Inspire 2019: Microsoft Teams crosses 13 million daily active users

A little more than two years after its initial launch, Microsoft Teams has now crossed 13 million daily active users and 19 million weekly active users.

Microsoft releases new patch for Windows 10 October 2018 Update

The new build 17763.652 includes a lot of quality fixes that will also be included in next month’s Patch Tuesday.

Slack updates desktop experience – it’s a “whole lot faster”

According to Slack ,the new desktop app should launch 33% faster, join incoming calls 10x faster, and memory usage has also been reduced by 50%.

Microsoft to invest $1 billion in OpenAI, will jointly develop new supercomputer technologies

Microsoft announced today a multiyear partnership with OpenAI, a San Francisco-based company aiming to make artificial intelligence benefit all of humanity.

How to add the YouTube app in Microsoft Teams

As we continue to dive deeper into Microsoft Teams, in this guide, we'll take a look at how you can share the enjoyment of YouTube right from Teams.

Here’s a closer look at the hardware behind Project xCloud

Kareem Choudhry, head of Microsoft’s Cloud gaming division, recently discussed Project xCloud with Fortune and showed one of the company’s latest hardware designs for the game streaming service.

Microsoft news recap: Q4 earnings announced, former Microsoft employee sought to steal $10m in digit

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read! Microsoft reports fourth-quarter earnings for fiscal year 2019, as expected,

Windows 10 news recap: Your Phone is hiring, Cortana Beta app launches for some Insiders, and more

Welcome back to our Windows 10 news recap, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s flagship operating system.

Inspire 2019: Azure Lighthouse, a new single environment to manage Azure resources across customers

Azure Lighthouse will provide service providers a single environment to manage Azure resources across different customers

How to create an email alias for your account

Are you in need of a second email address? You don’t have to create a whole new email account. Instead, you can add an alias to your existing inbox. You can send and receive email using the alias and have it show up in your regular inbox,

Microsoft isn’t relenting on cutting off internal user rights for Microsoft Partners

Earlier this week, just a week before Microsoft’s annual Inspire Partner conference, word got out that the company was cutting a long-standing perk for partners as part of an annual Microsoft Action Pack subscription available to them. For years and years,

从零开始编写自己的C#框架(13)——T4模板在逻辑层中的应用(二) - AllEmpty




Nuclear Regulator Hacked 3 Times In 3 Years

mdsolar (1045926) writes with this disconcerting story from CNet about security breaches at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, revealed in a new report to have been compromised three times in the last three years:


一、页面停留时间与网站停留时间是如何计算出来的? 假设用户访问了网站的主页(Home)。分析工具将这个访问者标 […]


就在12月2日,著名品牌Victoria's Secret举办了它为世人所瞩目的秀,这场秀共分为六部分:1.Gilded Angels(金色天使)2.Exotic Traveler(异国行者)3.Dream Girls(梦幻女郎)4.Pink University(粉红大学)5.Fairy Tale(童话故事)6.

MixRadio不会放弃Windows Phone平台

MixRadio这款曾经在Windows Phone上十分优秀的音乐应用,在被Line收购之后似乎沉寂了一段时 […]

The Navy's New Diving Suit Is Straight Out of G.I. Joe

The United States Navy recently announced a futuristic new diving suit that's designed to use less helium. There's only one problem: They made it look just like Cobra Eel, the mortal enemy of Wet-Suit, a G.I. Joe Navy SEAL.Read more...


噢噢噢噢噢噢噢又有机会买酒喝了,感谢 @Debbie 给我提供写回答机会!持续更新中,这个工程有点大,大家给我几瓶酒的时间!

First look: iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus

The iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus look almost exactly the same as their predecessors, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, on the outside. But there are plenty of changes, and most aren't visible until you use the phone.There's one key exception: The addition of a new color:



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