Seattle Sounders pro soccer team’s new ownership group is a who’s who of current and former Microsof

In a surprise announcement, Seattle Sounders FC announced this morning that 11 new families including current and ex Microsoft execs were joining the club’s ownership group.

Microsoft’s Mixer fate is looking a lot like Windows Phone at the moment

In most cases, the disillusionment isn't from blind fanboyism to Twitch, Google or any other service, but by the lack of competitive features

Hands-on with Graphing Calculator in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 19546 (video)

The Calculator app in Windows 10 contains a great list of modes that you can use for a variety of different things. From the hamburger menu in the upper left corner, you can access various calculator and converter modes for things like volume, length, and date calculation.

How to disable Bing’s search suggestions

Tired of watching Bing try to read your mind as you type a search result? There’s a fairly well hidden setting that stops it from doing that. Head to the Bing homepage and then click the hamburger menu in the top-right. Click “Settings” and then “More” in the dropdown menu which appears.

Top 5 ways to customize your Outlook experience

In this guide, we'll show you our top 5 favorite ways to customize the Outlook experience.

Microsoft’s Mouse and Keyboard Center get supports for ARM64 and four new devices

Microsoft has updated its Mouse and Keyboard Center app to add support for Windows 10 on ARM as well as four new devices from Microsoft

You might soon be able to sync your Android phone’s clipboard, documents with Your Phone in Windows

Microsoft could soon be adding a new ability to the experience which lets users sync their Android phone's clipboard to their PC via Your Phone in Windows 10.

How to hide the Bing photo of the day

Bing’s design has changed substantially since its release in 2009. However, the search engine is still easily recognised by its distinctive background images. Each day, the Bing team selects another photo to showcase to the world, usually highlighting a place, animal or cultural event.

August “Patch Tuesday” updates are now available for all supported versions of Windows 10

Microsoft has just released new “Patch Tuesday” updates for all supported versions of Windows 10, including the May 2019 Update.

Microsoft set to opens its doors for the 6th annual [email protected] Open House

Microsoft announced its sixth annual [email protected] Open House event to take place on August 29.

New Always on Top mode for Windows Calculator starts rolling out to Windows Insiders

Always on Top mode keeps the Calculator front and center of what you’re doing, allowing you to stay on task without having to switch back and forth.

Brookstone's CEO Explains to Conan Why It's Going Bankrupt

Just why is it that Brookstone is going bankrupt? In this video, Conan tries to get to the bottom of just where the retailer went wrong.Read more...


我们知道,任天堂和索尼公司都有专用的掌上游戏机产品。作为竞争对手的微软Xbox,已经拥有了自己的游戏主机产品, […]

P.F. Chang确认客户信用卡数据遭窃一事

昨日,网络安全记者Brian Krebs曝出美国最大中餐连锁店P.F.Chang客户信用卡数据被盗一事。曾于3月到5月19日期间在P.F.Chang刷过信用卡的客人都可能是其中一位被害人。


摘要 : 在“钱多”互联网行业里,耍“任性”的欠债公司竟为数不少,甚至圈内巨头还名列其中。虽然公司有大有小,业绩有好有坏,但这都不是欠债不还的理由;小内认为,任何欠债欠薪的行为都是耍流氓。  

美军的 LOCUST 项目想让无人机像昆虫一样集群飞行


一张OPPO R7的海报在OPPO官方微博发布,在证实OPPO即将发布新机型号的同时,使得之前业内传得沸沸扬扬的猜测悬疑得到了部分的证实。在OPPO官方微博里,很直白的告诉我们“要做就做万人迷,OPPO R7真的来了!”。


在这移动互联网盛行的今天,大学生们已经不用每逢开学初就蜂拥进打印室打印新课表;也不用担忧上课怕迟到,出门急迫忘 ...

Sex dolls that talk dirty: The future of artificial intelligence

Sex robots are no longer just a concept to be spoofed in Austin Powers moviesMatt McMullen, the creator of RealDoll sex toys, is in the process of developing a sex doll that will be capable of blinking,

15 crucial packing hacks to keep your wardrobe fresh

Traveling can be stressful, so stressful that you might rather stay home than go on that week-long cruise to the Bahamas. (Sike.)Packing is the first step to getting out the door and on the way to your destination. You don’t want know what to bring and when you finally decide,

The 5 funkiest trends from New York Fashion Week

NEW YORK — New York Fashion Week is usually fueled by an enthusiastic energy. Editors, stylists, bloggers and buyers run frantically around the city excited to see the latest collections and catch up with friends in the industry. This season, however,

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