Mesmerizing music video was created with 129 spinning records, and no special effects

No records were broken in the making of this video. Said The Whale, a Vancouver based pop-rock band, just debuted an epic music video for their song "Record Shop." The clip features 129 records, all covered with carefully cut out photos of the band as they play guitar, sing,

Electric vehicles need to emit sound. Here's how that happens.

Electric vehicles are a blank canvas. At least sonically.Without engine noises and with fewer moving parts, battery-powered vehicles make about as much noise as your cellphone. It's a much quieter experience than we're used to, after years of vrooming, revving,

How hotels are trying to win over gamers

Whether you’re travelling for fun or for work, there’s no reason why your away-from-home gaming and tech experience should be limited to your patchy phone 4G and a hotel room iPod Classic dock. Plenty of travellers want to play video games, stream Netflix,

YouTube says it will soon monetize ‘edgier content’

YouTube has heard the most recent concerns and complaints from its creators loud and clear.In her last quarterly creators letter of the year, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki laid out a number of updates in the works for creators who may not make the most family-friendly content. 

Empty your pockets: Baby Yoda merch will arrive before Christmas

Let us now make it rain upon our lord and savior Baby Yoda.After two weeks of fans' incessant pleading, Disney has finally confirmed the arrival of Baby Yoda merchAccording to CNBC, official "The Child" apparel and accessories will be available through various retailers — including Amazon, Target,

'Blade Runner' blew his mind. Now this artist uses AI to explore human consciousness.

Blade Runner pictures Los Angeles in 2019 with flying cars, neon signs, and massive video ads. It’s an urban portrait that looks more like today’s New York City than L.A.,and watching it brought Istanbul-born artist Refik Anadol to Times Square almost eight years ago.In November,

This 3D-printed system will help your plants grow — Future Blink

Started by WASP, a 3D-printing company, this project seeks to integrate their work with hydroponics (growing plants through mineral solutions in water). Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, 3d Printer, Hydroponics, and Future Blink

This smart underwear supposedly cleans itself — Future Blink

SilverUnderwear is stretchy, odorless brand of undies, that allegedly “cleans” itself through silver fibers. Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Clothing, Underwear, and Future Blink

The Acer Aspire 3 budget laptop is on sale for $309 at Walmart

TL;DR: Save more on the affordable Acer Aspire 3 laptop, on sale for $309 at Walmart, saving you almost $200.We only wish we had cash to throw around when shopping for a laptop. But, alas,

Calphalon cookware on sale: Save $230 on this nesting 10-piece set

TL;DR: This heavy-duty cookware set made from durable anodized aluminum is specially designed to take up 30% less space in your cupboards, and Amazon has it on sale for just $370. Every once in a while — say,

AirPods 2 with wireless charging case are on sale for $19 off at Amazon

TL;DR: Apple AirPods 2 with wireless charging case are on sale for $179.99, saving you $19.01.AirPods, both new and old, have been sold out at Amazon for a hot minute, but the latest model with the wireless charging case is back and on sale. That’s right,

担心 GameSpy 关闭后无法连 Battlefield 2、2142 或 Bad Company 2 吗?EA 会罩你的(锤胸膛)

分类: 游戏产品, 互联网络一直以来都拥有广大 FPS 射击游戏玩家拥护的战地风云系列,貌似是这波 GameSpy 游戏伺服器关闭决定后,在 EA 阵营中受影响最大的游戏系列。

若能破译这条推特 你就可能被美国安局招募

美国国家安全局负责招聘的Twitter帐户“NSA Careers”刚刚发表了一条内容看似错乱无章的推特,如果你能破译这条推特的内容,或许就能在国安局谋到个职位。这条推特的内容如下:

Marketing Exec Ivy Ross Is The New Head Of Google Glass

Some significant HR changes at Google Glass we're hearing. First off is the departure of lead electrical engineer Adrian Wong, to competing facecomputer Oculus. Second off is the bringing on of's Chief Marketing Officer Ivy Ross to head the division. The Harvard-trained Ross has a rich,

A giant dragon just emerged from the Sun

Holy Mother of Dragons, a stream of plasma in the shape of a dragon flying at full speed has emerged from the Sun. According to NASA, the "eruption [tens of thousands miles long] was minor" and "most of it fell back into the sun." NASA, I love you, but you have no imagination.Read more...


康涅狄格州斯坦福德2014年6月18日电 /美通社/ -- 喜达屋酒店及度假酒店国际集团(NYSE:HOT)近日发布其首个企业责任报告 -- 《喜达屋全球公民》。

Facebook Messenger 终于有 iPad 版噜

以往 Facebook Messenger 虽然可以在 iPad 上运行,不过它的界面是为了 iPhone 和 iPod touch 而设,直到现在终于有真正为了 iPad 而设的 Messenger 了。






东东导读:产品功能的设计,可以根据功能逻辑的主次关系、同类划分等方式去实现交互布局,还有可以从产品的体验场景为 ...

肯定不会高 PC版《弹丸论破》配置要求

我们昨天刚报道过《弹丸论破》初代登陆 PC 的消息。就在那不久后,游戏购买页面正式在 Steam 商店里上线,让我们有机会看到它的各方面细节。  首先是游戏的最低配置要求:  操作系统:Windows 7   处理器:2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 或以上  内存:3 GB RAM   图形:支持 OpenGL 3.2 或 DirectX 9.0c 的 GPU,显存至少 1GB  DirectX 版本:9.

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