How 'The Lion King' cast members describe meeting Beyoncé, ranked by pure joy

Love it or hate it, the "live-action" remake of Disney's The Lion King has been an event.With a record-breaking projected $531 million opening weekend and a cast so star-studded even the royal family stopped by to shake hands,

5 things you didn't know about the iPad on its 10th anniversary

On January 27, 2010, the late Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, presented a device to the world that looked a lot like a giant iPhone that didn't make calls. A few months later, the first iPad was made available to the public, more or less kicking off a tablet revolution,

This tiny device turns your screen into an interactive touchscreen — Future Blink

Built by an ex-Samsung engineer, Glamos supposedly makes most screens interactive. Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Touchscreen, Future Blink, and Glamos

Celebrating Marty the grocery store robot's birthday is super depressing

Marty the grocery store robot has officially wreaked havoc on Stop & Shop employees for one full year. A real milestone.If you're reading this article, you're likely familiar with Marty, the giant gray, aisle-patrolling,

Byte is already overrun with spam comments

Dom Hoffman, the founder of Byte, told users that he’s looking to fix this as quickly as possible. Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Social Media, Byte, and Vine 2

Planters pauses Mr. Peanut funeral campaign after Kobe Bryant's death

Planters paused its ad campaign about Mr. Peanut's "death" after Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and seven others died in a helicopter crash Sunday. AdAge first reported the news.According to CNBC, the company will still air its planned third-quarter Super Bowl ad, which will depict Mr.

Google Docs is down so no one is getting any work done

Welp, hope you weren't planning on getting work done today. Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides are all down due to an unknown issue, which appears to be affecting both the consumer and business versions of Google's productivity apps. The source of the issue wasn't immediately clear.

Hundreds of Amazon employees break company policy to call out its climate practices

Amazon employees are making themselves heard. On Sunday, Amazon employees spoke out about the company's climate policies through a post on Medium organized by the group Amazon Employees for Climate Justice. 357 employees individually shared their views on the company's climate practices.

That 'Picard' trailer has lots of people fixated on another returning star

Star Trek fandom got its first look at the CBS All Access series Picard on Saturday thanks to a trailer that debuted at San Diego Comic-Con.The two-minute look at Patrick Stewart's next adventure as the former Enterprise captain is filled with reasons to get excited.

David Habour's character in 'Black Widow' sends 'Stranger Things' fans into emotional tailspin

Warning: Major spoilers from Stranger Things 3 lie ahead.C'mon, Marvel. Let the people of Hawkins mourn in peace. At San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday,

Android will soon make it easier to manage battery life on Bluetooth headsets

It's a huge pain when you don't know whether your Bluetooth earbuds are going to die or not. Google is going to fix that.Android users with Fast Pair Bluetooth devices will be getting some new features before the end of 2019,

Google Analytics自动标记工具

五一假期拼凑了一个Google Analytics自动标记工具,我在博客里对这个工具进行简单的功能介绍并分享给有需要的朋友们使用。文章结尾附有工具下载地址。希望帮助大家减轻Google Analytics代码定制时的工作量。相关文章:

With $96.7M In Funding, Powa Technologies Debuts PowaTag For Mobile And Audio-Triggered Commerce

Powa Technologies, a UK-based e-commerce startup that has raised nearly $100 million in outside funding in the last seven months, is today finally taking the wraps off its flagship product: PowaTag, an e-commerce app that combines elements of mobile payments,

CSS3实战开发:手把手教你鼠标滑动特效开发 - 陌上花会开


NYPD cop killer told passers-by to 'follow him on Instagram' moments before shooting

Moments before shooting dead two police officers in Brooklyn on Saturday, Ismaaiyl Brinsley told two passer-bys to follow him on Instagram and said "watch what I am going to do."Brinsley also took a Bolt bus to New York from the Baltimore area on the morning of the attack,

Train plows through a fresh blanket of snow like it's nothin'

YouTuber and train enthusiast containerman2, whose real name is Darren, recorded what he calls an "EPIC CATCH!!!" on Tuesday.A winter storm left southern New Brunswick, Canada, with a significant amount snow — but luckily,

8点1氪:华大基因获泰康人寿 20 亿元投资;亚马逊年内将在华推出针对小商户的商业贷款

华大基因获泰康人寿 20 亿元投资泰康人寿董事长陈东升昨日透露,泰康已投资 20 亿元入股华大基因,成为华大基因第二大股东。不过,陈东升并未透露该笔交易的日期。针对这一说法,华大基因方面尚未表态。

阿根廷电商巨头 Avenida 完成 3000 万美金 C轮融资,老虎环球继续押注

在完成了C轮融资之后,Avenida 算是在阿根廷的电商界站稳了脚跟。这家成立于2013年的初创公司刚获得了3000万美金的新一笔投资,由 Naspers 领投,老虎环球继续押注跟投。

打機 Notebook 玩到有外置水冷 ! Asus ROG X700

首款搭載外接式水冷設計的頂級電競筆電 Asus ROG GX700 正式宣布在台推出,以標準版 …The post 打機 Notebook 玩到有外置水冷 ! Asus ROG X700 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

What happens in Vegas: Bizarre photos from the campaign trail

The 2016 presidential campaign circus descended on Nevada as candidates courted voters — and you bet things got weird. Since we can't tell you what really went down on The Strip — staying true to the famous saying — we'll just show ya instead.A Donald Trump impersonator reaches out to Donald Trump.

顺丰快递被打事件持续发酵 网友们评论惊人一致!

今早著名科技媒体TechWeb微信公众号发表的一则来自网络上顺丰快递员遭京牌轿车车主打耳光的视频引发网友们强烈关注,分分钟阅读量过了百万。根据视频内容显示,快递员因与轿车车主发生剐蹭被打6个耳光,该车主边打 ... ...

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