Enjoy the majestic derpiness of a baby sea turtle horde shimmying into the ocean

Sea turtles aren't hatched underwater. Instead, what happens is a mama turtle makes her way to a sandy beach, digs a hole, and deposits a bunch of eggs — as many as 350! — then covers them with sand and heads back to her ocean home.The eggs hatch about two months later,

This tiny device turns your screen into an interactive touchscreen — Future Blink

Built by an ex-Samsung engineer, Glamos supposedly makes most screens interactive. Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Touchscreen, Future Blink, and Glamos

Celebrating Marty the grocery store robot's birthday is super depressing

Marty the grocery store robot has officially wreaked havoc on Stop & Shop employees for one full year. A real milestone.If you're reading this article, you're likely familiar with Marty, the giant gray, aisle-patrolling,

Byte is already overrun with spam comments

Dom Hoffman, the founder of Byte, told users that he’s looking to fix this as quickly as possible. Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Social Media, Byte, and Vine 2

Planters pauses Mr. Peanut funeral campaign after Kobe Bryant's death

Planters paused its ad campaign about Mr. Peanut's "death" after Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and seven others died in a helicopter crash Sunday. AdAge first reported the news.According to CNBC, the company will still air its planned third-quarter Super Bowl ad, which will depict Mr.

Google Docs is down so no one is getting any work done

Welp, hope you weren't planning on getting work done today. Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides are all down due to an unknown issue, which appears to be affecting both the consumer and business versions of Google's productivity apps. The source of the issue wasn't immediately clear.

Hundreds of Amazon employees break company policy to call out its climate practices

Amazon employees are making themselves heard. On Sunday, Amazon employees spoke out about the company's climate policies through a post on Medium organized by the group Amazon Employees for Climate Justice. 357 employees individually shared their views on the company's climate practices.

Win a free year of streaming on the device of your choice

TL;DR: Take your chances at winning a free year of the subscription service and device of your choice when you enter the Pick Your Streaming Service and Device Giveaway. When temperatures fall below 35 degrees, there's basically nothing left for us outside the house.

The Orion capsule for NASA's next moon landing is ready to rock

The next trip to the moon isn't supposed to happen until 2024, but NASA is now ready to put living humans on the surface.On July 20, the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, NASA confirmed that work on the Orion crew vehicle is complete. The reusable capsule,

Apollo 11 moon landing videotapes sell at auction for $1.8 million

Footage of the first moon landing taken in 1969 during NASA's Apollo 11 mission was purchased at auction through Sotheby's for $1.82 million on Saturday.The collection of footage totals about 2 hours and 24 minutes across three reels of film recorded at Mission Control in Houston, Texas.

Marvel's Phase Four is why it's exciting that 'Avengers' beat the 'Avatar' box office

Don't forget, kids: it's all Disney now anyway.Marvel's bid to get Avengers: Endgame one, last broken box office record has paid off. Until July 21, 2019, Avatar was the top-earning release of all time worldwide, with a total of $2.789 billion earned at the box office. Now, Endgame is out in front,



Apple’s iPhone Event Said To Be Happening Sept. 9

Apple is said to be preparing for a September 9 iPhone event this year, at which we’ll likely see the next generation iPhone devices, according to AllThingsD’s John Paczkowski. The date would be in keeping with past iPhone launches,



2D打印耗材巨头天威全面进军3D打印领域 发布3款3D打印机

珠海2014年10月16日电 /美通社/ -- 10月16日,在2014中国(珠海)国际打印耗材展览会和亚洲3D打印展览会上,全球最大的通用打印耗材生产商天威召开3D打印机新品发布会,发布3款不同应用3D打印机,宣布全面进军3D打印领域。



中国商户PayPal账户莫名其妙被封 维权艰难


Pharco Pharmaceuticals推出亚历山大女子壁球锦标赛

Pharco Pharmaceuticals推出按积分计算排名第五的亚历山大女子壁球锦标赛 倡议将壁球列入2020年东京奥运会赛事项目 埃及亚历山大2015年6月10日电 /美通社/ -- Pharco pharmaceuticals总裁表示:“我们的目标不仅是治疗疾病,而且希望通过促进体育运动达到最终预防疾病的目的。

想知道時間?先來解題吧!「數學數位時鐘 Albert Clock」

請問現在幾點幾分?嗯......現在是9除以3加5點,4乘以8減2分。什麼?!問個時間還要弄得跟腦筋急轉彎一樣喔!  閱讀全文

華爾街日報專訪 Gogoro 執行長陸學森:打造潔淨能源的未來 從台北出發

癮科技編:本篇文章引述華爾街日報專訪 Gogoro 執行長陸學森「Tech Entrepreneur Creates a Cleaner Future Starting in Taipei」一文,並由 Gogoro 熱心騎士蕢鴻恩翻譯並允許轉載。閱讀全文



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