Pandora opens up podcast submissions to all creators

The battle for podcasters among music streaming services continues. A day after Spotify announced the launch of its podcast analytics dashboard, Pandora is today expanding its own podcasting efforts with the arrival of a self-service online hub for creators.

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower reveals new documents showing how Facebook handled the data misuse

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Brittany Kaiser has released new documents today that suggest Facebook accepted only a simple acknowledgment on email from the firm that it had deleted data associated with 87 million Facebook users’ profiles.

LocalGlobe partner Julia Hawkins discusses fem tech’s risks and rewards

London-based seed fund LocalGlobe is incredibly active at the early-stage end of the startup pipeline with a broad focus across multiple sectors and areas, including health.

Microsoft announces global Teams ad push as it combats Slack for the heart of enterprise comms

The long-running contest between Microsoft and its Teams service and Slack’s eponymous application continued this morning, with Redmond announcing what it describes as its first “global” advertising push for its enterprise communication service. Slack, a recent technology IPO,

Zendesk launches Sell Marketplace to bring app store to CRM product

Zendesk acquired Base CRM in 2018 to give customers a CRM component to go with its core customer service software. After purchasing the company, it changed the name to Sell, and today the company announced the launch of the new Sell Marketplace. Officially called The Zendesk Marketplace for Sell,

Chinese podcasting and audio content app Lizhi debuts on Nasdaq

Lizhi, one of China’s biggest audio content apps, is debuting on Nasdaq today under the ticker symbol LIZI. It is the first of its major competitors, Ximalaya and Dragonfly, to go public (though Ximalaya is expected to also list in the United States later this year). Lizhi is offering 4.

Cannabis marketing company Fyllo acquires CannaRegs for $10M

Fyllo, a digital marketing company focused on the cannabis industry, has acquired CannaRegs, a website offering subscription access to state and municipal cannabis regulations. Fyllo founder and CEO Chad Bronstein (pictured above) said his company paid $10 million in cash and stock.

DigitalOcean is laying off staff, sources say 30-50 affected

After appointing a new CEO and CFO last summer, cloud infrastructure provider DigitalOcean is embarking on a wider reorganisation: the startup has announced a round of layoffs, with potentially between 30 and 50 people affected. DigitalOcean has confirmed the news with the following statement:

Google’s new ‘Assignments’ software for teachers helps catch plagiarism

Just in time for the new school year, Google’s educational arm, Google for Education, today announced the launch of new tools aimed at helping teachers fight plagiarism. The company this morning is unveiling Assignments, an updated version of the software previously known as CourseKit,

With $40 million in funding and a $200 million valuation, will the only museums be Museums of Ice Cr

Call the rollers of big rounds, The well-capitalized ones, and have them back makers of rooms themed like concupiscent curds. Let the influencers gather in the styles they love to wear, and let other startups throw away their term sheets like last month’s newspapers. Let be be finale of seem.

AT&T and T-Mobile team up to fight scam robocalls

Two major U.S. carriers, AT&T and T-Mobile, announced this morning a plan to team up to protect their respective customer bases from the scourge of scam robocalls.




Brian Bordainick 的创业公司 Dinner Lab 经历了高速发展,但他自己也经历了一个痛苦的过程。创业是如登山,在不断前进的道路上,不时地回顾反省一下也是很必要的。

Another American Doctor Tests Positive for Ebola

An American doctor working as a missionary in Liberia has tested positive for Ebola, says SIM (Serving In Mission), an international Christian ministry organizationThe doctor, who remains unidentified, was treating obstetrics patients at SIM’s ELWA hospital in Monrovia,


9月22日,以"新云力量"为主题的联想企业级业务策略暨ThinkServer Gen5发布会在京召开。联想首个自主研发的云平台管理解决方案ThinkCloud,和为云计算而优化的ThinkServer第五代产品家族亦同台亮相。

Google Translate实时语音翻译系统正式上线(附视频)

还记得前几天我们提到的Google Translate实时语音翻译系统嘛?它能识别用户的语言,并自动转换成相应本文和语音。而现在,这款“近乎完美”的实时语音翻译系统已正式上线,iOS和安卓版本也都已推出。






▲ 遠看就像好幾個沙包堆起來的沙發組,分成六塊同樣大小的靠背與坐墊,外加兩個較小的扶手,總共八塊,這下子真的要把沙發大卸八塊了!閱讀全文

Helio X20 GeekBench 3跑分曝光:仍落后于骁龙820与苹果A9

联发科的十核Helio X20芯片在跑分中取得了很高的成绩,虽然仍低于苹果A9和高通骁龙820,但它注定会是明年高端智能机市场上一个更加实惠的选择。根据最新的Geekbench 3跑分,Helio X20的单核性能得分为2094(与骁龙820不相上下、单比苹果A9的2350分低了不少)。多核性能上,Helio X20比华为Kirin 950更高,但仍落后于骁龙820。


利用社交媒体大举进军箱包市场“阵地前沿” 纽约2016年5月19日电 /美通社/ -- 总部位于纽约的美国顶级箱包品牌布雷格雷利 (Briggs & Riley) 近日宣布,将在中国社交媒体平台微博、微信开通官方账号,提供详细的品牌及产品介绍,提供全球门店信息,并与中国消费者展开直接互动,以期通过社交平台提供优质的客户服务。 Briggs & Riley Torq   随着经济的发展和国民出境旅游势头的日益增长,中国已经成为箱包行业增长最快的市场。

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