Latest Edge Dev build ( brings Dark Mode to Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 users

Build is now available to download for Edge Insiders in the Dev Channel. This latest build brings Dark Mode to those running Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 and also fixes a wide rand of bugs relating to Extensions, PDFs, and other aspects of the new browser. Here’s the full release notes:

New acronym answers feature in Microsoft Search will help you navigate your company’s alphabet soup

Microsoft has announced that Microsoft Search now has an acronym answer feature

No Teams? No Problem! Here’s How to join meetings as a guest in Teams

Here's How to join meetings as a guest in Teams

How to install a printer in Windows 10

When you install a printer, your Windows 10 PC should detect your printer automatically; wirelessly on your home network, or directly plugged the printer into your PC. Windows 10 has the necessary drivers that support most printers,

Ninja’s exclusivity deal with Mixer reportedly cost Microsoft “between $20 and $30 million”

According to a new report from CNN, Microsoft paid Ninja between $20 and $30 million to leave Twitch to stream exclusively on Mixer.

Microsoft to fix wallpaper bug on Windows 7 caused by end of support update

Microsoft officially ended support for Windows 7 two weeks ago, but the company has since acknowledged that the latest “Patch Tuesday” update for the 10 years-old OS has introduced an unexpected wallpaper issue.

This third-party Surface Connect to USB-C adapter is a must have for Surface users

J-Go Tech has launched a unique Surface Connect to USB-C Adapter that converts the proprietary Microsoft Surface Connect port used for charging to USB-C power delivery with a regular USB-C cable.

Microsoft’s Mixer fate is looking a lot like Windows Phone at the moment pt. 2

Users are being left to decide to participate in either a more fledge out ecosystem of services and products or stick with a nascent upstart that shows promising potential but little in the way concrete benefits.

Microsoft reports fourth quarter earnings for fiscal year 2019, as expected, the trillion dollar com

Microsoft, who passed the $1 trillion market cap milestone a few weeks ago, continues to fire on all cylinders with the latest earnings results. Nearly every category is up, some significantly. Revenue is up 12% to $33.7 billion for the quarter, commercial cloud is up a whopping 39% to $11 billion,

President Trump, citing “tremendous complaints,” says he’s looking seriously at upcoming JEDI contra

The US Department of Defense is looking for a contractor for its move to the cloud, and has plans to award a contract worth upwards of $10 billion to a single winner as soon as next month. The contract, which competitors have been saying unfairly favors Amazon’s Web Services,

Windows 10 20H1 build 18941 is now available for Fast Ring Insiders

The Windows 10 20H1 build 18941 is a minor release that only brings an updated version of the Korean IME as well as some bug fixes, but Microsoft is also warning Insiders that this new build may fail to install in certain circumstances,

iMac with Retina Display 拆解:除了屏幕没啥不同

新发布的 iMac with Retina Display 为我们带来效果出众的 5K 屏幕。这次的新款 iMac 所采用的一些显示技术让人印象深刻,例如屏幕分辨率高达 5210 x 2880 像素,比 4K 多 67% 的像素,机身边缘厚度仅为 5 毫米。


威锋网讯根据瑞典媒体Rapidus的报导,苹果已于近期悄然在瑞典的兰德市(Lund)市开设了一个新的开发办公地点。不过,苹果目前还没有公开此事,而且这一个新的办公地点一共有几名员工仍然未知。报导称,苹果在几 ... ...

人类首颗冥王星探测器苏醒 已航行9年48亿公里

据台湾联合新闻网报道,美国太空总署发射的“新视野号”(New Horizons)机器人探测器在花了9年的时间,航行了48亿公里之后,7日凌晨4点从休眠中转醒,开始人类首次的冥王星(Pluto)相关探测工作。


曼切斯特大学的射频工程教授Danielle George将今天的年轻人称为迷失的一代,因为他们生长在一个一次性消费的世界里,失去了修理电子设备的技能。

Parrot BeBop Drone 评测


Ingenico Wants To Open Apple Pay And Other NFC Tech To Merchants Of All Sizes

Payments is one of those chicken and egg scenarios. Consumers want to see a use case (participating merchants) before they adopt, yet merchants want to know that customers are actually using this stuff before they invest. Apple Pay has, by all accounts,

传12.9英寸的iPad Pro延迟至9月生产,原因是屏幕供应商不给力

据彭博社报道,有消息人士称12.9英寸的iPad Pro将推迟至今年9月生产,比之前传闻的时间又晚了不少。消息同时称,苹果原本打算这个季度就开始生产iPad Pro,之所以一再延迟生产时间,原因是屏幕的供应链出了问题。

WWDC大会今晚开幕 - iOS移动开发周报

WWDC 15将于6月9日凌晨开幕,InfoQ中文站也将对本次WWDC大会进行深入报道。iPhone 6s可能将全面配置Force Touch,Swift 发布一周年,已逐渐被开发者接受。 By 王巍

高達迷必朝拜!巨型 Unicorn 及 Wing Gundam 8 月登陸香港

2013 年時銅鑼灣時代廣場曾經出現過的 Gundam 基地,當年場上巨型 RX-78-2 及紅渣古令人留下深刻印象。闊別兩年,今年同一地點又即將舉行「Gundam Docks at Hong Kong II」展覽啦!The post 高達迷必朝拜!



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