Xbox head Phil Spencer says Microsoft isn’t working on a “streaming-only console”

As Microsoft is getting ready to let gamescom attendees go hands with Project xCloud next week, Phil Spencer has just confirmed that a new Xbox console dedicated to game streaming isn’t in the works

Other Samsung Android phones may get built-in “Link to Windows” experience currently exclusive to th

The “Link to Windows” feature that’s currently exclusive to the Note 10 may apparently come to more Samsung Android devices in the near future.

How to mount removable storage devices in Windows 10

The ability to use a microSD card as a permanent storage solution in Windows 10 for when the base storage of your Windows 10 PC fills up can be a useful solution if you need more storage. The ability to add extra storage to your Windows 10 PC to store your documents, pictures, and videos […]

LG launches its new range of ultraportable ‘gram’ laptops in India

LG Electronics has launched its new range of ultraportable laptops – LG gram – in India. The 17-inch variant LG gram was recognized as the world’s lightest laptop by Guinness World Records earlier this year. The gram range though also includes 15.6-inch and 14-inch variants.

How to setup your developer workstation

My development tools and setup have changed a lot over the years. For many developers like myself, these changes have mainly been driven by shifts in technology and languages. When I began my career as a software engineer my tooling was geared towards Windows application development.

Microsoft partners with a premier business school in India to advance AI skilling in the country

Microsoft India has announced a partnership with the Indian School of Business (ISB) to take forward their shared vision for an AI-empowered India.

New icon for Windows 10’s Camera app leaks online and looks pretty cool

After new icons leaked for Microsoft’s Mail and Calendar apps a few days ago, a fresh new design for the Windows 10 Camera app has popped up online today.

Deal: Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019 is now 40% off in the Windows 10 Microsoft Store app store

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019 is once again on sale in Windows 10’s Microsoft Store app store. The popular photo editing app usually sells for $99.99 but is now just $59.99, $40 cheaper than its full price.

Microsoft starts rolling out Share dialog on Edge Canary and Dev channels

One of the things that sets Microsoft Edge apart from its rivals is its integration with Windows 10. The company has been building its new Chromium-based version of its browser from the ground up for some time now,

Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac launches today with support for DirectX 11 on Apple Metal

Parallels Desktop 15 is ready for macOS Catalina and brings significant performance increases thanks to DirectX 11 support via Apple’s Metal API.

GLAS smart thermostat dumps support for Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant

The Johnson Controls GLAS smart thermostat, which we’ve covered significantly in the past, will be losing support for Cortana voice commands in a soon-to-be-released software update. Owners of GLAS smart thermostats were notified of the upcoming change this week.

Scientists 3D Print a "Tumor" of Cancer Cells

Using 3D printing, researchers have made a tumor-like lump of cancer cells in the lab, and they say this lump shows a greater resemblance to natural cancer than do the two-dimensional cultured cells grown in a lab dish.

F.C.C., In Net Neutrality Turnaround, Plans To Allow Fast Lane

Dega704 (1454673) writes in with news of the latest FCC plan which seems to put another dagger in the heart of net neutrality.


感谢思的投递假如荷兰队能在本届世界杯上赢得冠军,荷兰太空旅游公司XCOR Aerospace将奖励每位队员免费太空游一次。XCOR Aerospace提供的是亚轨道太空游服务,单人票价为9.5万美元。

How To Stay Warm When It's Cold Outside

I'm constantly shocked by how many people don't know the basics of dressing for warmth in the outdoors. Even more people aren't equipped with the basics for sleeping warmly on a cold night. It's all simple and cheap, read this and make no more excuses. Read more...

BBC research:2019年全球远程医疗市场总体将达434亿美元 年均增长率17.7%

其中,远程医院市场预计到2019年可增长至195亿美元,年增长率为12%;而远程家用市场份额规模则是最大的也是增长最快的 您可能也喜欢的文章: Transparency Market Research:预计2019年全球医疗光纤市场达13.

学习面向对象的第一天,感觉还好啦 - 雪?



当我离开家时,我会检查 3 样东西:钥匙、钱包和手机。我们还需要多长时间,才可以忽略前两者?对于钱包,我真正需要的只有 3 件物品:信用卡、现金和身份证件。





PPI达300 亚马逊Kindle Paperwhite3外媒上手

近日,亚马逊公布了新一代Kindle Paperwhite 3电子阅读器,相比去年推出的旗舰产品Kindle Voyage较高的售价,升级的Kindle Paperwhite 3价格更亲民,而分辨率同样得到了提升,达到了300的PPI。

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