Ex-NSA chief Mike Rogers and Team8 founder Nadav Zafrir will be at Disrupt SF

What happens when two former spies meet the startup world? We’re about to find out. We’re pleased to announce former National Security Agency director Adm. Mike Rogers will be at Disrupt SF on October 2-4. The former U.S.

Confirmed: Disney is making an Obi-Wan series with Ewan McGregor

The rumors have been suggesting it for a while now, and fans have been pretty much begging for it… and it’s happening: Ewan McGregor will return to the role of Obi-Wan for a new Disney+ series. Disney dropped the news at a panel during D23 this evening,

Here’s the first trailer for the upcoming Disney+ Star Wars series, The Mandalorian

It’s here! About ten months after we learned that Jon Favreau would be heading up a Star Wars series called “The Mandalorian” on Disney’s soon-to-launch streaming service Disney+, we have the first full trailer. It premiered this evening during the Disney+ panel at the D23 conference.  

Vape lung has claimed its first victim, and the CDC is investigating

A person has died from what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention speculate is a vaping-related condition. Nearly 200 other cases of varying severeness have been reported nationwide described by the CDC as "severe unexplained respiratory systems after reported vaping or e-cigarette use."

Disney introduces “She Hulk”, “Moon Knight” and “Ms. Marvel” to Disney+ streaming service

As part of its big reveal of the slate of shows coming to Disney+ streaming service, Marvel head Kevin Feige introduced three new shows that would be joining the Marvel pantheon: “She Hulk”, “Moon Knight” and “Ms. Marvel” as part of the expanded Marvel Universe. Ms.

Trump adds tariffs to $550 billion of Chinese imports in trade war reprisal

President Trump announced Friday on Twitter that tariffs on Chinese imports will increase 5 percentage points in a tit-for-tat response to China’s own plans to place new duties on U.S. goods. About $250 billion of goods produced by China and imported into the U.S. already have a 25% tariff.

Bag Week 2019: A whole bunch of fannies

It’s finally Bag Week again! The most wonderful week of the year at TechCrunch. Just in time for back to school, we’re bringing you reviews of bags of all varieties: from backpacks to rollers to messengers to… The fanny pack. Or hip pack, waist bag, belt bag, sling, crossbody and sometimes bum bag,

Chinese tariff retaliation, presidential tweets and market unease sends exchanges plummeting

After a week of modest gains, major stock indexes plummeted on Friday as China retaliated against U.S. tariffs by imposing $75 billion worth of tariffs on U.S. goods coming into the country. China’s foreign ministry said that it would resume tariffs on U.S.

Huawei employees reportedly aided African governments in spying

A new report from The Wall Street Journal could be another damning piece of evidence for a company already under a good deal of international scrutiny. The paper is reporting that technicians working for Huawei helped members of government in Uganda and Zambia spy on political opponents.

Why chipmaker Broadcom is spending big bucks for aging enterprise software companies

Last year Broadcom, a chipmaker, raised eyebrows when it acquired CA Technologies, an enterprise software company with a broad portfolio of products, including a sizable mainframe software tools business. It paid close to $19 billion for the privilege. Then last week,

‘Private’ and ‘hidden’ mean different things to Facebook

Facebook’s leadership made a pretty heavy-handed indications this year that it believes Facebook Groups are the future of the app, they announced all of this alongside their odd declaration that “The future is private.” Now,


洪雁菲来自亮风台(上海)信息科技有限公司,从事图像识别和增强现实技术工作。此次洪雁菲给 ifanr 投稿,为我们讲解了关于增强现实的有趣知识。


YouTube账号Webdriver Torso过去几个月上传了超过7.7万个长度10秒的视频,视频内容没有任何意义,只是展示了一系列蓝色和红色矩形的静态图像(如上),每个视频右下角都显示aqua.flv字样。






超窄边框是日前各大厂商竞相追逐的一个品牌差异点,而夏普于今年下半年发布两款新机AQUOS Crystal X和Crystal,以其几乎看不见的超窄边框吸引了不少眼球。开门见山。

打车应用Uber再获10亿美元融资 估值400亿美元


[图]尼康发布自拍杆 只能支持相机


Twin Jet Nebula is a Marvelous Cosmic Butterfly

Deep space is a wonderland of strange and awe-inspiring sights, but few astronomical curiosities match the exquisite beauty of the Twin Jet Nebula, a dying, binary star that looks like a pair of iridescent butterfly wings.Read more...


在今天于日本召开的国际广播电视设备展(Inter BEE 2015)上,CalDigit发布了两款USB Type-C扩展坞和两款USB-C适配器新品,以便为新款MacBook等设备带来更高的灵活性。

Square 上市后凶多吉少?是骡子是马拉出来遛遛!

美国「支付宝」初创公司 Square 于当地时间周四正式,这家独角兽公司的股票以 9 美元发行,低于 IPO 定价区间(11 美元至 13 美元),股价大涨 45% 后以 13.07 美元收盘。

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