Enjoy the majestic derpiness of a baby sea turtle horde shimmying into the ocean

Sea turtles aren't hatched underwater. Instead, what happens is a mama turtle makes her way to a sandy beach, digs a hole, and deposits a bunch of eggs — as many as 350! — then covers them with sand and heads back to her ocean home.The eggs hatch about two months later,

Samsung's HW-Q60R Harman Kardon soundbar is on sale for $170 off

TL;DR: Get the panoramic Samsung HW-Q60R Harman Kardon soundbar for just $329.99 when you order it through the PCMag Shop. Since it's normally $499.99, you'll be saving 34%. In case you missed it, we just experienced the hottest July ever, glaciers are dying,

Get the world's smallest Linux computer for under $50

They say good things come in small packages, but the concept doesn't seem to always apply in tech. Computers with impressive processing power tend to be bigger machines, big-screen TVs are a dime-a-dozen, and even bigger smartphones are making a comeback.

Become an expert in Microsoft Office from your couch

TL;DR: Get access to the comprehensive Essential Microsoft Office 2019 course bundle by simply naming your price. Valued at nearly $250, this group of classes is a steal you don't want to miss out on. 

This award-winning coffee maker is on sale for 75% off — save $300

TL;DR: Get the state-of-the-art Wilfa Precision automatic coffee brewer for $99.99 or $84.99, depending on your color/material choice. Since it's usually listed from $349.99-$399.99, you'll be keeping a pretty big chunk of change in your pocket — up to $300, to be exact. For a lot of us,

'The Mandalorian' Star Wars footage raises plenty of questions

"You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy." Those words, spoken by Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars about Mos Eisley spaceport on Tatooine, have passed into legend. They heralded the arrival of arguably the movie's most iconic moments,

'High School Musical: The Musical: The Series' returns to East High with first trailer

If you weren't already dancing on top of a table singing about how much you secretly love the cello, you're gonna be. On Friday, Disney+ debuted the first trailer for High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. HSMTMTS (a mouthful) is a return to form for the franchise,

Ewan McGregor will return as Obi-Wan Kenobi for Disney+

Crank up the cantina song and pour the blue milk — Ewan McGregor is making his return as Obi-Wan Kenobi. Confirmed Friday at Disney's D23 Expo, the Star Wars veteran is set to reprise his role as the iconic Jedi Knight in an Obi-Wan centric series for Disney+.

The Orion capsule for NASA's next moon landing is ready to rock

The next trip to the moon isn't supposed to happen until 2024, but NASA is now ready to put living humans on the surface.On July 20, the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, NASA confirmed that work on the Orion crew vehicle is complete. The reusable capsule,

Apollo 11 moon landing videotapes sell at auction for $1.8 million

Footage of the first moon landing taken in 1969 during NASA's Apollo 11 mission was purchased at auction through Sotheby's for $1.82 million on Saturday.The collection of footage totals about 2 hours and 24 minutes across three reels of film recorded at Mission Control in Houston, Texas.

Marvel's Phase Four is why it's exciting that 'Avengers' beat the 'Avatar' box office

Don't forget, kids: it's all Disney now anyway.Marvel's bid to get Avengers: Endgame one, last broken box office record has paid off. Until July 21, 2019, Avatar was the top-earning release of all time worldwide, with a total of $2.789 billion earned at the box office. Now, Endgame is out in front,


本文作者为 :AI剪刀手【智能硬件从业者、PICOOC联合创始人】 自苹果iPhone 4S内置语音助手Siri以来,语音识别技术近年来经历了前所未有的繁荣。穿戴式设备、智能家居和车载设备的兴起,更是将语音识别技推到应用的台前。

Sergey Brin 用 Google Glass 跟 David Hasselhoff 玩自拍

David Hasselhoff在Google+发了这张照片,称自己在4月1日愚人节这一天来到Googleplex山寨城总部跟Sergey Brin玩自拍——不过不是用手机玩,而是用Google Glass。

索尼或无a65后续机型 重心转向E卡口微单



5月21日,易到用车联合汽车厂商沃尔沃推出“Car Sharing”试乘体验平台,建立 YcarLab 共享实验室,用户通过试乘平台,可以在易到用车中选择车型,规划路线,设定时间,实现试乘体验,过去只能在 4S 店里体验新车的状况将会有所改善。 




法国警方人员在阿布扎比“人权”课程毕业典礼上称赞阿联酋安全部门 阿联酋阿布扎比--(美国商业资讯)--法国警察总局Marc Boudet少将盛赞阿联酋警察和安全部门的效率,表扬他们采纳最佳的国际标准,为社区成员服务,改善安全保障,提升警务人员的技能。


Intuit公司负责数据工程的副总裁Bill Loconzolo已两脚踏入了数据湖。而Smarter Remarketer的首席数据科学家Dean Abbott也径直走进了云中。

Users can make presidential candidates do whatever they want with this app

If tales of political dynasties squaring off for the presidency and a billionaire trying to bully his way to the nomination aren't enough 2016 presidential election stories for you, a new app allows users to animate their ownWith its recently-introduced politics patch,



We Tried LG's Roll-Up Tablet Keyboard

In the middle of the throng at LG’s IFA 2015 booth, one little gadget got a surprisingly large amount of tech geek attention. The compact, portable and aptly named LG Rolly Keyboard is a super-convenient contrivance for tablet and smartphone typists.Read more...

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