With used smart home devices, you never know who could be watching

Used smart home devices might be tempting because they're cheaper. But be careful: the original owner may be able to spy on you. According to Wirecutter,

Home Alone?

Connected devices company Nest, now owned by Google, has been lauded — mostly, it must be said, by the tech press — for turning its attention to the utilitarian devices in your home. The ones no-one loves. The no-frills, 

Six Lessons From Cybersecurity Superhero Training

One of my distinct grade-school memories is filing out of fourth grade class, nervous, but excited to miss a portion of math class. We were having our quarterly disaster-survival drill; instructing students on what to do in case disaster strikes.

Why Is My Smart Home So Fucking Dumb?

A few weeks ago, a couple friends and I were about to watch a surprisingly bad scifi movie in my crowded apartment. One of them asked if we could dim the lights, and started to head to the switch. "No, no, I've got it," I said, reaching into my pocket.

My week hands-on with the LG G Watch: The future of wearable tech or another dead duck?

The LG G Watch is one of the first and most affordable in Google’s Android Wear line. Is this the smart watch we’ve been waiting for? We take the watch for a test drive to find out. Read more: http://www.itproportal.

The Best New Android Feature Is a Smarter Lock Screen

Brand new design , better battery life , seamless device switching ! The newest version of Android brings a lot to the table. But its best feature is a little further under the surface: Smart lock screens that will let you be super secure without ever entering a PIN again.Read more...

Chicago And Big Data

As a civilization, we may not be getting smarter. However, the technologies we use certainly are. Since the introduction of the smartphone, we’ve witnessed the emergence of smart homes, smart power grids, and even smart football stadiums for helping fans find parking spaces. Lately,

How Nest Is Already Using All That Data From Its Army of Smoke Alarms

The big news from Nest today is that Protect is back on the shelves . But lost in the shuffle is a more interesting tidbit from the company: Its first report on data culled from the alarms of hundreds of thousands of users.

Why the iPad and Android tablets are unsuccessful in higher education

Traditional tablets are failing miserably when it comes to universities. We discuss the reasons why, and how they’re concerned with content consumption, not creation.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/05/24/why-the-ipad-and-android-tablets-are-unsuccessful-in-higher-education/

Amazon Fire TV Review: A Fast Ride That'll Cost You

Take your pick of streaming devices —there are already plenty out there. Amazon says its new Fire TV can best every Roku, Chromecast, and Apple TV in the land on speed, ease of use, and a treasure box of extras. In most cases, Fire TV delivers on those promises. But it comes at a price.

At Home with Tim O'Reilly (Videos 3 and 4 of 6)

Today's videos are parts three and four of our casual interview with Tim O'Reilly, founder of O'Reilly Media and one of the most influential open source boosters around. (You supplied the questions. He supplied the answers.

Electric vehicles need to emit sound. Here's how that happens.

Electric vehicles are a blank canvas. At least sonically.Without engine noises and with fewer moving parts, battery-powered vehicles make about as much noise as your cellphone. It's a much quieter experience than we're used to, after years of vrooming, revving,

How hotels are trying to win over gamers

Whether you’re travelling for fun or for work, there’s no reason why your away-from-home gaming and tech experience should be limited to your patchy phone 4G and a hotel room iPod Classic dock. Plenty of travellers want to play video games, stream Netflix,

YouTube says it will soon monetize ‘edgier content’

YouTube has heard the most recent concerns and complaints from its creators loud and clear.In her last quarterly creators letter of the year, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki laid out a number of updates in the works for creators who may not make the most family-friendly content. 

Empty your pockets: Baby Yoda merch will arrive before Christmas

Let us now make it rain upon our lord and savior Baby Yoda.After two weeks of fans' incessant pleading, Disney has finally confirmed the arrival of Baby Yoda merchAccording to CNBC, official "The Child" apparel and accessories will be available through various retailers — including Amazon, Target,

'Blade Runner' blew his mind. Now this artist uses AI to explore human consciousness.

Blade Runner pictures Los Angeles in 2019 with flying cars, neon signs, and massive video ads. It’s an urban portrait that looks more like today’s New York City than L.A.,and watching it brought Istanbul-born artist Refik Anadol to Times Square almost eight years ago.In November,

This 3D-printed system will help your plants grow — Future Blink

Started by WASP, a 3D-printing company, this project seeks to integrate their work with hydroponics (growing plants through mineral solutions in water). Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, 3d Printer, Hydroponics, and Future Blink

This smart underwear supposedly cleans itself — Future Blink

SilverUnderwear is stretchy, odorless brand of undies, that allegedly “cleans” itself through silver fibers. Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Clothing, Underwear, and Future Blink

Apple recalls MacBook Pro batteries over 'fire safety risk'

If you have an older MacBook Pro, you might need to get its battery replaced. Apple is recalling 15-inch MacBook Pro laptops sold between between September 2015 and February 2017 over a battery issue it says poses a "fire safety risk.""Apple has determined that,

GoPro HERO5 Black on sale: Save $141 when you shop on Amazon

TL;DR: This waterproof GoPro camera makes sharing footage easy, and it's on sale for just $258.The Fourth of July weekend is a veritable gold mine for Instagram content, but let's be real for a sec: Everyone and their brother is going to post an ~aRtSy~ picture of some pyrotechnics,

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis cleverly mock a tabloid cover about themselves

Isn't it the best when celebrities break the fourth wall and acknowledge the wild rumors about themselves?Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, who are married with two kids, took to Kutcher's Instagram to hilariously mock an InTouch Weekly cover filled with made-up facts about themselves. 


文/ 傅盛(金山网络CEO)从根本上讲,一个公司的最大瓶颈是CEO自己,如果CEO自己不能成长,他就不可能带领这家公司走向更大的机会。不过,光有CEO的成长是不够的。一旦团队没有跟上步伐,必然出现业务的崩塌。

Why I Go To Disrupt

It's never good for someone inside an organization to defend its actions to the outside. It smacks of self-serving and one-sided debate, and, as the Bard wrote, "the lady doth protest too much, methinks."Be here I go protesting too much. Read More


Mashable:大多数美国人会选择互联网超过电视或者手机 您可能也喜欢经典文章: Pew:美国人对互联网的喜爱程度超过手机和电视 2013年美国媒体人现状 eMarketer:2015年一半美国人是移动互联网用户


一支来自上海交通大学的团队研制出了一台名为小象(Baby Elephant)的机器人,这台机器人能够利用四足行走,而且它还可以做一些不同寻常的事:它就像是一头小马一样,可以让你骑在它身上缓慢行走,有了它之后,我们终于迎来了机器牛仔的时代。



林志穎微博又曬新手機 …

剛剛林志穎又再在微博曬新款手機,不過今次不再是 iPhone 了,而是據稱是全球第一部配備高通 Qualcomm 8 核 64-bit 處理器的 HTC Desire 820!The post 林志穎微博又曬新手機 … appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.


一群来自Stack Exchange、GitHub、Reddit以及其他组织的代表发起了对Markdown进行标准化和功能增强的项目,名字为Standard Markdown。

iCloud Is Down For Some

It seems Apple’s iCloud woes are not over. The service is down for some users including myself. It’s unreachable from iCloud.com and files and emails are failing to sync.

Piper Kerman and Larry Smith of 'Orange Is the New Black' discuss social media and more

We talked digital with couple Piper Kerman and Larry Smith, who are both appearing at the upcoming Mashable Media Summit on December 5, from 2:10 - 2:40 p.m. Kerman has been lauded for the success of her memoir Orange is the New Black, which is now a hit series on Netflix.


Hortonworks数据平台(HDP)2.2版本,围绕Hadoop和YARN,对一些企业化特性,如安全性,合规性等,提供了更好的支持。 By Rags Srinivas Translated by 张晓鹏

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