Instagram users can now create their own AR effects on app

The feature, potential competition for Snapchat, is meant for both creatives with AR experience and everyone else.Read more here. Read more...More about Tech, Instagram, Mashable Video, Augmented Reality, and Ar

Messaging App Jott Is Blowing Up Among Junior High And High Schoolers

Jott, a messaging app that works without a data plan or WiFi connection, has caught on among junior high and high school students, according to co-founder Jared Allgood. He says the app more than doubled to half a million active users in March, up from 150,000 active users previous.

Where all Australia's smoke goes to die

Smoke from Australia's megafires has already traveled tens of thousands of miles around Earth. "It circles the globe in roughly a week," said Manvendra Dubey, who researches air pollution and wildfire smoke at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Hundreds of blazes in Alaska, the Amazon,

Europe might ban facial recognition in public spaces for up to 5 years

Facial recognition technology may soon be banned in the public spaces of the European Union. The European Commission is considering a temporary ban, lasting 3-5 years, on such technology in public spaces, for private and public organizations alike.

6 of the best VPNs for staying anonymous in the UK

If you're unfamiliar with virtual private networks, or VPNs, there's no better time to get to know all about the popular services.There are a number of reasons why you might want to use a VPN,

Jonas Brothers star in cute music video with their wives. Sophie Turner steals the show.

The Jonas Brothers are back and they remain in full Wife Guy mode.The trio dropped their first single of 2020, and with it came a fun new music video that stars Nick, Joe, Kevin, Sophie Turner, Priyanka Chopra, Danielle Jonas, and Sophie Turner again in a different costume.

We held a meditation contest at the world's most stressful tech conference. Here's what happened.

CES is, and I cannot stress this enough, the absolute worst. The annual Las Vegas-based tech fest is notorious for wearing attendees down to the bone. You arrange days full of appointments only to discover you're rushing back and forth between casinos that can be miles apart. In January,

These Louis Vuitton-branded earbuds are more expensive than an iPhone

If you're in the market for some wireless earbuds that don't just play music but also give you a little fashion swagger, you're in luck.Premium audio brand Master & Dynamic is teaming up with haute couture fashion house Louis Vuitton to bring us the newest version of the Horizon Earphones and,

Trevor Noah shares his thoughts on the latest impeachment developments

If you're behind on the latest impeachment news, Trevor Noah is here to catch you up to speed. The latest big development? Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas coming forward to make some pretty blunt accusations about Donald Trump.

LGBTQ+ YouTubers accuse the platform of discrimination in federal lawsuit

YouTube has been accused once again of discriminating against LGBTQ+ YouTube content creators. A group of LGBTQ+ YouTubers — including the self-described singing duo and lesbian couple Bria and Chrissy — filed a federal lawsuit on Tuesday night against YouTube and its parent company Google,

Apple might overhaul the naming scheme for next iPhones

The information, provided by a document obtained from case maker ESR, suggests that the current iPhone lineup will be named after Arabic numbers once again.Read more here. Read more...More about Tech, Apple, Iphone, Smartphones, and Mashable Video

Amazon-made Rekognition software now able to detect fear

The facial recognition tool has faced much backlash. With the inclusion of "Fear," there are now eight emotions integrated into the software.Read more here. Read more...More about Tech, Amazon, Mashable Video, Facial Recognition, and Aclu

Bacon-Scented Alarm App Gives iPhones a Meaty Overhaul

Oscar Mayer is giving meat fans the chance to wake up to the sound — and smell — of bacon every morningThe company's Wake Up and Smell the Bacon app and iPhone dongle, which unfortunately contains no actual bacon, is a complete bacon-themed overhaul of your iPhone's alarm.See also:


感谢99单机游戏的投递于日前举办的GDC2014大会上,显卡巨头Nvidia联合波兰游戏公司CD Projekt RED就后者正在开发中的次世代游戏大作《巫师3:狂猎》而展示了Nvidia Hairworks技术,后者类似AMD的“海飞丝”TressFX Hair(代表成果是《古墓丽影9》PC版及次世代主机版里劳拉的飘逸秀发),能在游戏中为玩家呈现高逼真的3D模型动态毛发效果,下面就是外媒为我们带来的技术演示视频,敬请欣赏!    

Tesla Model X SUV 将会在 2015 年初开始生产

Tesla 目前正在生产的电动车就只有 Model S,至于在 2012 年公布的那部 Model X SUV 则原定会在今年内推出,怎料原来现在还未开始投产的呢。Tesla 最近向已经预订了 Model X...


由于英国宽带和移动网络中广泛安装了成人内容过滤器,导致至少五分之一最流行的网站遭到封杀。受到影响的包括一家保时捷经销商、两家女权主义网站、一个有关叙利亚战争的博客和政治网站Guido Fawkes。



Chemists Grow Soil Fungus On Cheerios, Discover New Antifungal Compounds

MTorrice writes: Many drugs that treat bacterial and fungal infections were found in microbes growing in the dirt. These organisms synthesize the compounds to fend off other bacteria and fungi around them. To find possible new drugs,

Video: How braces can amazingly straighten crooked teeth

Getting braces for crooked teeth is one of our society's accepted forms of self torture for the sake of vanity. It's completely painful and done in a terribly awkward stage in life but it's worth it in the end,


在今天凌晨的Build  2015开发者大会上,微软宣布所有Android和iOS应用,都可以通过简单的修改代码,直接生成适用于Win10的应用。也就是说,开发者们不需要学习更多内容,就可以将自己的Android或iOS应用在Win10系统中运行。  

视频访谈: 韩卿:Apache Kylin的开源故事


Gashion 60 : Yan 教你將即影即有相片變得不一樣!

今期 Gashion 我們請來學生 Yan 跟我們一起分享 DIY 裝飾 即影即有相片的樂趣。 用家中可以找到 …The post Gashion 60 : Yan 教你將即影即有相片變得不一樣! appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

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