Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac launches today with support for DirectX 11 on Apple Metal

Parallels Desktop 15 is ready for macOS Catalina and brings significant performance increases thanks to DirectX 11 support via Apple’s Metal API.

Microsoft’s Mixer fate is looking a lot like Windows Phone at the moment

In most cases, the disillusionment isn't from blind fanboyism to Twitch, Google or any other service, but by the lack of competitive features

Hands-on with Graphing Calculator in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 19546 (video)

The Calculator app in Windows 10 contains a great list of modes that you can use for a variety of different things. From the hamburger menu in the upper left corner, you can access various calculator and converter modes for things like volume, length, and date calculation.

How to disable Bing’s search suggestions

Tired of watching Bing try to read your mind as you type a search result? There’s a fairly well hidden setting that stops it from doing that. Head to the Bing homepage and then click the hamburger menu in the top-right. Click “Settings” and then “More” in the dropdown menu which appears.

Top 5 ways to customize your Outlook experience

In this guide, we'll show you our top 5 favorite ways to customize the Outlook experience.

Microsoft’s Mouse and Keyboard Center get supports for ARM64 and four new devices

Microsoft has updated its Mouse and Keyboard Center app to add support for Windows 10 on ARM as well as four new devices from Microsoft

You might soon be able to sync your Android phone’s clipboard, documents with Your Phone in Windows

Microsoft could soon be adding a new ability to the experience which lets users sync their Android phone's clipboard to their PC via Your Phone in Windows 10.

How to hide the Bing photo of the day

Bing’s design has changed substantially since its release in 2009. However, the search engine is still easily recognised by its distinctive background images. Each day, the Bing team selects another photo to showcase to the world, usually highlighting a place, animal or cultural event.

GLAS smart thermostat dumps support for Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant

The Johnson Controls GLAS smart thermostat, which we’ve covered significantly in the past, will be losing support for Cortana voice commands in a soon-to-be-released software update. Owners of GLAS smart thermostats were notified of the upcoming change this week.

Digital pre-orders open for The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series on Xbox One

The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series is now available to digitally pre-order and pre-download on Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles ahead of its September 10th release date.

After a 3 year break, Rovio brings Angry Birds video games back to Windows 10 with Angry Birds Frien

Almost three years after ceasing the release of Angry Birds video games on Windows 10 devices, Rovio is bringing the franchise back with today’s launch of Angry Birds Friends in the Microsoft Store app store.



BI Intelligence:视频广告平均点击率为1.84% 远超数字传统广告

著名科技博客网站BusinessInsider旗下的市场研究部门BI Intelligence(BII)近日发布了一份关于视频广告快速发展的原因的研究报告,报告分析了这种新的数字广告格式的成本和效率,并且介绍了这个领域最重要的几家公司。

compass Sprites 雪碧图 小图片合成[Sass和compass学习笔记] - 互联网Fans

demo 源码 地址什么是雪碧图?CSS雪碧 即CSS Sprites,也有人叫它CSS精灵,是一种CSS图像合并技术,该方法是将小图标和背景图像合并到一张图片上,然后利用css的背景定位来显示需要显示的图片部分。

5月美国市场主机销售:PS4继续领先Xbox One

无Kinect捆绑的Xbox One是从6月正式开卖的,所以当市场研究机构NPD Group再次告知我们,5月 […]



美国橄榄球联盟电视直播禁止出现 Beats 耳机

并非 Beats 招惹了 NFL,事实上 Beats 仍然是全美运动员最喜欢的耳机品牌,它代表了一种对时尚、运动和音乐混合起来强烈的爱——尽管它的音质仍然不怎么好。Beats 被禁止的原因在于竞品厂商 Bose 和 NFL 签订了独家协议。


小编导读:近日,有传闻中移动将推行免费短信,这意味着今后手机发送短信一条收取一毛钱的资费体系将成为过去,而改用 […]

OIA Global拓展Southwest Express Dedicated LCL服务

OIA Global将Southwest Express Dedicated LCL服务拓展至九个新亚洲起源地 俄勒冈州波特兰2015年10月7日电 /美通社/ -- 全球领先的物流、包装和材料外包解决方案供应商 OIA Global 宣布将其 Southwest Express Direct LCL 服务从东南亚大力拓展至美国。




湖州2015年12月24日电 /美通社/ -- 最新版的铅蓄电池规范条件及管理办法出台,准入门槛明显提高。分析人士认为,这对于天能动力(等龙头企业来说,将是一个利好的信号。 循环产业园自动化生产线   天能集团总部   宽敞整洁的电池车间 12月10日,国家工信部发布公告称,为进一步规范铅蓄电池行业管理,加快行业结构调整和转型升级,对《铅蓄电池行业准入条件》及《铅蓄电池行业准入公告管理暂行办法》进行了修订,形成了《铅蓄电池行业规范条件(2015年本)》和《铅蓄电池行业规范公告管理暂行办法(2015年本)》。

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