Researchers create first mind-controlled robot arm that works well without surgery

Carnegie Mellon researchers working with peers from the University of Minnesota have made a big breakthrough in brain-computer interface (BCI) and robotic technology:

It looks like TikTok has acquired Jukedeck, a pioneering music AI UK startup

A key change is in the works for Jukedeck, a pioneering AI startup out of the UK which was building technology to create music using AI — including the ability to interpret video and automatically set music to it.

Legaltech startup Genie AI scores £2M seed for its ‘intelligent’ contract editor

Genie AI, a legal tech startup and Entrepreneur First alumni, has raised £2 million in funding. The round is a combination of equity and a U.K. government grant,

Daimler and Bosch’s driverless parking gets OK to operate without human supervision

We’ve reached a new milestone in the long road to getting AI-based self-driving systems to be truly autonomous.

Berlin’s Visionaries Club outs two new €40M micro funds for seed and growth-stage B2B

Visionaries Club, a new European VC focussing on B2B, is disclosing that it has raised two micro funds of €40 million each, aimed at pre-seed/seed and Series B, respectively. The Berlin-based VC firm is founded by Sebastian Pollok and Robert Lacher. Pollok was a VC at e.

The cyber libel trial against independent news startup Rappler’s CEO and one of its former writers s

The cyber libel trial against Maria Ressa, the CEO and executive editor of independent media startup Rappler, started today in Manila, in a case that will be closely watched because of its implications for press freedom in the Philippines. Also on trial is Reynaldo Santos Jr,

US mobile bank MoneyLion raises $100 million at ‘near unicorn’ valuation

There’s a new fintech startup in the U.S. that is inching closer to the unicorn status. New York City-headquartered MoneyLion, which provides customers both financial advice and access to loans and other services,

Apple’s latest Tesla hire specializes in car interiors

Another high-level Tesla engineering executive has hopped over to Apple. Steve MacManus, who was vice president of engineering at Tesla, is now a senior director at Apple, according to an update on his LinkedIn profile. Bloomberg was the first to report MacManus had taken the position at Apple.

Transitioning from engineering to product with Adobe’s Anjul Bhambhri

Many roles inside of startups and tech companies are clear: marketers market, salespeople sell, engineers engineer. Then there are the roles like “product manager” that seem obvious on the surface (product managers “product,” right?

Apple issues voluntary recall of 2015 MacBook Pro batteries due to overheating concern

Apple this morning announced a “voluntary” recall of MacBook Pro batteries due to potential overheating and safety risk. The recall only applies to mid-2015 15-inch MacBook Pros with Retina displays. As the company notes in a press release,

NASA’s historic Apollo 11 launch comes to your phone in AR

We’re nearing the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing on July 24, and to celebrate, there’s a new interactive augmented reality app called 321 LAUNCH that will bring a faithful recreation of the launch to your mobile device, and any surface you happen to have to hand.

The Disrupt SF 2014 Battlefield Finalists Are Alfred, Partpic, PatternEQ, Shipstr, Stack And

In our new conference venue at Pier 48, twenty six battlefield competitors (and two audience choice winners) have pitched their hearts out on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt SF these past two days. It’s been a nerve-wracking process for these founders,


介是个好问题,又到了半夜写知乎的时间啦~——————————我的以下答案,都是基于如何训练 戏剧性故事创作,用戏剧创作的方法和经验来谈一谈故事创作,希望可以给题主一些帮助。

如何看待 2015 年 12 月 22 日 SpaceX 成功发射 Falcon9 并回收一级火箭?

这一天 SpaceX 重新定义了火箭。多图预警,手机流量党请注意!以下图片,未特别注明均来自相应的 Wikipedia 页面。===========================在人类短暂却充满艰辛的航天史上,火箭一直是不可替代的天地运输工具。从航天之父——俄国齐奥尔科夫斯基推导出那优雅的火箭公式,到美国人罗伯特·戈达德发明了人类史上第一枚液体火箭,再到由冯·布劳恩主导设计的令人叹为观止的土星五号火箭,人类脱离地心引力的束缚,一步一步接触太空的梦想逐渐变得更近。但是,物理定律永远不会对人类作出的所谓壮举报以微笑。

2015,平凡之路 - 爱吃猫的鱼

2015年过去了,躺在床上拖着略微疲惫的身体,点开了QQ空间,突然发觉每年都会写点什么,不过去年是写在自己的技术博客上,今年还是老样子,写在QQ空间里面,顺便记录一下自己的点滴 2015年,感觉自己当初毅然决然的花时间搞技术,搞IT是对的,在今年越花时间在技术上,收获越多,甚至有点稍微打乱了原先的生

Baby possum understands your struggle to nap during the day

The nap struggle is real.A baby possum named Plum just wanted to get a little shut eye by crawling into mom's pouch for a while. But that task is clearly a lot harder than it looks.According to the Australia and Allsorts Facebook page,




郭洁  昨天晚间,上海官方发布近期在开展的房地产经纪企业执法大检查中发现的问题与轻狂,链家、太平洋、我爱我家等六家经纪企业因虚假宣传问题被罚款。  其中,上海市住建委对链家公司及其两名涉案经纪人合 ... ...

丰田要收购谷歌人形机器人公司 谈判接近尾声

5月28日消息,据外媒报道,谷歌正谈判将旗下机器人公司Boston Dynamics卖给丰田,价格目前未知。谷歌正在同Toyota Research Institute(以下简称丰田研究院)谈判,后者计划从前者手中购买机器人公司Boston Dynamics,消息人士透露。收购价格目前未知,但谈判已接近尾声。

Strawberry Moon Arriving Monday, Possibly Ushering In A Sweet Summer

The Summer Solstice is expected to be very sweet this year, thanks to the arrival of what is known as a Strawberry Moon.Read more...

Keeping track of warehouse inventories with an army of fully autonomous drones

When they wanted to stash the Ark of the Covenant away at the end of the first Indiana Jones film, the government did what any self-respecting bureaucratic institution would, filing it away in a giant warehouse. Navigating even the most well-appointed warehouse spaces can get tricky,

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