Inspire 2019 Overview: The expansion of 2018’s projects and visions

New Cloud Adoption frameworks introduced at Inspire this year which should greatly benefit partners who need to walk clients through their transition to the cloud.

GitHub mobile app launches on iOS and Android in beta

Presumably, the app was in development before its acquisition but should now get the full backing of Microsoft's developer budgets and resources as cross-platform accessibility continues to be a top priority for the company.

A conversation with the researcher who put a movie on a piece of glass with Project Silica

At Microsoft Ignite, I sat down with Ant Rowstron, partner deputy lab director of Microsoft Research Cambridge, to learn more about Project Silica.

Microsoft to attend Pentagon summit on military use of AI

Shortly after winning the highly publicized Department of Defense JEDI contract, Microsoft is now sending representatives to meet with the Pentagon officials, according to reports from Bloomberg. Specifically, Microsoft representatives started meeting with Pentagon officials as early as today,

Microsoft releases Canary channel version of Microsoft Edge for ARM almost just in time for Surface

Microsoft just released its latest foray into Windows 10 on ARM devices with the Surface Pro X to mixed reviews, especially regarding performance of current browsers. Perhaps mindful of that, the Edge team has just released a Canary channel update for Microsoft Edge for ARM:

Microsoft is reportedly working on 64-bit x86 app emulation for Windows 10 on ARM

According to a new report, running x64 apps on Windows 10 on ARM PCs could be ready for Windows 10 21H1, the first major update for Windows 10 coming in the first half of 2021.

Ian Todd is now running the Windows Insider team (updated)

When the head of the Windows Insider program, Dona Sarkar, moved on to work on Microsoft’s Power Platform a few weeks ago, Microsoft’s CVP of Windows and Education Eran Megiddo announced that the company was conducting a search for a new leader of the program. In a bit of under-the-radar news,

Microsoft veteran and head of AI and Research Harry Shum is leaving, to be replaced by Kevin Scott

Harry Shum, the Executive Vice President of AI and research who has been with Microsoft for 23 years, is taking a departure from the company.

Inspire 2019: Microsoft expands its Intelligent Security Association Program support again

As of last July 2018, the list stood expanded for the first with to include a total of 24 partners including Contrast Security, Duo Security, Yubico, Trusona, and Fortinet.

Inspire 2019: Microsoft Teams crosses 13 million daily active users

A little more than two years after its initial launch, Microsoft Teams has now crossed 13 million daily active users and 19 million weekly active users.

Inspire 2019: Azure Lighthouse, a new single environment to manage Azure resources across customers

Azure Lighthouse will provide service providers a single environment to manage Azure resources across different customers

Welcome to Swift (苹果官方Swift文档初译与注解十八)---116~122页(第二章) - 老蔡居士

Strings and Characters (字符串和字符) 字符串是一组字符组成的序列,例如“hello, world" 或 "albatross”.在Swift中,字符串使用String类型进行声明,它代表一组由Character(字符)类型组成的值的序列. String类型和Charac.....

5 Tips to Work Smarter, Not Harder

The more efficiently you run your day-to-day business affairs, the more time you have for other important tasks. Chris Ridd, managing director of small business accounting software provider Xero, spoke to Mashable to offer some pointers. Human beings are creatures of habit.






著名的浏览器插件 AdBlock 曾让在网站上投放弹窗和横幅式广告的广告主们深恶痛绝,于是他们发明了让你防不胜 […]


“大哥,这五花肉看着不错,多钱啊?”“Oh,no no,妹纸你看清楚点,这可不是块肉……” 如今,日化品推陈出 […]

This is what happens when you launch a rocket under a frozen lake

I love my Swedes, especially when they get crazy. I'm not so sure about launching fireworks rockets under the ice of a frozen lake. That's just dumb. Fun, but dumb. Go home and leave the fish alone, Swedes. You are drunk.Read more...







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