Latest Edge Dev build ( brings Dark Mode to Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 users

Build is now available to download for Edge Insiders in the Dev Channel. This latest build brings Dark Mode to those running Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 and also fixes a wide rand of bugs relating to Extensions, PDFs, and other aspects of the new browser. Here’s the full release notes:

Windows 10 news recap: Pandora launches a new app, Your Phone now syncs phone wallpaper with PC, and

Welcome back to our Windows 10 news recap, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s flagship operating system. Pandora releases brand new music app for Windows 10 computers and laptops Music streaming service Pandora has released a new app for Windows 10 PCs.

Microsoft news recap: Outlook to sync email signature across devices, Microsoft Authenticator can no

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read! Microsoft Authenticator adds cloud backup and recovery for Android To make switching devices easier,

Registrations for the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator Tech Alpha are now open

Microsoft announced back at E3 that is was working on a new Flight Simulator game for Windows 10 and Xbox One, and the company has now opened registrations for the upcoming Tech Alpha release.

Surface Pro 7 may launch with an Intel Core i3 variant according to new leak

As we’re getting closer to Microsoft’s next Surface event on October 2, a new leak has just revealed the different configurations of Microsoft's upcoming Surface Pro 7.

The Walt Disney Studios moves to the cloud with new Microsoft partnership

Microsoft announced this morning a new five-year innovation partnership with The Walt Disney Studios, which will lead the American film studio’s StudioLAB technology arm to use Azure for film production and distribution.

How to search the web with Bing in Notepad

As part of the ongoing improvements to Windows 10’s Notepad, Microsoft added a built-in web search feature with last year’s Windows 10 October 2018 update. This lets you quickly search for highlighted text, without having to copy-and-paste a selection into your browser.

Pandora releases brand new music app for Windows 10 computers and laptops

Pandora has finally released a new version of their app for Windows 10 users with more features and all of the main functionality of the Mac version.

Microsoft reports fourth quarter earnings for fiscal year 2019, as expected, the trillion dollar com

Microsoft, who passed the $1 trillion market cap milestone a few weeks ago, continues to fire on all cylinders with the latest earnings results. Nearly every category is up, some significantly. Revenue is up 12% to $33.7 billion for the quarter, commercial cloud is up a whopping 39% to $11 billion,

President Trump, citing “tremendous complaints,” says he’s looking seriously at upcoming JEDI contra

The US Department of Defense is looking for a contractor for its move to the cloud, and has plans to award a contract worth upwards of $10 billion to a single winner as soon as next month. The contract, which competitors have been saying unfairly favors Amazon’s Web Services,

Windows 10 20H1 build 18941 is now available for Fast Ring Insiders

The Windows 10 20H1 build 18941 is a minor release that only brings an updated version of the Korean IME as well as some bug fixes, but Microsoft is also warning Insiders that this new build may fail to install in certain circumstances,



大多数应用开发者如同街头毒贩 收入微薄

随着伊士曼·柯达(Eastman Kodak)及美国西屋电气(Westinghouse)等大型企业的消亡,年轻的天才们将创业视为未来的发展方向。

Bring your own identity: The rise of the user

Suddenly everyone is at it. Want to connect with the world’s professionals on LinkedIn? You can use your Facebook account to log in if you choose. It’s called "bring your own identity".Read more:



Posting Soccer Goals On Vine Is Illegal, Say England's Premier League

New submitter JonnyCalcutta writes: The football Premier League in England is warning about posting clips of goals on online services such as Vine and Twitter. The claim is that posting these clips is "illegal under copyright laws.

[视频]Earity语言控制无线耳机将开始众筹 早期支持价79美元起




免费App不再“免费”,苹果App Store用“获取”代替“免费”二字

昨天“苹果1元店”的热闹还没过去,今天苹果 App Store 又有新热闹:那些免费应用不再标注为“免费”,而是改为“获取”(英文则由"FREE"变更至"GET")。苹果发言人向 Re/code 提到,这次的变更是全球范围的。

jquery+html三级联动下拉框及详情页面加载时的select初始化问题 - goodgirlmia

html写的三个下拉框,如下: 要求1:加载页面时初始化一级下拉框,当一级下拉框点击取值后加载二级下拉框,点击二级下拉框后加载三级下拉框;$(document).ready(function () { //一级单位的下拉显示框 $.getJSON(rootPa...

The World-Changing Technology You Completely Forgot About

'Technology' normally means a gadget — but really, it's any technical invention that solves problems and improves lives. Often, the most important tech is the one you take completely for granted. Like shipping containers , which are explored in a book called The Box,

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