Official Outlook website gains brand new themes

Head to to see if any of the new additions fit your personal email and scheduling style.  

Microsoft expands its footprint in India with its third development center in the country

Microsoft IDC is one of Microsoft’s largest R&D centers outside the Redmond headquarters.

Welcome to OnMSFT 2020

2020 is going to be a big year for Microsoft. We’re expecting launches for everything from Windows 10X to Surface Neo and Duo to the Xbox Series X, Halo 6, xCloud, and (at least) updated versions of Surface Book 2 and Surface Go. Those are just the things we know are coming, along with that […]

New Outlook Spaces feature will help Office 365 users organize their mails, meetings, and documents

Microsoft is working on a new "Outlook Spaces" experience for Outlook on the web, which will help you organize your emails, meetings, and documents in one clean space.

Windows 10 news recap: Facebook app to be killed off, video shows Windows 10X running on a MacBook,

Welcome back to our Windows 10 news recap, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s flagship operating system. The official Windows 10 Facebook app is being killed off later this month Later this month, Facebook will be killing off its Windows 10 app.

Microsoft news recap: Project xCloud starts making its way to iOS, SwiftKey gains haptic feedback, a

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read! Microsoft SwiftKey gains support for haptic feedback in latest iOS app update SwiftKey on iOS now has support for haptic feedback,

New Juggernaut Edition DLC announced for State of Decay 2, coming March 2020

a fourth DLC coming to the platform on March 13, 2020

Microsoft for Startups expands technology benefits as companies in the program to close on $1B this

Microsoft is looking to push its program to a new level, and it’s doing so by adding new technology benefits including GitHub Enterprise and the Microsoft Power platform.

Microsoft opens Immersive Reader to 3rd parties, brings Office 365 to Google Education customers in

Microsoft annouced today that it's making its Immersive Reader tool is now available as an Azure Cognitive Service, and the company is also allow G Suite for Education users to sign in to Office 365 for free with their Google accounts.

How to customise your new tab page in Microsoft Edge Insider

Microsoft Edge Insider gives you several options for customising your new tab page. By default, it showcases the Bing photo of the day and provides you with quick news headlines. If this is too much unnecessary information, you can finetune what’s displayed using Edge’s settings.

Windows 10 20H1 build 19822 hides a revamped Cortana app

Microsoft released a new Windows 20H1 preview build yesterday with minor updates for language settings and Feedback Hub, but it looks like a new Cortana beta app is one of the new features that the Windows Insider team has yet to talk about.

浪潮举办2014企业管理软件合作伙伴大会 打造国产软件产业链

济南2014年6月18日电 /美通社/ -- 6月18日,浪潮在山东济南盛大开启“共筑﹒浪潮梦”2014年企业管理软件全国合作伙伴大会,公布2014年公司业务规划和最新合作伙伴政策。

魅族4.6寸新机再曝光 蓝色Home键


Swedish prosecutors offer to question Julian Assange in London

Swedish prosecutors on Friday offered to question WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in London, potentially unlocking a stalemate in an almost five-year-old investigation into alleged sex crimes.See also:

Microsoft confirms Start Menu coming in Windows RT 8.1 Update 3, along with improved lockscreen

A few weeks ago, I exclusively revealed that Windows RT 8.1 Update 3 would introduce the Start Menu to Windows RT devices, and with it bring a few other minor additions. Today, Microsoft has confirmed that the Start Menu is indeed coming in Update 3, along with improvements to the lockscreen.

[图]西班牙公司推出电动冲浪板 让冲浪更加自由


懂围棋的人看 《棋魂》是怎样一种体验?



中纪委在其网站上宣布了两条重磅消息:上海市委常委、副市长艾宝俊涉嫌严重违纪接受组织调查 和 北京市委副书记吕锡文涉嫌严重违纪接受组织调查。

You Can Now Watch The Last 11 Years Of Photos Taken Of Saturn And Its Moons 

If you’re like me and constantly wonder what cool things are happening out in space, you now have the chance to catch up on the past 11 years of goings on nearby Saturn. That’s right—11 years of imagery from Saturn and its moons.Read more...

[视频]开发者可在任意应用中集成Google Cloud Speech API

在旧金山举办的GCP Next大会上,Google向开发者们宣布了一大票内容。但其中最有趣的,或许是该公司决定围绕语音识别技术来打造一个全新的API。其全称为Google Cloud Speech API,开发者们将能够在自己的应用中集成对80种语言的辨识支持(支持实时或批量模式)。基于该云平台,你可在诸多场景下实现文本转录和语音命令。

手机撕逼0512期 | 神秘的小红圈:是360手机抄袭还是努比亚在专利碰瓷

一切都是由一个小红圈引起的。 如果没有人告诉我这是什么手机的时候,我想也不想就会回答说这是努比亚未来的某个新机吧,这黑色的前部面板,闪亮的小红圈,和屏幕正中的一朵大花……只有骚黄色的后盖才能提醒说这不是努比亚的 Z9(如下)。 然而这是 360 手机在本周一发布的新机 N4。我也知道本周的手机撕逼就有素材了。果不其然,在周一当天下午,努比亚总经理倪飞在微博上以转发的形式暗示了 360 手机已经抄袭了努比亚的设计并且指示法务部门行动。

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