How to rename your Windows 10 PC

Your computer’s digital name is an important but often overlooked setting. Windows uses your PC’s assigned name to present itself on your network and communicate with other devices. By default,

Xbox Video officially renamed as Movies & TV

Xbox Video has been rebranded as Movies & TV in Windows 10. It’s something a lot of people had seen coming, especially with the new unified Windows 10 Store experience revealed earlier this year that removed the Xbox Video branding, but now it’s official.

Windows 10 everywhere – a new confusion for consumers?

Before I began my venture into blogging and journalism, I was a technology sales associate at the all mighty office supply store, Staples. My geeky knowledge was used to sell a number of different products, including Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system – oh, and overpriced warranties,

"In The Shower Eating Cherries" and More Tales of Nightmare IT Calls

We asked for your worst stories of working IT phone support — and boy, did you ever answer our call. You have the patience of saints and the fortitude of soldiers. We’ll never look at a phone the same way again.Read more...

East of Palo Alto’s Eden

What if Silicon Valley had emerged from a racially integrated community? Would the technology industry be different?  Would we? And what can the technology industry do now to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past?

Plus Addressing, for creating custom or disposable email addresses, coming to M365 later this year

Microsoft plans to bring support for Plus Addressing, where you can create custom and disposable email addresses on Microsoft 365. According to the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, Plus Addressing is currently in development and will be accessible via general availability in Q3 CY2020.

Microsoft Edge Canary no longer shows www or http:// in the address bar

Microsoft is currently experimenting with a new change in Microsoft Edge which will hide parts of the website URL by default.

Microsoft has reportedly delayed July launch for its dual-screen Surface Duo

Microsoft’s Surface Duo dual-screen device, which has been previously rumored to be launching this summer, apparently won’t be making its official debut in July.

OneDrive for Windows app to lose Fetch files feature later this month

Microsoft is going to remove the Fetch Files feature from the OneDrive app on Windows at the end of this month.

Microsoft Sudoku gets a massive revamp on Windows 10 with new features, themes, and more

The free-to-play Microsoft Sudoku video game recently received a rather significant update for Windows 10 devices that adds several new visual themes, additional difficulty levels, new achievements,

Classic Xbox 360 video game Halo 3 comes to PC with support for 4K UHD and over 60FPS

The Halo 3 video game is finally available to play on PC as part of the Halo Master Chief Collection or as an individual purchase via the Microsoft Store and Steam. The original game came out on the Xbox 360 console back in 2007 and has also been playable on the Xbox One due to […]

Microsoft To Do apps update on Windows 10 and iOS with narrator and repeating task fixes

Both the Windows 10 and iOS versions of the Microsoft To Do app updated today with a variety of different fixes and improvements.

Xbox One’s new surreal gravity-puzzle video game, Etherborn, is now available to play

Etherborn, a new puzzle title from Altered Matter, is now available to download and play on Microsoft’s Xbox One family of consoles. This new game is a gravity-puzzle game which requires the player to navigate surreal environment using physic-based movements and strategies.

Latest Edge Dev build ( brings Dark Mode to Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 users

Build is now available to download for Edge Insiders in the Dev Channel. This latest build brings Dark Mode to those running Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 and also fixes a wide rand of bugs relating to Extensions, PDFs, and other aspects of the new browser. Here’s the full release notes:

Microsoft reports fourth quarter earnings for fiscal year 2019, as expected, the trillion dollar com

Microsoft, who passed the $1 trillion market cap milestone a few weeks ago, continues to fire on all cylinders with the latest earnings results. Nearly every category is up, some significantly. Revenue is up 12% to $33.7 billion for the quarter, commercial cloud is up a whopping 39% to $11 billion,


微软在移动浪潮中举步维艰已不是啥秘密,与竞争对手相比,该公司的Windows Phone销量简直微不足道,就连Surface也没能在叫板iPad的挑战中占道多大便宜。

Andy Gonsalves插画作品

Andy Gonsalves,美国插画师,现居纽约,官方网站:

iPhone 6 将刺激大规模升级 挖脚安卓阵营

威锋网 3 月 18 日讯 根据研究机构 ISI 分析师 Brian Marshal 最新发布的一份投资建议报告显示,苹果盛传即将推出更大屏幕的 iPhone 6,这将会刺激更多的用户进行升级。

传 Beats Music 正洽谈新一轮融资,总额在6000万至1亿美元间

处于尴尬竞争状态的 Beats Music 日前被传正进行新一轮融资;据估计,流媒体音乐产业今年首季增长了33%达到1.71亿美元,但音乐下载产值则同比下降了13%至4.73亿美元。

神奇的防滑“固体胶” 眼镜一族好伴侣


Sen. Franken Calls Net Neutrality The “Free Speech Issue Of Our Time”

In a video posted to the website NoSlowLane, Senator Al Franken made the argument for pure net neutrality, calling the principle "the free speech issue of our time.


威锋网讯,近日一些关于 iPhone 6 和 iPhone 6 Plus 在一架 747 运输机内的照片在网络上疯传。

SoC嵌入式软件架构设计之三 :代码分块(Bank)设计原则 - 吴跃前


坐上去音效会更好 家庭影院必备座椅!

为了搭建一个家庭影院,我们会在很多地方下工夫,比如投影、播放机、音响……等等,但有谁想过椅子?一位韩国设计师一定是觉得自家的家庭影院已经到了瓶颈,于是他打造了 4D Chair 观影椅。

Are Yahoo News Editors Getting Passive Aggressive?

An old pal just found something startling on his Yahoo homepage and sent in the following screengrab of the Yahoo homepage, featuring an incredibly negative article about Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer ratting out a coworker back when she was working at Google:Read more...

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