Xbox One 1908 update is now available for all with Estimated Download Queue feature and “plenty of f

Microsoft’s Xbox One console is getting a new system update today which introduces a new Estimated Download Queue feature as well as several fixes and improvements.

Microsoft’s Mixer fate is looking a lot like Windows Phone at the moment

In most cases, the disillusionment isn't from blind fanboyism to Twitch, Google or any other service, but by the lack of competitive features

Hands-on with Graphing Calculator in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 19546 (video)

The Calculator app in Windows 10 contains a great list of modes that you can use for a variety of different things. From the hamburger menu in the upper left corner, you can access various calculator and converter modes for things like volume, length, and date calculation.

How to disable Bing’s search suggestions

Tired of watching Bing try to read your mind as you type a search result? There’s a fairly well hidden setting that stops it from doing that. Head to the Bing homepage and then click the hamburger menu in the top-right. Click “Settings” and then “More” in the dropdown menu which appears.

Top 5 ways to customize your Outlook experience

In this guide, we'll show you our top 5 favorite ways to customize the Outlook experience.

Microsoft’s Mouse and Keyboard Center get supports for ARM64 and four new devices

Microsoft has updated its Mouse and Keyboard Center app to add support for Windows 10 on ARM as well as four new devices from Microsoft

You might soon be able to sync your Android phone’s clipboard, documents with Your Phone in Windows

Microsoft could soon be adding a new ability to the experience which lets users sync their Android phone's clipboard to their PC via Your Phone in Windows 10.

How to hide the Bing photo of the day

Bing’s design has changed substantially since its release in 2009. However, the search engine is still easily recognised by its distinctive background images. Each day, the Bing team selects another photo to showcase to the world, usually highlighting a place, animal or cultural event.

Seattle Sounders pro soccer team’s new ownership group is a who’s who of current and former Microsof

In a surprise announcement, Seattle Sounders FC announced this morning that 11 new families including current and ex Microsoft execs were joining the club’s ownership group.

August “Patch Tuesday” updates are now available for all supported versions of Windows 10

Microsoft has just released new “Patch Tuesday” updates for all supported versions of Windows 10, including the May 2019 Update.

Microsoft set to opens its doors for the 6th annual [email protected] Open House

Microsoft announced its sixth annual [email protected] Open House event to take place on August 29.

The case in favour of Microsoft’s Surface 2 tablet

While Microsoft may have just unveiled the Surface Pro 3, we look at the strong argument for, and value proposition of, the older Surface 2.Read more:


NIKE一扎又一扎的广告翻滚世界杯…… C罗、内马尔、鲁尼群星闪耀。 他们要博上一切,他们要终极对决,他们还要 […]

How to upgrade your iPhone 5s to iOS 8: Before the official release

With the most-likely imminent announcement of the iPhone 6 comes the also most-likely imminent release of Apple's iOS 8, so we thought we'd show you how to get the iOS 8 update early!Read more:

身份证遗失 小伙QQ聊天被骗30万元


Sony Writes Off $1.5B From Its Mobile Division As It Cuts Smartphone Sales Target Again

Sony replaced the head of its mobile division yesterday, and today its latest earnings report gave a clearer indication of why. Sony’s mobile unit increased its revenue in the last quarter of business (its Q2 2014) by 1.2% to $2.83 billion,

iPhone 6S will likely be harder to bend, thanks to a reinforced metal body

When Apple announces its new iPhones next month, one feature that you may want to pay special attention to besides the improved specs is its constructionYouTuber Lewis Hilsenteger of the Unbox Therapy channel fame,


霸面前的准备 笔试过后,收到的消息是国庆过后的几天会发放面试通知。于是在国庆期间就打算写一份竞品分析(就是小R ...

[图]金士顿HyperX正式成为Xbox One官方授权耳机

金士顿旗下高端游戏品牌HyperX今天宣布,已经与微软达成协议,成为Xbox One游戏机的授权耳机供应商,首款产品HyperX CloudX Pro将在第二季度末上市。Xbox One新手柄上自带了3.5毫米接口,理论上可以支持任何耳机,但如果没有微软兼容性认证,很容易出现对战或者语音聊天无声的情况。

三星继续悲剧?可能无缘苹果 A11 芯片订单

苹果 A 系列芯片究竟会交给哪家厂商来代工,这个问题在过去几年时间里一直都是苹果新闻媒体的热议话题。iPhone 5s 搭载的 A7 芯片由三星独家供应,iPhone 6/6 Plus 的 A8 芯片则是由台积电(TSMC)独家供应。到了最新的 iPhone 6s/6s Plus,其 A9 芯片订单由三星和台积电一起瓜分。   目前,台积电仍然是全球最大的合同制芯片生产商,同时也是苹果 A9 芯片的主要供应商之一。去年 iPhone 6s 上市之后,“芯片门”事件的出现让我们对这家厂商有了更多的了解。

LOL巨神峰事件页面公布 LOL6.4新英雄呼之欲出

LOL美服测试服6.4版本就包含战争之王潘森、皎月女神黛安娜、曙光女神蕾欧娜这三位英雄的背景故事更新。而今天在美服官网上,拳头正式公布了巨神峰事件的页面,疑似新英雄推出。巨神峰:正如任何神话中的圣地一样, ... ...

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