Xbox One’s new surreal gravity-puzzle video game, Etherborn, is now available to play

Etherborn, a new puzzle title from Altered Matter, is now available to download and play on Microsoft’s Xbox One family of consoles. This new game is a gravity-puzzle game which requires the player to navigate surreal environment using physic-based movements and strategies.

Microsoft Lists will start rolling out on the web later this month

Microsoft Lists, the new Microsoft 365 app that the company announced in May will start rolling out later this summer.

Reminder: You can now sign up to preview the new consumer features for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft is currently promoting signing up for Teams for consumers.

The Sims 4 and Citadel: Forged with Fire are free to play with Xbox Live Gold this weekend

Another weekend brings another round of Free Play Days for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. Starting now until Sunday, July 12, 2020, at 11:59 p.m. PDT, Sims 4 and Citadel: Forged with Fire are available to play for free. As always,

Xbox execs explain why they’re keeping their hands off recently acquired game studios after acquirin

Following the successful acquisition of Minecraft developer Mojang back in 2014, Microsoft appears to be done trying to dictate its game studios what they need to do.

How to check your Compliance Score in Microsoft 365 to ensure you keep your small business data safe

If you hope to keep your data safe in Microsoft 365, then you might want to check your compliance scores.

Microsoft Edge is introducing Storage Access API, allowing devs to detect privacy settings and reque

Microsoft is currently working on a new privacy feature for Microsoft Edge called "Storage Access API" that will give developers a way to determine whether their site's access to browser storage is restricted by a user’s privacy settings and directly request storage access from users if so.

Microsoft Teams announces major enhancements to meetings Part Three: new Teams hardware, Tasks app a

Users will theoretically be able to conduct entire meetings, brainstorming sessions, and pitches without ever having to touch communal work areas soon.

Latest Edge Dev build ( brings Dark Mode to Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 users

Build is now available to download for Edge Insiders in the Dev Channel. This latest build brings Dark Mode to those running Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 and also fixes a wide rand of bugs relating to Extensions, PDFs, and other aspects of the new browser. Here’s the full release notes:

Microsoft reports fourth quarter earnings for fiscal year 2019, as expected, the trillion dollar com

Microsoft, who passed the $1 trillion market cap milestone a few weeks ago, continues to fire on all cylinders with the latest earnings results. Nearly every category is up, some significantly. Revenue is up 12% to $33.7 billion for the quarter, commercial cloud is up a whopping 39% to $11 billion,

President Trump, citing “tremendous complaints,” says he’s looking seriously at upcoming JEDI contra

The US Department of Defense is looking for a contractor for its move to the cloud, and has plans to award a contract worth upwards of $10 billion to a single winner as soon as next month. The contract, which competitors have been saying unfairly favors Amazon’s Web Services,



Xbox One新界面Guide菜单探索

昨日,微软开始对Xbox One主机进行了基于Windows 10架构的全新Xbox One界面更新推送。


谢 @陈雨桐邀,这种问哪儿有好酒店的伸手问题简直太多了,我也不是人肉版的百度知道所以直接来个终结汇总给大家把铁锹,大家自己随便挖吧,别懒到非要嚼碎了喂给你吃。

东芝净亏损将超6000亿日元 家电市场每况愈下


Three Things The Tech Industry Has Right And The Medical Industry Has Wrong

It seems like there’s no shortage of online apps and services to make life and business easier. You can stream movies in your own home, pay parking tickets with the tap of a finger and plan a world adventure from the comfort of your couch. But when it comes to healthcare, you’re living in the past.


奇迹暖暖全新活动古典之音正式开启,在这项活动中,第五关温度比风度重要大家要怎么搭配呢?一起来看看吧。【温度比风度重要】属性:简约、成熟、活泼、清纯、保暖基础搭配发型:精灵长发珍稀(服装进化)/高贵 ... ...

【读书笔记】-- JavaScript数组 - stoneniqiu

数组是一段线性分配的内存,它通过整数计算偏移并访问其中的元素。大多数的语言都会要求一个数组的元素是相同类型,但JavaScript数组可以包含任意类型。 长度 数组的length没有上界,如果用大于等于当前length的数字作为下标保存一个元素,那么length会增大来容纳新的元素,而不会发生边界冲


法国科隆布--(美国商业资讯)--全球领先的嵌入式安全软件产品和服务提供商欧贝特科技(OT)宣布,该公司已与瑞士知名制表商、全球最受欢迎的品牌之一Swatch缔结重要的合作关系,以向巴西客户提供非接触式支付。客户只需将其时尚的Swatch Bellamy手表靠近支持近场通信(NFC)技术的非接触式终端挥动一下,即可实现快速、安全和便捷支付。   欧贝特科技将提供其FlyBuySE(安全元件)——嵌于手表中的NFC芯片——以及个性化的产品信用和数据。欧贝特科技的FlyBuySE完全整合于Swatch Bellamy手表中,提供较高的安全级别,同时可实现非接触式支付和交易。  


一場奧運 400 米自由泳的比賽,竟然掀起了軒然大波。在正式比賽之前,中國代表孫楊就被爆在練習場上向澳州選手 Mark Horton 潑水騷擾。在 400 米自由泳的比賽上 Horton 以 0.13 秒力壓孫楊,令中國隊再度「失金*」;不過激發大陸網民怒憤的卻是 Horton 賽後表示這是「好孩子的勝利」和「服禁藥作弊的人不值得尊重」。The post 唐言無忌:先成德再成人 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 玩生活‧樂科技.

Taking on America's worst fears

I decided to experience the most common phobias in America. What are you afraid of? Read more...More about Mashable Video, Germs, Scary, Snakes, and Claustrophobia

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