Apple recalls MacBook Pro batteries over 'fire safety risk'

If you have an older MacBook Pro, you might need to get its battery replaced. Apple is recalling 15-inch MacBook Pro laptops sold between between September 2015 and February 2017 over a battery issue it says poses a "fire safety risk.""Apple has determined that,

The bar that airs the dramatic, live fat bear cams

While the sleepy 1960s Western ballad "Sin City" wafted through Brooklyn's B61 Bar, a salmon squirmed beneath a bear's claws as the hungry omnivore chomped on the fish's fatty brains. At B61 Bar, named for the city bus line that frequently travels back and forth past the brick tavern,

Ecovacs Deebot 711, LG 86-inch Smart HDTV, Bose speakers, and more deals for July 23

The average consumer changes their TV every seven years. If it's time for an upgrade, we recommend going all out, get a massive 55% off the 86-inch LG HDTV from Dell and get a bonus $300 Dell gift card. At least you know you won't be needing an upgrade anytime soon after this purchase. 

Trevor Noah mocks Trump's failed attempts to intervene in the A$AP Rocky situation

There are some stories that seem almost too bizarre to be true. Donald Trump's attempt to intervene in rapper A$AP Rocky's incarceration in a Swedish prison is one clear example of this."This is one of those moments where I genuinely cannot believe that we're living in real life,

Learn how to make money via ebay with this cheap online course

Tl;DR: The is online class about making money on ebay is on sale for $14.99 in the Mashable Shop.It's a different world than when Sophia Amoruso brought Nasty Gal to life via ebay in 2006. Today, you can buy or sell practically anything online through not just ebay, but also Etsy, Amazon,

Enter to win a Samsung smart TV, plus save on TV accessories

Summer does not only equate to trips to the beach and a string of backyard cookouts. Summer also signals an influx of insanely good television.With so many good shows and movies out right now, what better way to indulge than watching them on a massive smart TV?

Wesley's episode is 'Queer Eye' at its most complex

Watching Queer Eye on Netflix has been a recipe for a good, hard cry since its very first episode. There’s something about seeing those five hot, friendly gay men throw buckets of money and labor at deserving people that makes anyone with a heart turn on the waterworks. Beyond its makeover format,

Seth Meyers says Trump news stories are like zombies: “This is how he wears us down”

Seth Meyers wants you to remember just how weird things are.Donald Trump has been distracting himself in the week leading up to Robert Mueller’s Senate testimony by ramping up the racist rhetoric in one breath and then trying to walk it back in the next.In the clip above from Late Night,

GoPro HERO5 Black on sale: Save $141 when you shop on Amazon

TL;DR: This waterproof GoPro camera makes sharing footage easy, and it's on sale for just $258.The Fourth of July weekend is a veritable gold mine for Instagram content, but let's be real for a sec: Everyone and their brother is going to post an ~aRtSy~ picture of some pyrotechnics,

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis cleverly mock a tabloid cover about themselves

Isn't it the best when celebrities break the fourth wall and acknowledge the wild rumors about themselves?Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, who are married with two kids, took to Kutcher's Instagram to hilariously mock an InTouch Weekly cover filled with made-up facts about themselves. 

This mother-in-law's wedding fail turned out to be a surprisingly wholesome story

Aah, wedding season. It's a time for buying expensive gifts, coping with awkward seating arrangements, and strapping your flesh vessel into the worst bridesmaid or groomsman outfits known to humankind. There are a whole bunch of rules when it comes to being a wedding guest.

Whisper, The Sequoia-Backed Secret Sharing App, Makes A Move Into TMZ Territory

Whisper, the popular anonymous social sharing startup that’s raised $24 million from venture capital giants including Sequoia Capital, may have just gotten its big break into celebrity gossip territory that’s typically dominated by the likes of TMZ and the National Enquirer. Neetzan Zimmerman,

Wi-Fi新标准802.11ax将开发 可能要放慢脚步看

802.11ac Wi-Fi标准才刚刚起步,但Wi-Fi联盟和电气电子工程师学会(IEEE)在上个月又联合宣布了对于其继任标准802.11ax的开发。

Flappy Bird回来了,支持双人游戏模式

Flappy Bird回归了!只不过名字变成了Flappy Birds Family。今天,Flappy Bird的开发者Dong Nguyen在亚马逊应用商店上线了游戏Flappy Birds Family。不过目前这款游戏尚未登录App Store和Google Play。

Apple CEO Tim Cook 在 Charlie Rose 的访问中简谈为何收购 Beats

虽然 Apple 的 CEO Tim Cook 在早几日的 iPhone 6 和 Apple Watch 发佈会上说了不少事情,不过有些事总是要等到在台下才有机会说的。美国的王牌节目主持人 Charlie Rose 邀请了 Cook 来担任以 Rose...

Xcode6 提交审核之坑 - 流水年华



O2O‍,无疑是2014年最火的一个词。简单来说,O2O就是Online to Offline。细分一下,其实 […]


谢@Zampeli Diana两个月之前的邀……我觉得我们要明白“委托-代理模型(principal-agent model”究竟指的是什么。“委托-代理模型”其实并不局限在它的字面意思,它指的是一揽子经济学模型。

锋友分享:如何使用 Surge 屏蔽应用内广告

锋友们一定都经历过这样的情况,在一些视频 App 上观看一个 5 分钟不到的视频的时候,非付费会员的用户需要忍耐 1 分钟左右的广告,没错,就是忍耐。

央行松绑远程开户 银行“刷脸时代”渐行渐近



台北--(美国商业资讯)--以POS系统及周边设计制造而世界闻名的振桦电子(8114-tw) ,以其最新推出之高集成度POS一体机HS-3510W,荣获得国际知名的红点产品设计奖(Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016)。 Smart News Releases(智能新闻稿)是一个多媒体平台。在此处查看完整新闻稿: 红点设计奖自1955年开始举办以来,被全球公认为对横跨各产业高质量设计的最高肯定。

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