Meet the light bulb that brings the bass: LightFreq

A Kickstarter campaign is underway that aims to raise $50,000 so that the smart light bulb that doubles up as a Bluetooth speaker can become a reality.Read more:

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Meet the light bulb that brings the bass: LightFreq

A Kickstarter campaign is underway that aims to raise $50,000 so that the smart light bulb that doubles up as a Bluetooth speaker can become a reality.Read more:

The Smart Home Is Going To Be A Huge Boon To Accessibility

I reach for the iPhone tucked down the side of my wheelchair and launch the Hive app. After a couple more taps on the screen, there’s an audible click from across the room. A few seconds later, I hear the boiler sparking up before the central heating finally kicks in. It’s a familiar sound,

Box adds new features to support secure remote working

Box has been busy making improvements across the board.

Cloudflare teams up with Internet Archive to improve service availability

Internet Archive repository will provide an added layer of redundancy.

Accenture doubles down on its cloud business

Firm pledges serious money to help customers speed up their digital transformation efforts.

Most large firms risk fraud due to bad data

Not having ownership of the problem only makes it worse, a new report argues.

Spam and phishing emails continue to hit businesses hard

Infostealers are still the preferred weapon of choice among criminals.

10 tips to improve your company’s cybersecurity strategy in the post-coronavirus world

10 steps companies can take to protect employees and digital assets during the Covid-19 crisis.

Beyond the pandemic: Will platform technology provide the relief that businesses need to survive an

It is clear that digitalization will play a role across all sectors in the months to come so how can and does platform technology offer some relief?

Touch+ motion control device launched which makes any surface multi-touch

Ractiv has launched its new Touch+, a Kinect-esque looking black bar which can be attached to a computer, tablet or even TV to provide gesture functionality.Read more:

Data collection shapes brand perception: How to improve your brands reputation

Brain Sullivan, senior vice president of client services at Gigya, shares four essential insights about how to use data to improve both your brand and user experience.Read more:

Samsung enhances its Kids Store to boost child safety

The South Korean firm has announced an update to the feature, available in Kids Mode, that allows parents to set up safeguards to protect children from unwanted content.Read more:



Inspur World 2014技术峰会诠释浪潮云海战略

北京2014年10月23日电 /美通社/ -- 浪潮集团今天在北京举行“Inspur World 2014”浪潮技术与应用峰会,来自全国的近3000名政府、企业和垂直行业的客户,以及技术专家与业内人士参加了本次盛会。


芬兰高等教育不论是大学还是职业技术学校曾经都是无差别性的免费,直到08年经济危机才囿于形势推出了2010-2014年 过渡性试点收费政策;如今年关将近米缸见底,实在撑不住了的芬兰政(巧)府(妇)提出改革建议,自 2016年起全面结束针对非欧盟学生的免费政策,现已获得多数高校支持。

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今日限免关注:手机上的仿真单反ProCam 2

功能超强大的专业相机 App 双版本限免中,不要错过。另外推荐好用的剪贴同步工具《Pasteasy》和 7 分钟轻松完成的腹肌锻炼《男人的六块腹肌》,限免价格改动比较难预测,以发帖时间前后为准,请各位谅解。



Ahead Of WatchOS 2.0 Unveiling, Developers Built Nearly 11,500 Apple Watch Apps

Ahead of today’s Apple event, where it’s expected the company will officially introduce the next version of Apple Watch’s software, watchOS 2.0, among other things, app store analytics firm App Annie has released new data on the status of the Watch App Store today. Specifically,

Watch a jetpack pilot fly around the Statue of Liberty

If you thought the only place where you can currently see pilots flying jetpacks was Dubai, you were wrong. In a video posted on YouTube last week, you can see pilot David Mayman flying near Liberty Island in New York like it's nothingGranted,

HotelTonight Cuts 20 Percent Of Its Workforce

HotelTonight CEO Sam Shank (pictured above) said he laid off 37 employees today, 20 percent of the hotel booking startup’s total workforce.

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