Microsoft quietly ends some Azure discounts for new customers

All good things must come to an end, and it seems that this old adage applies to discount pricing. No announcement was made, but as GigaOM noticed, at some point in the last three weeks, Microsoft changed the criteria to qualify for "commitment discounts".

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Microsoft quietly ends some Azure discounts for new customers

All good things must come to an end, and it seems that this old adage applies to discount pricing. No announcement was made, but as GigaOM noticed, at some point in the last three weeks, Microsoft changed the criteria to qualify for "commitment discounts".

Perfecto Mobile's MobileCloud platform now available to MSDN and Azure users

Adobe Cloud subscribers can receive £400 off a Surface Pro 3

If you’re a subscriber to the Adobe Creative Cloud and are in the market for a new PC, make sure you check your email. This morning there was a promotion sent out to subscribers to receive £400 off of a Surface Pro 3. Unfortunately,

Microsoft launches Xbox Store Countdown Sale offerings hundreds of games and apps at discounts

With the year 2015 coming to an end, Microsoft has still has gifts in store for Xbox users. The Xbox Store Countdown sale will offer users with hundreds of games and apps at discounted prices over...

This week's Deals with Gold offers Metro for Xbox One, and plethora of Xbox 360 titles at attractive

Microsoft Launches Office 2016 For Mac, Office 365 Subscribers Get It First

Microsoft today released the new version of its productivity suite for Mac users with the debut of Office 2016 for Mac. The updated software is first being made available to Office 365 subscribers, the company says – meaning those who have either an Office 365 Home, Personal, Business,

Sunset Overdrive is 40% off for Xbox Live Gold subscribers, three new achievements inbound

Microsoft has announced today that Xbox Live Gold members can snag Sunset Overdrive for Xbox One at a 40 discount for a limited time. On top of that, new achievements are inbound, consisting of three new Buck National themed challenges with each achievement worth 25 gamerscore points.

24 hours left to snag these great app deals

Every week, Microsoft discounts a selection of apps in the app store. These “Red Stripe Deals” usually offer a variety of apps to choose from with games often being the most promoted though occasionally...The post 24 hours left to snag these great app deals appeared first on WinBeta.

Apple’s iPhone 5c Sales Story Is A Complex One

For years, pundits and analysts have been suggesting that the only way for Apple to compete against cheap Android phones, especially in China and throughout Asia, was to produce a cheap iPhone. Well,

Microsoft finds the recent EA Access program for Xbox One a 'game-changer'

Last month, the giant game publisher announced EA Access, a subscription-based program for Xbox One. Microsoft is very pleased with this move, and finds this program to be a “game changer.”

Samsung Unpacked roundup: A 10th Anniversary bonanza of stuff

Samsung emptied its 2019 bag of goodies onto the showroom floor that included four new additions to the Galaxy S line up as well as a new SmartWatch, Bixby-powered home speaker, and wireless earbuds.

Microsoft Search adds Bookmarks and People autosuggest in Edge

The Bing search bar is getting a bit of a functionality boost for Windows enterprise users. As of yesterday, February 20, 2019, The autosuggest feature found in the search bar can now surface saved browser bookmarks and contact suggestions.

Microsoft has dropped Windows Mixed Reality devices from its affiliate program—are they dead already

Microsoft is removing Windows Mixed Reality devices from its affiliate program, which allows the tech giant to sell products from third parties by paying them a commission.

Microsoft reveals more new features coming in the Xbox One 1904 update

The Xbox One 1904 update will bring Xbox Game Pass quests to the Xbox One dashboard, as well as new Message Requests and Suggesting Uninstall features.

Microsoft expands AccountGuard cybersecurity service in Europe to combat election meddling

Microsoft is expanding its AccountGuard cybersecurity service to twelve new European markets that include Sweden, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania. Slovakia, Latvia, Portugal and Spain.

Microsoft is launching a new survey solution for businesses called Microsoft Forms Pro

In June 2016, Microsoft launched a simple and lightweight online survey creator tool – Microsoft Forms – allowing educators to create surveys and quizzes. It was available as part of Office 365 Education subscription; however, the tool was later opened up for other commercial customers.

How to reinstall Windows 10 to a new hard drive

I recently bought a new hard drive for my Windows 10 PC because the previous one stopped working. I was able to create a system recovery USB before the old hard drive failed completely. However, after installing the new hard drive, I was unable to re-install Windows.

Mail, Calendar, and People apps for Windows 8.1 receive bug fixes in latest update

Microsoft has rolled out an update to the Mail, Calendar, and People apps for Windows 8.1. This update simply addresses bugs and improves app performance. It may seem like a minor update, but bug fixes are always welcome and help with the overall improvement of the app.

Ready, Aim, Flee for Windows Phone is an action game that puts you in control of a daring escape

We're seeing a lot of minimalistic games in the Windows Phone Store and this game is the perfect example. In this endless runner game, your main objective is to see how far you can run, while being able to fire arrows and avoid obstacles.

Lumia 930: See how creativity and technology are bound together to create art (video)

When you combine technology with creativity, you can produce something artistic. Take Marcel Lammerhirt for example, a photographer who used a Lumia 930, powered by Windows Phone 8.1, to create something amazing. Along with the Lumia 930, Lammerhirt used a tripod, some flashes, and two LED lights.


在天才Don Draper看来,能收买人心的广告,最重要是New butnostalgia。中国古语说“衣不如新,人不如故”,有异曲同工之妙。人的欲望对新的物件产生,情感却是在回头怀旧时“别有一番滋味在心头”。

若无分红及回购 苹果现金储备已达2100亿

近两年来,苹果在每一次财报会议上都会提到向股东分红以及回购股票的数字。在实施分红和股票回购之前,苹果公司的现金储备已经达到 1200 亿美元。

Blood For Extra Credit Points Offer Raises Eyebrows In Test-Mad China

An anonymous reader writes Parents in China's Zhejiang province can give their own blood to earn some extra points on their child's high school entrance exam. Four liters of donated blood will get your child one extra point; 6 liters adds two points; and 8 liters, three. From the article:

苹果市值再次创造新纪录 突破6600亿美元


变革之作 三星Galaxy Alpha评测


distri.lua的web运维工具 - sniperHW






Google Glass Is Alive

Get ready for the rebirth of Google Glass. Details were recently uncovered that indicate Google is working on an upgraded version. However not aimed at the general consumer, but at the enterprise market. According to 9to5google, this upcoming edition will pack a larger display prism,

iPhone 6s正式发售:运营商主打4G+

9月25日上午消息,苹果公司年度新品iPhone 6s/6s plus今日在全球正式开售。作为首批上市的国家,由于货源充足,苹果零售店甚至都没有出现排队的情况。与此同时,运营商的iPhone 6s的宣传也一改以往风格,将卖点转移到了4G+上。

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