass when used with Iron Man's suit.Read more...


《新年快乐》是一部全球电影钜作 阿联酋迪拜2014年10月23日电 /美通社/ -- 明星云集的红毯活动是迪拜大家最想获邀参加的活动 Farah Khan 导演的新电影《新年快乐》(Happy New Year) 昨晚在迪拜棕榈岛亚特兰蒂斯度假酒店 (Atlantis,

2015 年软件将吞噬可穿戴设备市场

编者按 : 艾略特·罗(Elliot Loh)是旧金山创业公司工作室 TheGiant Pixel Corp 的创始人兼合伙人;库纳尔·阿贾瓦尔(Kunal Agarwal)是 The Giant Pixel Corp 的常驻创业者。 2014… Read More


谢咪咪老师邀嗷!虽然我一看右边儿被邀的一溜袋鼠国资深人士,但既然大家都按兵没动我就先来抛个砖吧……反正我总共也就去过那么一回,而且猪脑子记性不好,想到多少说多少啊。 0.


谢谢 @迷糊 哥邀请先自报家门,本人在新西兰的酒厂和葡萄园都工作过。题目是在酒庄的工作体验,问题比较宽泛。其实葡萄酒企业内部的分工非常明确,互相不涉及别人的工作内容酿酒的(wine maker)管酿酒,栽葡萄的(viticulturist)管葡萄,财务的搞财务,HR管招聘,销售(cellar door host)负责在店面给顾客负责尝酒售卖,搞市场的负责联络国内的超市、酒铺(liquor store)和出口公司,不一一列举了。所以我想说,不同职位在酒庄里的体验是完全不一样的。

Here's the Totally Awesome Way an Airplane Gets Painted

It takes a whole team of painters, an orchestra of machines and paint spray, what seems like miles of tape and paper, and oh so much work (not to mention the planning process) in order to paint an entire plane.

腾讯为收购Supercell引入新投资者 融资8.5亿美元

10月17日消息,腾讯日前宣布,将为旗下负责进行收购芬兰移动游戏开发商Supercell交易的附属公司,引入包括中航资本、中信资本等多名投资者认购50%股权,总对价8.5亿美元。腾讯今年6月宣布已达成收购Supercell大部分股权的协议,总对价预计约为86亿美元。 而公司将透过一家为此项收购而组成的财团公司Halti S.A。进行交易。

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