Twitter suggests following ‘interests’ rather than people

With an Android-only release first, Twitter plans to compile tweets centered around specific topics that its followers will find on their timelines.Read more here. Read more...More about Tech, Twitter, Mashable Video, Social Media, and Culture

Jane Fonda joined TikTok and announced the launch of virtual Fire Drill Friday climate rallies

This is not a drill: Jane Fonda has officially joined TikTok.On Thursday night,

Amazon stops selling N95 masks to consumers to prioritize distribution to hospitals

Amazon is no longer selling N95 masks to average consumers, and instead prioritizing the product sales to hospitals and government organizations responding to the coronavirus pandemic. If you attempt to buy N95 masks on Amazon’s website, you’ll see the “add to cart” button is now gone.

Bob Kulhan raps while he paints to Bob Ross — The Bob Ross Challenge

Bob Kulhan, author of the bestselling book "Getting to Yes And" and founder of Business Improv, busts out some of his classic rap lyrics while painting along with Bob Ross.  Read more...More about Mashable Video, Painting, Hip Hop, Bob Ross, and Improvisation

Disease experts weigh in on crowded White House coronavirus briefings

On April Fools' Day in the White House, inside the infamously cramped James S. Brady Press Briefing Room, reporters sat spaced three seats apart at the day's coronavirus press briefing. Meanwhile, General Mark A.

Here are the best water filter pitchers to cut down on plastic

Water filter pitchers come in different shapes and sizes. These are a few of our favorites. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Quarantine, Water Filter, Coronavirus, and Lifestyle

Zoom was secretly mining and sharing LinkedIn data

The video conferencing app would take callers’ info, and match it up with their LinkedIn profiles. Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Zoom, Cyber Security, and Security Breach

Dr. Fauci is the internet's worthiest crush yet

The good people of the internet have had their fair share of collective crushes over the years, but perhaps no crush has been more worthy of love, respect, and admiration than Dr. Anthony Fauci.Dr. Fauci, as everyone probably knows by now,

Instagram users can now create their own AR effects on app

The feature, potential competition for Snapchat, is meant for both creatives with AR experience and everyone else.Read more here. Read more...More about Tech, Instagram, Mashable Video, Augmented Reality, and Ar

LGBTQ+ YouTubers accuse the platform of discrimination in federal lawsuit

YouTube has been accused once again of discriminating against LGBTQ+ YouTube content creators. A group of LGBTQ+ YouTubers — including the self-described singing duo and lesbian couple Bria and Chrissy — filed a federal lawsuit on Tuesday night against YouTube and its parent company Google,

Apple might overhaul the naming scheme for next iPhones

The information, provided by a document obtained from case maker ESR, suggests that the current iPhone lineup will be named after Arabic numbers once again.Read more here. Read more...More about Tech, Apple, Iphone, Smartphones, and Mashable Video

Apple Adds New “Designing Great Apps” Micro Site For iOS 7 Developers

Apple has offered up a central location that houses a number of resources around designing software for iOS 7. The collection of videos, documents and whitepapers seems aimed at making it easier for developers to not only accommodate their existing designs for the new,



Python学习系列(五)(文件操作及其字典) - 天堂的鸽子



恶意软件 WireLurker 已经成为过去,但是新的威胁又出现了。威锋网消息,安全研究公司 FireEye 日前宣布他们发现了一个比 WireLurker 更危险的 iOS 安全隐患。

保障安全!WWDC 2015 大會將嚴禁參加者使用自拍神棍

WWDC 大會可說是 Apple 每年最重要的活動之一,今日較早時間官方就正式宣佈 今年的舉行日期為 6 月 8 日至 12 日。而今年的 WWDC 更可能會比過往更加嚴厲,因為 Apple 已明文規定所有參加者都不可以在場中使用自拍神棍進行自拍。

canvas基础学习(四) - 古月枫



Evans 在这篇文章中分享了他对复杂的 VR 行业前景的看法,就几个关键问题做了分析和回答。我觉得这个分析框架很好,试着把命题缩小一些,三年内针对中国市场,VR 行业的 idea maze 是什么形状呢?Evans 认为 VR 行业的几个核心问题是:1. 硬件是怎样的? VR 头显最终会固定到哪几种外形?价格是多少?出货数是什么量级? 2. 软件和内容是怎样的?  除了目前很容易看到的影视和游戏,还有哪些领域是能被 VR 改变的?改变到什么程度?3. VR 和 AR 的融合问题  考虑到时间节点会比较远,此处不展开拆解成图是这样的:三个大类之间相互影响。

The Roots catch us up on 'Game of Thrones' with masterful recap rap

Should The Roots just rule Westeros?The Tonight house band's lead MC, Black Thought, performed a Game of Thrones recap rap on Wednesday's show — and it was pure dragon fire.The masterful performance led us through all the intrigue (and heavy setup) of the Season 6 premiere,


5月11日,互联网人身健康险平台大特保宣布与国华人寿正式推出了全民医疗保障计划 “大特医保”。相比只能覆盖少数人群的高端医疗保险,“大特医保” 定位于为更广泛的中产阶层提供保障,欲填补社保和高端医疗之间的巨大空白,从而推动高端医疗向普惠医疗转型。根据该计划,“大特医保” 的被保人因意外或者疾病而产生的住院费用或门急诊都可报销,且突破地域和药品限制,全国联保。28 天-60 周岁均可投保(续保可至 80 周岁),适用家庭中不同成员,医院范围是国家卫生部医院等级分类中的二级或二级以上的公立医院。

Colin Jost on how that bloody good 'Dead Poets Society' sketch on 'SNL' came to be

Colin Jost wasn't quite sure how viewers would react to Season 41's "Farewell Mr. Bunting" — a sketch that put a gory and hilarious twist on Dead Poets Society. But he did know one thing from the start: He and fellow writer Mikey Day certainly got a laugh out of talking about it. In the end,

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