Researchers create first mind-controlled robot arm that works well without surgery

Carnegie Mellon researchers working with peers from the University of Minnesota have made a big breakthrough in brain-computer interface (BCI) and robotic technology:

Cybersecurity expert Alex Stamos on what scares him most about the upcoming U.S. presidential electi

Alex Stamos rose to fame as the former chief security officer for Yahoo and then Facebook. But today he’s the director of Stanford’s Internet Observatory, where he’s immersed in teaching and research safe tech — and understands better than most the threats that the U.S. is facing,

VoltServer adds a data layer to electricity distribution in a move that could help smart grid rollou

Stephen Eaves, the chief executive of a new startup which promises to overlay data on electricity distribution has spent years developing data management technologies. Eaves’ first company,

AWS confirms reports it will challenge JEDI contract award to Microsoft

Surely just about everyone was surprised when the Department of Defense named Microsoft as the winner of the decade long, $10 billion JEDI cloud contract last month, none more so than Amazon, the company everyone assumed all along would be the winner.

Homeis adds community tools for Mexican immigrants

Homeis, a startup building networking tools for immigrant communities, officially launched its community for Mexican immigrants this week. Co-founder and CEO Ran Harnevo (pictured above) previously founded video syndication company 5min, which was acquired by AOL,

Microsoft announces its xCloud streaming service and a truckload of new games are coming in 2020

Microsoft has announced a vague intention to launch its xCloud game streaming service sometime in 2020, and dropped a double handful of new titles that will arrive on it and the existing Game Pass subscription. It seems that next year will indeed be the opening battle in the streaming wars to come.

Recycling robots raise millions from top venture firms to rescue an industry in turmoil

The problem of how to find the potential treasure trove hidden in millions of pounds of trash is getting a high-tech answer as investors funnel $16 million into the recycling robots built by Denver-based AMP Robotics. For recyclers,

This ride-hailing PR pitch shows platforms and digital campaign ‘dark arts’ want democracy to be pay

A UK PR firm pitching to run an account for Ola has proposed running a campaign to politicize ride-hailing as a tactic to shift regulations in its favor. The approach suggests that,

Transitioning from engineering to product with Adobe’s Anjul Bhambhri

Many roles inside of startups and tech companies are clear: marketers market, salespeople sell, engineers engineer. Then there are the roles like “product manager” that seem obvious on the surface (product managers “product,” right?

Apple issues voluntary recall of 2015 MacBook Pro batteries due to overheating concern

Apple this morning announced a “voluntary” recall of MacBook Pro batteries due to potential overheating and safety risk. The recall only applies to mid-2015 15-inch MacBook Pros with Retina displays. As the company notes in a press release,

NASA’s historic Apollo 11 launch comes to your phone in AR

We’re nearing the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing on July 24, and to celebrate, there’s a new interactive augmented reality app called 321 LAUNCH that will bring a faithful recreation of the launch to your mobile device, and any surface you happen to have to hand.



Volume License media now available for Windows 8.1 Update

It's not all about Windows Phone 8.1 today - Microsoft has revealed that volume license customers can now snag Windows 8.1 with Update 1 integrated, Windows Server 2012 R2 with Windows Server 2012 R2 Update integrated, and Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry with Windows Embedded 8.

TalkTalk announces Gary Steen is new Chief Technology Officer

Steen, who has been with TalkTalk for two years and previously worked for the likes of BT and Vodafone, replaces the retiring Clive Dorsman.Read more:

Steve Jobs was a tech-wary parent first and legendary, iPhone-toting Apple CEO second

It's an interesting stance for someone so heavily involved in the creation and promotion of gadgets to take, but certainly makes sense on a purely parental level. Read more:

NASA Made These Gorgeous Travel Posters For Actual Exoplanets

As the exoplanet discoveries from Kepler keep pouring in, we're realizing just how fantastic, bizarre, and varied the planets of our universe truly are. Someday, we might see them with our own eyes.

2015 年移动设备界面设计趋势


Chrome 会在 9 月 1 号开始预设为截停自动播放的 Flash 广告

话说 Google 在 6 月时曾宣布计划与 Adobe 联手为 Chrome 浏览器推出一个能把网页内非主要 Flash 内容截停的功能,现在我们终于知道它会在何时推出了。


在上一篇文章中,我们已经谈到了在规划产品体验报告的思路框架之前,需要做哪些准备工作,那么在这一部分,我们将进入 ...


伴随中国市场扩大加强支持体系 日本小山--(美国商业资讯)--作为光刻光源的主要厂家,Gigaphoton Inc.(总公司:栃木县小山市,公司董事总经理:都丸仁)宣布,将于2016年在中国大连和厦门开设新的支持中心。 从2000年公司设立开始,Gigaphoton一直坚持对中国用户的支持活动,藉此努力,Gigaphoton的产品和售后服务深得广大用户的好评和信赖。 就近年来中国半导体市场来看,中国本土企业和国外大型半导体企业均增加了设备投资,市场处于非常活跃的状态。另外,本公司亦从原来以逻辑元器件和模拟元器件为中心开始向包括存储器量产在内的新领域展开业务。



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